Sand Springs voters approve new infrastructure and park improvements, economic incentives

More than 1,500 voters in Sand Springs approved five General Obligation Bond Propositions Tuesday that will cost more than $18 million over the coming years. The bond money will be used to fund infrastructure improvements, economic incentives, increased park development, and city beautification. City officials say that the projects will be staggered so that property taxes do not exceed $13 per $1000 property value. 

Proposition One provides $1,445,000 for street overlays and repairs, plus $2,060,000 for a new roadway to be constructed over the levee separating Sheffield Crossing from Case Community Park. The proposition passed 1,060 to 466, or 69.46% in favor.

Proposition Two provides $1,137,000 for new technology upgrades for the Police Department, Fire Department, and 911 Dispatch, plus $1,133,000 for a new ladder truck and equipment for the Fire Department. The proposition passed 1,016 to 512, or 66.49% in favor.

Proposition Three provides funding for six different recreational projects. $2,060,000 would go to improvements at the Canyons at Black Jack Ridge Municipal Golf Course. $592,250 would go to paved parking at the Jerry Adair Baseball Complex in Case Community Park. $203,000 would go to improvements and repairs at the Sand Springs Cultural & Historical Museum. $420,500 would go to improvements in neighborhood parks with an additional $231,750 for improvements in neighborhood trails. Finally, $257,500 would go to improvements at the Keystone Ancient Forest, including a visitor's center and watchtower. The proposition passed 955 to 548, or 62.38% in favor.

Proposition Four allots $412,000 for the purchase of a new vacuum truck, $1,905,500 for City-wide beautification and landscaping, and $307,500 for City-wide technology improvements. One of the primary sites for City beautification is the Water Treatment Plant at the Southeast corner of Highway 97 and Morrow Road. Landscaping will be utilized to completely hide the facility from public view. The proposition passed 900 to 555, or 61.86% in favor.

Proposition Five will provide funding for land acquisition and incentives for new businesses. Incentives have previously been used to attract Webco, Wal-Mart, Reasor's, and Colton's Steakhouse. The proposition passed 849 to 607, or 58.31% in favor.