CPHS Lip Dub video is back up!

The Charles Page High School Sandite TV class spent the last few months working hard on their second annual "Lip Dub" video featuring popular songs that the Class of 2016 has identified with over the years. The professional-quality production was a smash hit upon its initial release earlier this week and quickly surpassed twenty-thousand views before it was taken down.

After a concerned parent pointed out the suggestive lyrical content of the video, it was briefly removed while administration met to review the video and its compliance with school policies. After massive support through online petitions and emails to the school administrators, CPHS principal Stan Trout announced Friday that because the video used only radio edits of the songs it was acceptable and would be reposted.

The mildly edited version of the footage is now available once again at http://sandites.tv/2016/05/18/2016-cphs-lipdub-pop-music-videos-then-and-now/