CPHS Basketball: No. 8 Sandites throttle Hornets 83-51, Savage scores 18

The Class 6A No. 8 ranked Charles Page High School boys' basketball team (5-1) took on the Northwest Arkansas Hornet home-school team (9-10) in the second round of the Tulsa Memorial Veterans' Arena Invitational Friday night and overcame a rocky start for a decisive 83-51 victory.

It was less of a game, and more of a varsity on JV scrimmage to begin with. The Sandites ran laps around the Hornets for a 15-0 lead before Daniel Wenger got his team on the board and Aaron Sanders followed it up with a putback. The teams exchanged blows from there and ended the first quarter 21-9.

The second period was a whole different story for both teams as the Tri-State homeschoolers won the stanza 21-16 to cut the gap to 37-30. The Sandites were back to their usual selves in the second half, however, jumping back out to a 48-32 lead in no time and ending the quarter 57-34.

Colt Savage came out hot in the fourth quarter with a layup, steal, dunk, and assist to push the advantage to 63-43. Cole Durkee sank his fourth three-pointer of the night to finish with his third career-high night in the past week at sixteen points. 

Savage led all scorers with eighteen points, followed by Durkee and Davon Richardson with a season-high fifteen. Chase Ammons was the big man for the Hornets with fourteen points, closely followed by Wenger with twelve. 

The Sandites will take on Redemption Life World Academy (3-3) Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in the final round of the invitational as they hope to finish the festival undefeated for the third-straight year. The Tulsa-based private school won't be a cakewalk, however. They upset 5A No. 11 Collinsville (3-2) on Thursday and gave 5A No. 1 Memorial (8-0) a run for their money before falling 70-68. Northwest Arkansas will play Collinsville at 12:30. 

CPHS 83 NWA 51

1Q CPHS 21-9
2Q NWA 21-16
3Q CPHS 20-13
4Q CPHS 26-8

Free Throws: NWA 10-of-15, CPHS 2-of-6.
Field Goals: CPHS 37-of-64, NWA 18-of-51.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 11, NWA 11.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 23, NWA 18.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 34, NWA 29.
Steals: CPHS 14, NWA 4.
Blocks: CPHS 3.
Fouls: CPHS 16, NWA 6.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Colt Savage 18, Durkee 16, Richardson 15, Price 8, Cale Savage 7, Fisher 6, Fox 4, Williams 4, Cason Savage 3, Minney 2.
Offensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 3, Durkee 3, Minney 2, Cason Savage 1, Fisher 1, Richardson 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Colt Savage 8, Richardson 5, Price 5, Cale Savage 1, Durkee 1, Fox 1, Minney 1, Hughes 1.
Total Rebounds: Colt Savage 11, Richardson 6, Price 5, Durkee 4, Minney 3, Cale Savage 1, Fox 1, Fisher 1, Cason Savage 1, Hughes 1. 
Steals: Colt Savage 4, Richardson 2, Fox 2, Minney 2, Price 1, Durkee 1, Fisher 1, Quier 1.
Assists: Fox 4, Durkee 2, Richardson 2, Colt Savage 1, Cale Savage 1.
Blocks: Colt Savage 1, Durkee 1, Minney 1.
Fouls: Price 3, Durkee 3, Colt Savage 2, Fox 2, Williams 2, Cale Savage 1, Richardson 1, Minney 1, Quier 1.

(Northwest Arkansas Stats)
Scoring: Ammons 14, Daniel Wenger 12, Sanders 9, Griebel 8, Harbin 3, Caleb Wenger 3, Skelton 2.
Fouls: Griebel 3, Sanders 1, Daniel Wenger 1, Alexander 1.