Police impersonator at large

According to City of Sand Springs Chief of Police Mike Carter, a white Chevy Tahoe pulled over a woman in the area of 44th and Spruce on Thursday. After taking the woman's license and registration, the suspect demanded she exit the vehicle and then groped her. The full statement is as follows:

 "Important Message:

The Sand Springs Police Department just received a report of a police impersonator.  It was reported that white Tahoe that pulled a lady over around 44th and Spruce.  This vehicle is described as having a light bar on top of the vehicle as well as a push bar with lights on it.  A white male suspect wearing all dark clothing a displaying some sort of badge made the victim produce her drivers license and insurance.  He then made her get out of her vehicle and groped her.  Officers are taking a report from the victim.  If anyone sees this vehicle or knows who may be responsible for this act, please call SSPD at (918)245-8777 or 911.

If a vehicle attempts to pull you over and you are not sure it is an officer, please dial 911 and continue to drive to a well lighted area such as a convenience store.

Chief Mike Carter"