ODOT warns drivers not to be distracted by solar eclipse next Monday

As Oklahomans prepare for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation urges drivers to plan ahead for viewing this phenomenon.

When the eclipse begins in Oklahoma during the late morning hours on Monday, the moon may not be the only thing causing a big block during that time. Traffic could be a challenge so drivers are encouraged to get to their viewing spots early and try to avoid being on the road during the eclipse.

ODOT offers the following safety tips to keep our highways and interstates safe:

  • Don’t park or stand along highways or bridges. Exit and find a safe parking lot or other location instead to view the eclipse.
  • Be alert to traffic around you as other drivers may not be giving their full attention during this time.
  • Turn on your headlights as needed.
  • Don’t take photos while driving.
  • Don’t wear special viewing glasses while driving.

Again, parked vehicles or pedestrians along highways and interstates will create hazards to the traveling public, so exit the highway and find a safe location. Also, drivers going through work zones during the eclipse are urged to use caution as areas may be narrowed and full attention needs to be given to the roadway.

Drivers should be alert to heavier than normal traffic in the days leading up to and immediately after the event, as eclipse chasers will be heading to Kansas, Missouri and other states in the path of the total eclipse.

To check on travel information for surrounding states, visit:

Kansas                   866-511-5368         511.ksdot.org
Missouri                 888-275-6636        www.modot.org