Insurgent Review

  • 4 Stars
  • Released 3/20/2015
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 30%
  • Budget: $110 million
  • Gross: $295.2 million

By: Scott Emigh, Sandite Pride Editor

I enjoyed Insurgent slightly more than its predecessor, but it’s still nothing too special. It was an enjoyable movie that I’m sure I’ll watch again, but it’ll never make its way onto my list of favorites.

The story was good but was far too parallel to other YA dystopian movies to come out recently to really stand apart. What stands out most about this movie is the primary character, Tris. While I personally am more a fan of Hunger Games than Divergent, I will definitely say that I like Tris far more than Katniss.

Shailene Woodley executed fantastically and gave a performance that definitely helped to solidify herself as an actress with a very promising future. I look forward to seeing her break through the YA adventure genre and getting into some serious roles. Not to say that this isn’t a serious role, but we all know the Academy loves to disrespect anything in a franchise. Heaven forbid they show some recognition to an amazing movie that has a “2” or “series” in the title. But I would recommend this movie not so much for the storyline as for the performance of Woodley. The overall film had its moments of stupidity but it also has some really good scenes that balance it out in my opinion.

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