Sakura might just be the nicest restaurant in Sand Springs

By: Morgan Miller, Executive Director

If you are from Sand Springs, you have probably asked for the city to have nicer restaurants before (or if you're on Sand Springs Gossip Central, you have asked for them a couple dozen times). In January Sand Springs received a new, incredibly nice Sushi and Hibachi restaurant named Sakura.

Sakura opened in a building formerly occupied by Pizza Hut. On the outside, it still looks like its predecessor, but as soon as you step inside, you're blown away by how lovely the decor is. Walking around the interior of this restaurant, you would never guess that it was once a Pizza Hut. The flooring and walls are very nicely done, with nice faux wood flooring, gorgeous wallpaper, and decorative stacked stone. There are also multiple decorative water features throughout the restaurant, televisions on multiple walls, and nice seating in each of the three sections. As well as regular booth and table seating, guests also have the option to be seated at the sushi bar.

The food does not disappoint, either. The menu has something for just about everyone. There is sushi, fried rices, steak, and other great options. Of the many times that I have visited (I'd rather not say the amount) I have tried many of their sushi options. Before trying Sakura, I can honestly say I was not a fan of sushi. I have tried almost all of the "special" sushi options on the menu there and I have thoroughly enjoyed every one that I have tried. I have heard from friends that their options other than sushi are quite enjoyable as well.

The staff has been friendly and professional with every visit. Each time I have gone, my food has come out in a timely manner and my drink has stayed filled. Finally, I have always been very impressed with the presentation of my food. Each time, my food has been presented to me beautifully.

Over all, the only complaint that I could have is that the outside of the restaurant does not reflect at all the greatness that is found inside. If you have not gone to check out this new addition to Sand Springs, I would highly recommend that you do!

Sakura is open from 11:00am-3:00pm and 4:30pm-9:30pm Monday through Thursday, 11:00am-10:00pm Friday and Saturday, and 11:00am-9:00pm on Sunday. You can dine in or order take-out. To order carry out you can call the restaurant at 918-514-0288, or order online at