CPHS Basketball: Kersgieter and Johnson combine for 48 in 89-56 win at Broken Arrow

Sophomore Darrian Jordan has been a solid playmaker during her first varsity season.

Sophomore Darrian Jordan has been a solid playmaker during her first varsity season.

It was a cold night in Broken Arrow but the BA High School Girls’ basketball team turned up the heat at Tiger Field House for a thrilling bout with the No. 4 ranked Charles Page Lady Sandites (3-0, 2-0). While Sand Springs ultimately prevailed by more than thirty points, their unranked conference foes (0-1, 0-1) kept them on their toes for much of the game and only trailed by five at halftime.

For the second game in a row the visitors jumped out to a double digit lead before letting their opponents on the board. Unlike their Friday night massacre of Muskogee, they gave up much of that lead in the second quarter. With a comfortable 20-6 cushion, the Lady Sandites were unprepared for a 28-19 second period resurgence that included a sixteen-point run for the home team.

The back-to-back State Qualifiers settled down in the second half and outscored the Tigers 25-11 in both of the final periods. The Sandites’ three NCAA commits were the heavy scorers. Kansas-commit Holly Kersgieter posted 26 points, closely followed by Tulsa-commit Destiny Johnson with 22, evenly split between the halves, and Northeastern State-bound Isabella Regalado had eighteen.

While Broken Arrow’s sixteen-point run was the longest of the night, Sand Springs had runs of fourteen in the first quarter, nine in the second quarter, nine in the third, and twelve in the fourth.

Just like the game before, the Sandites improved steadily throughout the night, didn’t slow down when they sent in the backups, and ended the night with their biggest lead of the game. Thirteen players made their way onto the court and ten made their way into the scorebook.

The Lady Sandites will return to action at the Bishop Kelley Invitational, where they are back-to-back-to-back champions. They will take on 5A No. 19 Tulsa Memorial (2-0) Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

CPHS 20-6
2Q BAHS 28-19
3Q CPHS 25-11
4Q CPHS 25-11
Free Throws: CPHS 28-of-36, BAHS 11-of-23.
Field Goals: CPHS 26-of-59, BAHS 20-of-57.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 14, BAHS 10.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 26, BAHS 17.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 40, BAHS 27.
Steals: CPHS 22, BAHS 15.
Blocks: CPHS 3, BAHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 23, BAHS 23.

(Sand Springs stats)
Scoring: Kersgieter 26, Johnson 22, Regalado 18, Burris 8, Padilla 4, Harris 3, Cheney 3, Hampton 2, Taber 2, Jordan 1.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 3, Jordan 3, Regalado 2, Padilla 2, Hampton 2, Burris 1, Solis 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 8, Taber 4, Johnson 3, Regalado 3, Burris 2, Jordan 2, Padilla 1, Hampton 1, Shrum 1, Solis 1.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 11, Regalado 5, Jordan 5, Taber 4, Johnson 3, Burris 3, Padilla 3, Hampton 3, Solis 2, Shrum 1.
Assists: Kersgieter 3, Johnson 2, Regalado 2, Taber 2, Hampton 1, Jordan 1.
Steals: Kersgieter 5, Taber 4, Johnson 3, Burris 3, Padilla 3, Regalado 2, Jordan 1, Hughes 1.
Fouls: Regalado 4, Taber 4, Johnson 3, Burris 3, Padilla 3, Kersgieter 2, Hampton 2, Jordan 2.