Patty Dixon to inherit City Council seat from Dean Nichols after running unopposed

Patty and Tim Dixon have been married for 31 years and  have three children and three grandchildren. The two own Dixon Auto Glass in Sand Springs.

The following is a submitted letter addressing the City of Sand Springs citizens, in particular those residing in Ward 2, from soon-to-be City Councilwoman Patty Dixon. Current Ward 2 Councilman Dean Nichols issued the following statement on his Facebook page on December 23rd, 2015. 

"To my family, friends and neighbors of Ward 2. I have decided not to run for re-election for Ward 2 Council position. It has not been an easy decision, but as I near retirement after 34 years of public service, along with the last 8 1/2 years on the council, I felt that maybe it was time to let another Sandite speak on the behalf of Ward 2.

Patty Dixon, who I encouraged to run for this office gratefully signed up. Patty, who I have known for more years then either one of us want to admit to, has the passion, love and volunteerism for the City of Sand Springs that I greatly admire and support.

I'm not done yet, but once I have completed my term in office, I plan on exploring other volunteer opportunities, like Patty Dixon, I believe in service above self.

Again, thank you for letting me serve as your councilman, it has truly been an honor. 
To all the City employees, you make me proud and thank you for your professionalism and dedication." --Dean Nichols

"When I moved into Ward 2, I was recruited for the City Council seat by the Incumbent, my good friend and classmate of CPHS 1971, Dean Nichols. Dean has served the city well but has decided to pursue other volunteer opportunities. Having been elected to and serving for two terms on the council from 1990 - 1996, I too had recruited a friend, Mike Burdge, to consider serving on the council when my work schedule did not warrant the time for my children’s activities and council meetings.

Now, retired with 26 years at Tulsa County Parks, I studied Vision and Four to Fix tax plans. The past 12 years I have served on the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) conference committee through my position as the Executive Director for the Oklahoma Recreation and Park Society and have met many of the City Councilors from other towns through that professional organization. I certainly don’t know everything I need to but my experience as a City Councilor, County employee, OML committee member and Sand Springs small business owner gives me solid ground to represent Sand Springs and learn more about our current challenges. My time on the park board, museum association, HEAL committee (under a previous city manager), Sertoma Club and First Christian Church is evidence of my desire to be involved and connected to Sand Springs. 

I want to be an educator of how city government works in collaboration with the County and State. There are many things a councilor is responsible for but I am very serious about being a watch dog for the Vision Funds, understanding the River West Development and participating in efforts for the beautification of Sand Springs. We have a charming, peaceful community and I am excited about the good things on the way. 

Many times, serving on the council is not something that comes to mind when you consider “volunteering” because of the subsequent “election”, or in my case, filing unopposed. 

Perhaps there is someone else in the Ward who has never considered city council but is a perfect fit. I hope to meet you in the next three years. 

Someday you may be recruited to put your name on the line."

--Patty Dixon