City Council approves improvements to town infrastructure, discusses latest accomplishments

The Sand Springs City Council met in a regular meeting Monday evening at the City Municipal Building. Outgoing Board of Adjustment Chairman Randy Beesley was presented with a Mayoral Proclamation, Marketing Manager Kasey St. John provided a presentation regarding the Sand Springs Marketing department, and numerous appointments were made to City Boards.

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St. John expressed pleasure with the success of the City's goals for the past year. The City recently held the Second Annual Ancient 5K at Keystone Ancient Forest, participated in the Tulsa Home and Garden Show, and hosted the 28th Annual Herbal Affair and Festival with more than 20,000 attendees. A self-guided "Historic Tour" has been created on the City of Sand Springs website, and physical signage will be placed throughout the city by the end of the fiscal year. 

St. John set a goal to have a facebook following equal to 10% of the city's population by the end of the year--a feat which they easily surpassed with more than 3,500 followers at press time. A Sandite Pride News story shared on the City's facebook page is currently their most viewed post of all time. City officials have attended 18 major events this year to promote Sand Springs. The City is also working to redesign and relaunch the official website. A promotion website,, was launched this past year to help attract businesses and developers.

City Council unanimously approved $100,000 for use in installing a "Public Safety Hardened Room" in the Case Community Center. The funding for the project is part of a public safety sales tax that went into effect in January. 

Council unanimously approved $25,000 for use in rehabilitating the Shell Lake Dam, which is currently approaching the century mark in age.

Council unanimously approved $31,085.68 to continue partnering with the Metropolitan Environment Trust (M.e.t.) for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The City has utilized M.e.t. services for more than thirty years. M.e.t. accepts fluorescent and CFL light bulbs, oil-based paints and paint thinner, flammable liquids, lawn chemicals, automotive fluids, cooking oil/grease, aerosols, household and car batteries, household cleaners, and pool chemicals at no additional charge to City residents.

Council unanimously approved a request from CHC Kirkwood LIHTC LP for a Resolution of Support for a tax credit to rehabilitate a 76-unit housing development located at 400 E. 6th Street. Kirkwood Senior Apartments are a Multifamily complex for elderly and handicapped residents, located next to Charles Page High School. The tax credit, if approved, will come from State funds and will not affect City finances directly. The complex hopes to invest $3 million in property and housing improvements.

Council unanimously approved the use of $93,767.31 in Vision funding to purchase and install ten LED colored lights beneath the USHWY 412 overpass to "bridge" the downtown community with the new River West development. 

Board Appointments:

  • Mike Burdge, Brian Jackson, and Patty Dixon were appointed to the Council Appointment Committee for a one-year term.
  • Mike Burdge, Jim Spoon, and Patty Dixon were appointed to the Council Finance and Development Committee for a one-year term.
  • Jim Spoon and Christine Hamner were appointed to the Council Legislative Committee for a one-year term.
  • Beau Wilson, Phil Nollan, and Christine Hamner were appointed to the Council Public Works Advisory Committee.
  • Mike Burdge was appointed to the INCOG Board of Directors for a one-year term with Elizabeth Gray as an alternate.
  • Mike Burdge was appointed to the INCOG General Assembly for a one-year term with Elizabeth Gray as an alternate.
  • Mike Burdge was appointed to the INCOG Legislative Consortium for a one-year term with Elizabeth Gray as an alternate.
  • Brian Jackson was appointed to the INCOG Tulsa Metropolitan Area Transportation Policy Committee for a one-year term with Derek Hamil (sp?) as an alternate.
  • Cathy Burdge and Richard "Rick" Barnett were appointed to the Sand Springs Parks Advisory Board for a three-year term. 

In other news:

  • Sand Springs Fire Department Driver Ray Hall recently won the 2017 Mountain Bike National Championship. He competed in a 50-mile long course with major elevation changes and rough terrain.
  • The City of Sand Springs received their 27th consecutive Government Finance Officers' Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • According to Finance Director Kelly Lamberson, the City is "doing well with our spending, remaining below projections by 16.1 percent."
  • Sand Springs Police Sargent Jason McGinnis was named the Rotary Officer of the Year. McGinnis is a U.S. Navy vet, who was in charge of 50 caliber machine guns. According to Police Chief Mike Carter, he is a driving force behind Special Olympics funding and the Sand Springs leg of the torch run.
  • Rumble strips were recently installed on 41st Street between Prattville and Berryhill at a cost of $18,000. 
  • Captain Jeremy Wade was named the Rotary Firefighter of the Year. According to Fire Chief Mike Wood, "(Wade) is a phenomenal employee, always goes above and beyond." He has been with the SSFD for nearly sixteen years.
  • The Fire Department recently hired Sand Springs local Zachary Mosley. "(Mosley) is going to be a great rookie for us. He hit the ground running this morning and we're glad to have him," said Wood.
  • Sand Springs recently received an improved Insurance Service Office Class Two rating that places the department in the top 1% of Oklahoma communities and in the top 2.8% in the nation.