City of Sand Springs launches economic development Web site

Sand Springs, OK- The City of Sand Springs has launched, a Web site focused on economic development. The new site features data and resources geared to business, development, visitors and tourist attraction to Sand Springs.

“We are thrilled to make See Sand Springs available to the public,” said Elizabeth Gray, City Manager. “Our staff has worked very hard researching and developing this site to help realtors, Chambers and brokers guide interested parties to the type of information a national chain or industry looks for.”

The See Sand Springs site started as a graduate student project in the summer of 2015 and has since been adopted by staff and City Council as a part of City Council’s recent Economic Development Resolution.

“The See Sand Springs site is an excellent example of what cities should be doing to further economic development,” said Charlotte Howe, Northeast Regional Development Specialist with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Data gathered for the site grew from partnerships with local agencies like the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG,) Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC,) regional and local chambers. The site was compiled as a graduate project by Sand Springs Public Information and Marketing Manager, Kasey St. John.

City staff will begin marketing the site this fall at national events and conferences.

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