Speed Limit drops from 50 to 40 MPH on areas of 41st Street

Commuters from the Prattville side of Sand Springs awoke to a surprise on their way east this morning as the speed limit was unexpectedly dropped by 10 miles per hour along a one-mile stretch of 41st Street. 

Previously the speed limit increased from 35 M.P.H. to 50 M.P.H. at the area of Moriah Christian Academy, then dropped to 40 M.P.H. one mile later at 78th West Avenue right before the Oklahoma Army National Guard facilities. 

Police Chief Mike Carter addressed the issue on social media mid afternoon.

"The City was asked to evaluate the one stretch of 41st that was still at 50 mph because we have a new housing subdivision that is just starting to be populated. When vehicles exit the subdivision from Teal Ridge, they are doing so in an area that is 4 lane. The other areas of 41st that have been occupied by housing before now already have reduced speeds for safety. 

We wanted to start with this solution before resorting to other traffic control measures in order to keep traffic flowing as freely as possible. We will be instructing our officers to show a lot of discretion in enforcement as the speed reduction is new. 

As most of you may be aware, our police department has a policing plan, and that makes clear that we do not use traffic as a revenue generator for the city. We actually have at least 1/3-1/2 of all stops result in warnings either written or verbal. With that being said, we do need people to slow down on 41st as the new residents need to be able to exit their neighborhood safely. 

Saving lives is what is important, and unfortunately, 41st and the Highway 97 corridors are where people in Sand Springs are most likely to have a fatality collisions. Growth is good for our community, but it comes at a price of things must change. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as needed."

The Teal Ridge Housing Development being constructed at 8600 West 41st Street is a 115-lot addition resting on more than 200 acres of previously undeveloped land. Homes begin at 2100 square feet on .47 acre lots and cost between $201,000 and $416,000. The addition is in the Berryhill School District.