Sandite Pride News's longest continuous sponsor is local entrepreneur Morgan Miller. A CPHS Class of 2014 graduate, Miller is a Mary Kay consultant, Paul Mitchell beautician, and the founder of Morgan's Relax Packs. 

What are Relax Packs?

Morgan's Relax Packs are handcrafted therapeutic packs designed for maximum muscle relief at affordable pricing. 

Relax packs come in many different shapes and sizes and serve many purposes as well.

Made from 100% premium cotton fabric, Relax Packs can be either heated or frozen and applied to bodily aches and pains for immediate relief. 

With prices ranging from as low as $3.00 to $18.00, Morgan's Relax Packs are easily affordable and highly customizable. 

The packs are filled with your choice of corn, rice, or flax seeds, and can be scented with various options of essential oils that not only create a pleasing aroma, but are relieving to the sinuses as well.

In addition to Relax Packs, Morgan also makes hand-stitched head bands.

The fabrics are customizable as well and come in many different patterns. 

To Place Your Order, please contact Morgan Miller at 918.508.9564 or visit her Facebook page at