From The Editor: Sunday June 19, 2016

From the Editor’s Desk:

Greetings Sandites!

Thank you for reading the fourth edition of our new Sandite Pride News Weekly digital edition. We hope to be bringing this to you in a print format very soon!

If you’re new to our platform, I’d like to share our mission statement with you.

“Our mission is to improve our city by establishing relationships and building a family that works and stands together and celebrates each others' accomplishments.
We seek to be professional and factual, while maintaining compassion and honesty. We will report relevant stories in a timely manner from a positive perspective.
We will perform community outreach and look for opportunities to improve the quality of our environment. We will partner with local businesses, churches, youth groups, and other organizations, and support their visions for this community.”

What does all that mean? It means we’re here for you!

We want to help see your dreams through to fruition. We’re all Sandites, we’re all in this together, and it’ll take all of us working together to achieve the dream that Charles Page had for this great community! We strive to “think right” at Sandite Pride News, and that means helping the city any way we can.

Whether you’re a church, nonprofit organization, or even a for-profit business trying to do something special for the community, let us help you. Any free community event, such as church youth group events, vacation bible school programs, free movie nights, etc. are completely free to advertise with Sandite Pride!

We don’t look to profit off people trying to make a difference. Fundraisers where the host organization stands to profit are eligible for discounted rates on advertising as well. If 50% of the proceeds of your event go to charity, then your advertising is 50% off! And as always, we love our regular sponsors and advertisers who want to help support our vision. We offer full page, half page, banner ads, and more! Help us bring a light to this community and celebrate those who are achieving their dreams and putting this great city on the map.

We are always grateful for tips and information on any potential stories. Feel free to reach out today and make sure we know about your special events coming up! 

Scott Emigh

This article was originally published in the Sandite Pride News Weekly Sunday edition.