Sand Springs graduates 392 in Class of 2017

Charles Page High School and Page Academy graduated a combined 392 seniors Saturday evening at the Oral Roberts University Mabee Center, pending a final check of grades and credits, as Principal Stan Trout always reminds them.

Though their actual diplomas will be picked up this summer at the high school, the empty frame they are presented at the Mabee Center each year is the ceremonial pay dirt they've been working toward for their entire lives. 

Trout has been with them on this journey for as long as most of them can remember, in his tenth year as the school principal. It has been forty years since he walked across that stage, and he has seen many great Sandites follow in his footsteps. But he made sure to note that "never in the life of our school has there been a senior class that has distinguished itself more or shined a more positive light on its community."

"This is an unusually talented class, and here is some statistical evidence to back that up," said Trout. 83 seniors are members of the National Honor Society. 67 attained Honor Graduate status by maintaining a 4.0 GPA. 23 were Oklahoma Academic Scholars, meaning they maintained a 3.7 unweighted GPA and scored a 27 or higher on the ACT.

Charles Page doesn't recognize a single Valedictorian, but if they did it might be National Merit Commended Scholars Josh Taber or Elijah Warren. Or maybe Oklahoma All-State Scholar Brock Smith, who was among the top 100 high school seniors in all of Oklahoma. 

The Class of 2017 saw a number of remarkable achievements. The Sandites won their first State wrestling Championship since 1971 and their first Dual State title in school history. They made the State Semifinals in football and girls' basketball, the latter of which won a Frontier Valley Conference Championship. The band won the first Winter Percussion State Championship in school history. Daton Fix, Beau Bratcher, and Jack Karstetter won wrestling State titles. Fix went undefeated in high school with four titles. Delvin Jordan, Jr. was a wrestling State Runner-Up. Cheyenne Walden won four Cross Country State titles and five track State titles. 

Honor Graduates Chase Burris and Katie McInnis gave brief speeches.

"At the end of the day, all that matters is what makes you happy," said Burris. "Not what makes your parents happy, not what makes your friends happy, not what makes your girlfriend or boyfriend happy." He concluded his speech by quoting Chance the Rapper. "Don't forget the happy thoughts. All you need are happy thoughts."

Former Oklahoma Teacher of the Year finalist Kendra Roulet gave the farewell address for the faculty, and it was a special class for her. This was the last class she taught and the first class she counseled. "Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary," she told them. "Follow your passion, find your place."

Superintendent Sherry Durkee gave her first graduation address since succeeding Lloyd Snow last year.

Board of Education President Rusty Gunn's speech paralleled Roulet's. "Find what is is that you're on the planet for, and don't stop short of fulfilling your purpose."

Principal Trout continued his tradition of presenting a jar of sand and water to the graduating class, collected from the sandy springs from which the town draws its name. "Take a little bit of Sand Springs with you into everything you do in life, and you will never fail."

Following the presentation of "diplomas," Oklahoma Medal for Excellence recipient Frank Cooper gave his notorious reading of Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, filled with personal anecdotes about CPHS students. 

The CPHS band, Stage Choir, and Senior Quartet all gave performances and Class President Katilynn Godown led her classmates in the turning of the tassles and the throwing of the caps.

Though they still have eleven days left before their high school days officially come to an end, Saturday night symbolically marked the ending of an era for 392 young adults who will now take their first steps into a new world. 

Honor Graduates

Dawson Randall Clarke Allen
Anna Marie Andrews
Christian Joseph Barnard
Madilyn Grace Barron
Shayla Brooke Blair
Carley Elizabeth Boyd
Alexis Victoria Branson
Beau Andrew Bratcher
Christel Denise Burgoon
Chase Aaron Burris
Nia Marae Byrd
Dustin Beau Cagle
Katherine Dayne Campfield
Michael Lloyd Carper
Zachary Ryan Carter
Taylor Rene Cartwright
Kalie Paden Chatham
Tyler Rain Cutnose
James Trey Lawrence Dacus
Alexis Jordan Davis
Megan Marie Deshazo
Makenzie Shae Dewitt
Brooklyn Paige Evans
Daton Duain Fix
Kaitlynn M Godown
Colson Robert Guinn
Cody Alan Gurley
Leah Nicole Hancock
Keartlin Marie Hilligoss
Dharma Loren Hopkins
Gabriel Taylor Jeffus
Nathaniel Logan Jeffus
Madison Emily Keiper
Madison Leigh Kinard

Jasmine Rain Longoria
Makenzie Grace Massey
Madline Diane McFarland
Katheryn Riley McInnis
Connor Lynn McKeaigg
Reid Eugene Meadows
Dakota Gage Mitchell
Dalton Hunter Morgan
Cassandra Lee Owens
Sydney Jae Pennington
Ashton McGregor Persons
Hope Elizabeth Pollard
Marc Sidney Reeves
Daniel Lee Ropp
Shelby Starr Rotramel
Konner Gordon Rugg
Allison Taylor Sellers
Joelie Shaye Simmons
Brock Raymond Smith
Clayton Mickeul Smith
Michael Owen Som de Cerff
Jacob Alexander Steel
Rebekah Ann Sutterfield
Joshua Chance Taber
Elizabeth Kaylan Tate
Gracen Aileen Taylor
Mackenzie Ryan Thompson
Brooklyn Nicole Turner
Shiloh Nicole Wallace
Colton Lane Washington
Brendan Michael Williams
Hunter Edwin Willis
Nikolay Pavlovich Yakovlev

Oklahoma Academic Scholars

Christian Barnard
Madilyn Barron
Shayla Blair
Carley Boyd
Beau Bratcher
Nia Byrd
Dustin Cagle
Evan Clary

Alina Gavrilov
Kaitlyn Godown
Kearstin Hilligoss
Madison Keper
Madison Kinard
Katheryn McInnis
Reid Meadows
Eric Newman

Joelie Simmons
Brock Smith
Jacob Steel
Joshua Taber
Elizabeth Tate
Shiloh Wallace
Hunter Willis

National Honor Society

Dawson Allen
Anna Andrews
Kasey Bales
Madilyn Barron
Rachel Blair
Shayla Blair
Carley Boyd
Alexis Branson
Beau Bratcher
Jasmine Brown
Christel Burgoon
Chase Burris
Nia Byrd
Dustin Cagle
Dayne Campfield
Zachary Carter
Taylor Cartwright
Paden Catham
James Dacus
Alexis Davis
Shawn Dean
Megan Deshazo
Makenzie Dewitt
Brooklyn Evans
Kristian Fairchild
Daton Fix
Melina Flores
Alina Gavrilov

Katie Godown
Carlos Gomez-Valero
Amari Grant
Colson Guinn
Cody Gurley
Leah Hancock
Kearstlin Hilligoss
Dharma Hopkins
John Houston
Gabriel Jeffus
Logan Jeffus
Alexis Keeling
Madison Keiper
Madison Kinard
Julia Lewis
Jasmine Longoria
Makenzie Massey
Madeline McFarland
Ketheryn McInnis
Reid Meadows
Dakota Mitchell
Dalton Morgan
Baylee Mudd
Shannon O'Meilia
Sydney Pennington
Ashton Persons
Hope Pollard
Samantha Ramirez

Marc Reeves
Daniel Ropp
Shelby Rotramel
Allison Sellers
Joelie Simmons
Blake Simpson
Brock Smith
Clayton Smith
Savannah Snyder
Michael Som de Cerff
Rebekah Sutterfield
James Taber
Joshua Taber
Elizabeth Tate
Gracen Taylor
Jake Terry
Mack Thompson
Brooklyn Turner
Shiloh Wallace
Cassie Ward
Colton Washington
Faith Wecker
Sybil West
Brendan Williams
Hunter Willis
Spencer Wright
Nikolay Yakovlev

CPHS Class of 2017 Graduates

Lincoln Burnell Adams
Madelin Renee Adams
Kimberly Ruth Aguilar Henriques
Austin Cole Salexander
Dawson Randal Clarke Allen
Sabra Kay Almayahi
Mariela Alvarez
Jarod Ryan Anderson
Anna Marie Andrews
Braden Michael Ashlock
Ryker Cole Ashlock
Deidra Vee Asmus
Camilla Mae Austin
Joshua Elijah Lee Avery
Cameron Mirza Baig
Ian Andrew Baker
Connor Erik Baldridge
Kasey Alex Bales
Joe David Banther
Sarah Mae Barlow
Christian Joseph Barnard
Isaac James Barretto
Isabella Jacqueline Barretto
Madilyn Grace Barron
Zane Bourhan Basma
Caitlin Anna Beard
Mikeale Ostis Becraft
Trey Austin Belding
Jeremy Alexander Benninghoven
Malany Jo Benton
Aaron Michael Bertrand
Jacob Dwayne Bettis
Blayne Averie Bittencourt
Christopher Jacob Blackwell
Rachel Amariah Blair
Shayl Brooke Blair
Megan Renay Bledsoe
Emily Dorothy Blimm
Bailey Nicole Boaz
Chauncy Tyrek Bogans
Carley Elizabeth Boyd
Kinsey Rayshell Braden
Michael Edward Bramlett
Alexis Victoria Branson
Aubrey Kaitlyn Brashier
Beau Andrew Bratcher
Kelli Rochelle Bridges
Cameron Wayne Britton
Jasmine Rene Brown
Caitlin Joy Bruce
Mason Andrew Bruton
Christel Denise Burgoon
Michael Daniel Burns
Chasearon Burris
Matthew David Burton
Makenzie Lea Butler
Nia Marae Byrd
Lauren Elizabeth Cady
Dustin Beau Cagle
Baylee Noelle Campbell
Collin Christopher Cambell
Katherine Dayne Campfield
Kameron Seth Carpenter
Michael Lloyd Carper
Timothy David Carroll
Emily Danielle Carter
Zachary Ryan Carter
Taylor Rene Cartwright
Brian Wayne Catlett
Marissa Lachon Catlett
Kalie Paden Chatham
Evan Williams Reles Clary
Deanna Lee Cody
Haley Lauren Coffey
Alexander Bryce Collins
Cydney Jaymes Collins
Jacob Alexander Collins
Jessica McKenzie Collins
Ericka Dawn Colson
Megan Savella Jo Conley
Luis Antonio Contreras
Jacob Lee Cooper-Garbey
Joshua Andrew Cordell
Erin Bayley Cox
Sidnee Rachelle Crase-Owens
Erendira Betsabe Cuevas Gomez
Tyler Rain Cutnose
James Trey Lawrence Davus, III
Treyce Bradley Dahlem
Kenneth Lee William Daniel
Alexis Jordan Davis
Austin Daniel DAvis
Derek Martin Davis
Jordan Katharine Davis
Megan Sue Davis
Mikala Brianna Davis
Shawn Linley Dean
Eston David DeLozier
Richard Tyler Delozier
Megan Marie Deshazo
Makenzie Shae Dewitt
Cody Dean Dillion
Jessicca Darlene Dover
Tyler Ray Dressler
Paige Nichole Duvall
Jasmine Raine Eastman
Joshua Colton Eddington
Amanda Jean Ellis
Brooklyn Paige Evans
Anthony Dylan Fairchild
Kristian Taylor Fairchild
Angela Grace Firey
Austin Tyler Fisher
Daton Duain Fix
Melina Joseline Flores
Dante Chase Foote
Allison Rose Ford
Simona Elizabeth Forsyth
Ashley Nicole Foster
Michaela Brooke Fox
Brett Ray Freeman
Robert Wayne Freeman
Shyanne Marie Fullerton
Gavin Joseph Garcia
Ignacio Garcia
Alina Vasilisa Gavrilov
Kayla Nicole Genn
Kaitlynn Michelle Godown
Carlos Mateo Gomez-Valero
Alexis Paige Goodman
Nicole Dawn Goodman
Amari Rashon Grant
Joshua Dean Gray
Cody D'Alan Grayson
Hunter Alexander Greathouse
Anthony Michael Green
Caleb Lynn Gregory
Tyler Lane Grewe
Anna Marie Griffith
Graci Renee Guard
Colson Robert Guinn
Cody Alan Gurley
Austin Alan Gaegely
Jason Floyd Hall
Nathan James Hall
Sarah Kaylyn Hall
Alec Dwayne Haller
Leah Nicole Hancock
Tiffany Marie Handley
Patrick William Hardesty
Vernon Eugene Harris, IV
Danielle Allysa Hays
Kaitlynn Nicole Henson
Alejandro Jose Hernandez
Mary Elizabeth Higgins
Kearstin Marie Hilligoss
Clayton Dean Hillsberry
Katelyn Nicole Hinkle
Michala Colleen Hinton
Megan Michelle Holloway
Taylor Erin Holloway
Dharma Loren Hopkins
Megan Christine Hopson
Shane Brian Horn
John Thomas Houston
Ashlee Paige Howard
Samuel Ryan Huff
Noel Brigitte Hughes
Jesse Keith James
Jaden Joel Jarret
Seth Taylor Jason
Gabriel Taylor Jeffus
Nathaniel Logan Jeffus
Bailey Lynn Jetton
Johnathan Luis Jiminez
Maxwell Cannon Johnson
Ally McKenzie Joiner
Daniel Gregory Jones
Nicholas Logan Jones
Nolan Ray Jones
Delvin Jerome Jordan, Jr.
Ashanti Iman Jordon
Manuel Alejandro Julio-Gomez
Jack Cole Karstetter
Alexis Jordan Keeling
Kyle Alan Keener
Madison Emily Keiper
Kohlton Neal Keller
Terrell Donta Kendricks
Madison Leigh Kinard
Kody Lane Krehbiel
Cassidy Leigh Ann Kupiec
Zackary Tyler Kupiec
Jacob Andrew Lamb
Robert Charles Larkin, Jr.
Aurora Bluejacket Lee

Alley Nichole Legrand
Rose Lee Leslie
Julia Ann Lewis
Karsen Taylor Lewis
Jasmine Rain Longoria
Eugenio Davila Lopez, Jr.
Kandi Branee Lovins
William Baily Makaula
Dalton Parker Manor
Zora Renee Marriott
Mike Martinez
Makenzie Grace Massey
Wyatt Jac Mathena
Cody Andrew Mathis
Jacob Christian Mauck
Shaina Grace Mayhue
Sydney Virginia Mayhugh
Elisha Nathanael McBride
Austin Eugene McCaskey
Tatum Marie McEntire
Madeline Diane McFarland
Kierra Desiree McGee
Tristan Allen McGinnis
Katheryn Riley McInnis
Zoe Renee McIntosh
Connor Lynn McKeaigg
William Jared McNally
Reid Eugene Meadows
Cody Lane Mendenhall
Destany Cheyanne Mendenhall
Taylor Sky Mendenhall
Caleb Bryce Merriman
Shelton Steven Metcalfe
Arial Marie Mickish
Amista Marie Miller
Dakota Gage Mitchell
Elissa Page Mitchem
Houston Scott Moore
Michaela Maye Morehead
Dalton Hunter Morgan
Cody Richard Motes
Ezra Paul Mowery
Baylee Jo Mudd
Audrina Adele Myers
Victoria Paulette Napier
Ausitn Roger Garrett Newman
Eric Andrew Newman
Samantha Corine Newman
Annah Marie Nichols
Logan James Nicklas
Jackson Alastair Scott Noble
Katessa Elise Noble
Makenna Rashea Norris
Derek Odysseus
Shannon Mae O'Meilia
Maileah Marina Ontiveros
Erin Taylor Orf
Cassandra Lee Owens
Dillon Dakota Owens
Brian Keith Palmer
Tanner Evan Pardue
Isaac Adan Pelayo
Sydney Jae PEnnington
Ashton McGregor Persons
Ryan James Phyllips
Larami D'Nae Pickle
Perry Wayne Pittman
Jordan Micahel Pizzimenti
Justin Plummer
Kayleigh Ann Polasek
Hope Elizabeth Pollard
Sheridan Mae Pool
Jennifer Lee Powell
Jaden Q. Puckett
Grace Emmalouise Rainey
Rosa Isela Ramirez
Samantha Nicole Ramirez
Bryanna Rose Ramsey
Mark Signey Reeves
Michael Williams Ritchey
Brandon Charles Roberson
Zachary Ryan Roberson
Taylor Morgan Roberts
Kyleigh Jean Brooke Robertson
Kristin Marie Rogers
Daniel Lee Ropp
Logan Tate Rotramel
Shelby Starr Rotramel
Konner Gordon Rugg
Jake Christian Ryals
Mary Mackenzie Sanders
Benjamin Michael Scantling
Pablo James Schinnerer
Kyler Jaymez Schnieder
Allison Taylor Sellers
Chance Ray Shadwick
Cody Austin Shafer
Christopher Richard Shain
Invyi Unique Shaw
Jacob Benjamin Sheppard
Joelie Shaye Simmons
Nathan Armstrong Simonton
Blake Neil Simpson
Zachary David Sims
Clay Ashton Skelly
Brooklyn Grace Slabby
Griffin Michael Slane
Kyler Michael Smidt
Alexandra Nicole Smith
Amanda Kay Smith
Brock Raymond Smith
Clayton Mickeul Smith
Jusin Dean Smith
Kearra Marie Smith
Nathan Michael Smith
Shelbie Deann Smith
Savannah Joyce Snyder
Edgar Adrian Soberano
Michael Owen Som de Cerff
Samantha Jo Sorrels
Garrett Ryan Spence
Alec Mitchell Spencer
Emilee Ann Spencer
Anthony James Spliedt
Skyler Christopher Staab
Jacob Alexander Steel
Keri Leann Steelman
Joshua Kalen Stevens
Charles Riley Stewart
Hunter Rae Stewart
Joshua Dylan Stowell
Tyler David Strong
Rebekah Ann Sutterfield
James Sebastian Taber
Joshua Chance Taber
Richard Maxwell Tankersley
Makayla Marie Tapia
Elizabeth Kaylan Tate
Gracen Aileen Taylor
Michael Jacob Terry
Brendan Edgar
Sarah Jo Thomas
Mackenzie Ryan Thompson
Nicholas Benjamin Thompson
Marissa Elaine Thornburg
Tylor Reed Tiblow
Aaron Treyce Tolbert
Joshua Robin Towery
Jay William Tribble
Vanessa Michelle Tucker
Brooklyn Nicole Turner
Zakkary Hunter Turnham
Cammy Jo Tyer
Henry Thomas Vindiver
Luis Antonio Villafuerte
Jonathan Emmanuel Vital
Kevin Ray Vreeland
Cheyenne Nicole Walden
Devon Michael Walker
Race Lenndon Walker
Shiloh Nicole Wallace
Cassie Gwynn Ward
Nicholas Colton Ward
Tanner Reid Ward
Darian Lavell Warren
Elijah Cale Warren
Caleb Amir Wash
Colton Lane Washington
John Anthony Waters
Sierra Dawn WAters
Faith Leeann Wecker
C-Jay Michelle Weiesnbach
Bradley Michael West
Erin Nicole West
Sybil Maria West
Jeffrey Daniel Whinery
Jordon Wayne Whittington
Ryan David Whittington
Ian Gregory Wiggs
Tristen Jonathan Wiley
Raven Ranger Wilkens
Andrew Henry Willhite
Brendan Michael Williams
Cole Mason Williams
Hunter Glen Williams
Trevor Davis Williams
Hunter Edwin Willis
Noah Wylie Wilson
Quintin Max Wimer
Kaylee Grace Wolbert
Phillip Julian Womack
Adam Houston Wood
Kaileeann Marie Worthington
Spencer Allen Wright
Nikolay Pavlovich Yakovlev
Kyndal Marie Zicker