Lloyd Snow clinches Democratic nomination, will face Newberry in November

By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

Outgoing Sand Springs Superintendent Lloyd Snow has the Democratic nomination for Senate District 37 all locked up after a landslide victory over Cory Gage and Andrew Nutter. Snow has been serving the Sand Springs community for sixteen years, and looks to continue doing so in a new field.

After sixteen years as the City Superintendent, Snow's era will come to an end on June 30th when Sherry Durkee officially takes over the office. While Snow initially intended to retire upon leaving the Superintendent position, dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the Capitol lead him to launch a campaign for the Senate District 37 seat in April.

When he launched his campaign he stated "I am frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged with the challenges our children, families, citizens, and communities continue to face due to devastating budget reductions and poor policies in the areas of public education, health, safety, and transportation."

In December Snow talked to Sandite Pride about his reservations in running for office and his desire for any other worthy candidate to step up. When nobody came forward for Snow to rally behind, he filed his candidacy as "an obligation to be a voice of reason, common sense, and responsibility for our families and communities."

Snow has a long history of recognition for community service. In 1997 he was named the Oklahoma Administrator of the Year. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Educators Hall of Fame in 2013 and received the Medal for Excellence in Administration. Most recently he was issued a proclamation from the City of Sand Springs for his service to the community in May and received the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration Lifetime Achievement award earlier this month.

Two and half months of campaigning led to a massive victory over the Democratic field, but Snow was quick to acknowledge that it's only the beginning. In the Tuesday night primary, Snow won 77.04% of the vote against Cory Gage with 12.95% and Andrew Nutter with 10%. 

Snow gave a victory speech at the Snow For Senate Watch Party at Hampton Inn and Suites in Tulsa Hills, expressing his desire "to make it better for kids, to make it better for people that have health needs...to make it better for Oklahoma...for better roads and bridges and infrastructure. Trying to craft a budget that can be sustained and actually work for people and for families and for communities.

"We as a State are at that point in time where enough is enough. I am a different kind of candidate in a lot of ways because this is not my life ambition. I've lived my life ambition, my passion. Now it's more of a purpose, it's more of an obligation. It's more of what I consider to be, 'how are we going to solve the problems we face?' And the solutions are having more people vote, more people in campaigns, have more people participating. I'm going to be at this full time."