CPHS Cross Country: Boys finish 4th of 18 at Broken Arrow, Girls take 14th

The Charles Page High School Cross Country team traveled to Broken Arrow this past weekend for their first 5K run of the season. The meet was both the longest run and the largest field of competitors that the Sandites have taken on this year, and the previously undefeated boys team slipped to fourth place for the first time after coming in first at their prior two runs. The girls team placed fourteenth.

Junior 800-meter National Champion Aden Baughman led the Sandites like always, but the longer distance pushed him back to eleventh in the overall standings after finishing in first and second place the prior two weeks. Baughman had a time of 17:12. Jacob Smith, who was sixth among the Sandites last week, improved to second on his team with a 26th place finish in 17:37. The Sandites were without Ian Baustert, who usually takes the number two spot. Lincoln Christian's Luke Murphy finished in first place with a time of 15:55. Bartlesville won the meet with four top-ten finishers. 

Sara Abbet was first among the Lady Sandites, finishing in 31st place with a time of 22:32. Leading Lady Sandite Tiqvah Soap was absent from the race. Chezney Kelley improved to second in the lineup after finishing sixth the week before. She placed 65th overall in 24:15. Bartlesville's Rilee Rigdon won the race by a landslide, finishing in 18:41 and helping her team to a first-place finish. 

Lincoln Christian's Jade Crawford, who lives in Sand Springs, finished in 53rd place in 23:34.

Team Results
Varsity Girls 14th of 15.
Varsity Boys 4th of 18.
JV Boys 9th of 11.

Varsity Girls 5K
22:32 Sara Abbet - 31st
24:15 Chezney Kelley - 65th
24:54 Elizabeth Watts - 78th
26:12 Erika Baker - 88th
27:30 Madelyn Adams - 97th
27:31 Wanageeska Williams - 98th

JV Girls 5K
34:36 Ayden Meade - 73rd

Varsity Boys 5K
17:12 Aden Baughman - 11th
17:37 Jacob Smith - 26th
17:40 Nelson Yazzie - 28th
17:56 Jaelyn Jackson - 37th
18:46 Kaegan Murray - 64th
19:29 Danny Murray - 82nd
19:47 Cameron McCrary - 88th

JV Boys 5K
19:50 Phillip Elleman - 28th
21:45 Alex Newport - 84th
21:51 Chance Powell - 91st
23:34 Caleb James - 130th
23:55 Colton Sanders - 136th
24:12 Jacob Baker - 141st
29:01 Zac Davis - 178th
30:25 Nicholas Sango - 184th

Middle School Boys 1500 M
10:13 Michael Johnson - 64th
12:05 Kodah Gregory - 164th
12:53 Zac Davis - 195th