From the Editor: Sunday July 31, 2016

From the Editor’s Desk:

This past weekend was the annual Highway 97 Rivalry alumni game, and our practice run for the upcoming school year. With the first high school kickoff only four weeks away, our gears are whirring away at full speed to get our processes as close to perfect as possible.

The last two seasons have been an incredible experience and it’s hard to believe that we’re approaching our third year of covering Sand Springs sports. When we first began we were simply live-scoring football, basketball, and wrestling events. Last year we first began the transition to a news outlet with full coverage of almost every sport. Over the summer we’ve began to add in more traditional news coverage.

With the first of the fall sports slated to start in just nine short days, we’re excited to continue to expand and improve on our services. This year we’ll be working hard to bring coverage of all sports in Sand Springs, including golf, tennis, and more. We will continue to develop our reporting of all newsworthy events in the Sand Springs area and we welcome your constructive criticisms and feedback.

We hope you’ll be patient with us and understand that every new business has to deal with mistakes. The important thing is, we’re learning from them. This magazine isn’t about trying to make money, it’s about trying to provide Sand Springs with a quality periodical in which we can forever preserve the stories of our wonderful community.

Please feel free to contact us to give us feedback, tips, or just to say hi! We love to meet and get to know our neighbors. Send in stories, letters, photos, and other announcements and don’t hesitate to let us answer any questions you may have.

Also, our next digital magazine won’t be released until TUESDAY August 9th! From now on expect our weekly magazine to go up on Tuesdays, and eventually you’ll see us on newsstands on Tuesdays as well!

Ever Upward!

Scott Emigh