City of Sand Springs strives to improve the view around town

City contractors clearing overgrowth along the bluffs near Highway 51. (Submitted). 

The City of Sand Springs is hard at work lately, beautifying parts of the city that see major traffic in an effort to improve the town's aesthetic and hopefully attract new businesses and residents. 

The most recent project is an overgrowth removal effort along the bluffs near the Highway 51-Highway 97 intersection. Similar projects are in various stages of completion along the Sand Springs Expressway, including the Katy Trail area along Charles Page Boulevard, and the Case Community Park area along Wekiwa Road. The projects were awarded to All Elements Solutions LLC at a total bid of $51,450. The work is expected to be done by November 13th with a $300/day penalty to the contractor for delays beyond that deadline. 

This mural will also wrap around the eastern (left) side of the silo and will include city-founder Charles Page pulling back a curtain to unveil Sand Springs. 

The City also recently commissioned a pair of murals from Josh Butts Creative Services. One is halfway complete and the other has yet to have its location announced. The City authorized $49,500 total for the two projects.

The City is 95% done with with a $6.2 million renovation of Case Community Park. One of the last remaining projects outlined in the Park Master Plan is the clearing of overgrowth along the river to enhance the view.

On the ballot this November are several General Obligation Bond Proposals that will allow the City to continue its efforts on a larger scale. City officials hope to be able to use landscaping to completely hide the Water Treatment Plant on Morrow Road from view. Gardens and other landscaping features would also be installed along major thoroughfares throughout the city.