Sand Springs City Council adopts series of goals for economic growth


The Sand Springs City Council unanimously approved Resolution CC-1641 Monday evening at their bi-weekly meeting at the City Municipal Building. The resolution identifies a series of ambitious goals and objectives compiled by City Planner Brad Bates.

  1. "The City of Sand Springs will strive to promote local commerce, trade, and commodities by strengthening working relationships with the local/regional entities, existing businesses and institutions.
    1. Maintain a list of Top 10 employers and actively engage them to evaluate workforce objectives and collaboration with other local businesses.
    2. Support local businesses through shopping and dining campaigns/programs, including but not limited to the purchase with a purpose campaign.
    3. Promote shop local campaigns and events
    4. Provide links to local hospitality, dining and retail establishments on a Sand Springs website.
    5. Pursue alternative methods of internet driven traffic through search engine providers and promote usage of local businesses.
    6. Produce marketing material for distribution at trade shows and conventions.
    7. Expand the local business manager's quarterly meeting with City officials to discuss concerns, achievements and future suggestions for how the City can help improve local business success.
    8. Collaborate with schools and non-profit organizations on workforce development to create a sustainable workforce in Sand Springs
    9. Create a one page handout on "What shopping local means to you!" Have facts on how much taxable sales to fund one police officer. So if it's $40,000 average for a police officer that requires $2,000,000 in taxable sales of .02 sales tax that goes to the general fund.
  2. Aggressively pursue new local, regional, or national restaurant and retail businesses. 
    1. Create an inventory of City and privately owned properties that will be made available to interested parties.
    2. Actively work to broker/initiate development deals and transactions.
    3. Have strong code enforcement of existing properties by strengthening property management codes and regulations.
    4. Attend regional and national trade shows, expos, and conventions promoting the City of Sand Springs.
    5. Update the City's incentives policy to direct the long-term process of economic development.
    6. Explore and employ non-traditional incentive methods where appropriate, with specific attention to fostering small businesses and entrepreneurship. 
    7. Expand and grow the City's population through development of new single-family, multi-family, and elderly housing, in addition to actively encouraging annexation of property.
    8. Continue to monitor and evaluate the City's permit fees and development process to stay competitive with other Tulsa Metro communities.
    9. Have a team ready of citizen ambassadors to call upon to meet with prospects.
  3. Identify some projects that will beautify Sand Springs and assist with marketing and economic development and complete those projects.
    1. Develop a highway corridor improvement plan or concept for implementation as part of the Vision 2025 approved project and funding.
    2. Create a timeline for corridor improvements and being implementation accordingly.
    3. Identify beautification projects that serve a multipurpose through enhancing properties or businesses that simultaneously improve the public image.
    4. Engage local civic organizations, schools, and neighborhood associations to organize cleanup efforts or beautification projects.
    5. Continue renovation and construction projects for city owed properties with functionality and aesthetics being considered in design.
    6. Review city ordinances on landscape requirements for development with possible modifications of requirements strengthening and encouraging property beautification.
    7. Have work days more often and announced early enough that people can plan ahead.
  4. Evaluate and consider the acquisition of real estate for future development purposes.
    1. Determine the need and identify areas for property acquisition to help drive development transactions.
    2. Formalize a process for which property can be bought by the City in a timely and efficient manner.
    3. Develop a criteria for real estate purchasing as a form of a development incentive.
    4. Initiate land use workshops with staff to engage primary land owners in goal accomplishment.
  5. Encourage and engage Subdivision and Multi-Family Developers/Developments.
    1. Work with developers to identify properties that are available for development.
    2. Continue to monitor and evaluate the City's permit fees and development process to stay competitive with other Tulsa Metro cities.
    3. Expedite processes when possible to speed up the overall development time.
    4. Evaluate infrastructure development as an incentive when deemed appropriate and beneficial.
    5. Attend Tulsa Home Builders Association meetings and gatherings to promote Sand Springs as a community.
    6. Contact and meet with Multi-Family Developers to inform them about Sand Springs and promote the need for additional housing options within the community.
    7. Make incentive policy options available for subdivision and multi-family developments.
  6. Develop an Economic Development website resource hub and strive to educate and advance the objective of all involved with the City to be involved in assisting with economic development as possible. 
    1. Set a public launch date of the website and begin to promote the site through social media platforms. 
    2. Create handout materials (cards, flyers, etc) that can be distributed to businesses, developers, brokers, and citizens promoting
    3. Create and maintain an inventory of available city owned properties for development
    4. Provide links to active real estate professionals/organizations listings in the area.
    5. Provide Demographic and Market Profile information for easy review and utilization, updated annually. 
    6. Provide Economic Development Incentive information, policies, and guidelines once developed and implemented.
    7. Provide links to zoning/building regulations, building permit forms and guidelines, engineering design criteria, and the Sand Springs Comprehensive Plan.
    8. Provide digital links to zoning and comprehensive plan land use maps.
    9. Provide links to State of Oklahoma Business Resources (ie: Small Business Incentive, Department of Commerce, etc)
  7. Sand Springs will have a strong independent local economy that compliments the surrounding region but is not dependent on it.
    1. Collaborate with local and regional partners regarding economic development opportunities.
    2. Encourage the development of offices, professional services, and industry in appropriate locations within the City. 
    3. Continue to support and promote the downtown commercial area.
    4. Develop a new economic development grant program for downtown development.
    5. Promote housing rehabilitation, revitalization and infrastructure improvements within neighborhoods in need.
    6. Increase retail/shopping and dining availability within Sand Springs.
    7. We should encourage and find sights that may be appealing to both developers and citizens."