2017-2018 CPHS Varsity Football (2-2, 1-0)
Head Coach Dustin Kinard

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks: Kenney Gooch
Defensive Coordinator/Outside Line Backers: Kevin Avey
Offensive Line: Blaine Wise
Receivers/Special Teams: Jason Puryear
Tight Ends/Offensive Line: Mike Edwards
Running Backs: Terrance Miller
Safeties: Jay Fleischman
Inside Line Backers: Ronnie Taber
Cornerbacks: Lane Freeman
Defensive Line: Chris Duke
Quarterbacks: Ben Riggs
Class 6A-II

8.18.2017 Sandites 6-0 Jenks (Scrimmage, A)
8.24.2017 Sandites 7-0 Claremore (Scrimmage, A) - Read Story.
9.1.2017 No. 3 Sandites 21-59 Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) (H) - Read Story.
9.8.2017 No. 4 Sandites 20-21 No. 7 Choctaw (H) - Read Story.
9.15.2017 No. 7 Sandites 28-14 No. 13 Putnam City West (A) - Read Story.
9.22.2017 No. 8 Sandites 31-16 No. 14 Sapulpa (A)* - Read Story.
9.29.2017 Sandites vs. Yukon (A) - 7:00 p.m.
10.6.2017 Sandites vs. Ponca City (A)* - 7:00 p.m.
10.13.2017 Sandites vs. Muskogee (H)* - 7:00 p.m.
10.19.2017 Sandites vs. Booker T. Washington (A)* - 7:00 p.m.
10.27.2017 Sandites vs. Bartlesville (H)* - 7:00 p.m.
11.3.2017 Sandites vs. Bixby (H)* - 7:00 p.m.
11.10.2017 Quarterfinal Playoffs - 7:00 p.m.
11.17.2017 Semifinal Playoffs - 7:00 p.m.
12.1.2017 State Championship - 7:00 p.m.

*indicates district game.


The Sand Springs High School football program began in 1919 under Head Coach Ivan Grover. The town's black school, Booker T. Washington, also had a football program. The two were consolidated in 1959 at the newly constructed Charles Page High School.

Current Head Coach Dustin Kinard is the second-longest tenured coach in Sand Springs history and will begin his eleventh season in 2017. 

The Sand Springs football program begins in the first grade and has a team for each grade level up till high school.

The Sand Springs Youth Football Association participates in the Indian Nations Football Conference with teams for first through seventh grade. 

School football officially begins in eighth grade at Clyde Boyd Middle School. Sand Springs Public Schools fields two eighth grade teams, two freshman teams, a junior varsity team, and a varsity team. 

The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) has recognized Football as an official sport for Oklahoma high schools since 1944. 

The Sandites play at Memorial Stadium on the campus of Charles Page High School at 500 N. Adams Rd.

$7.00 General admission
$11.00 Reserve seating
$20.00 Student Athlete All-Sport Pass, general admission
$25.00 Student Non-Athlete All-Sport Pass, general admission
$40.00 Senior Citizen All-Sport Pass, general admission
$50.00 Season pass, home games, reserve seating
$60.00 Adult All-Sport Pass, general admission
$85.00 All-Sport Pass Package with reserved seating

Head Coaching History:
1919-1919 (SSHS) Ivan Grover
1937-1938 (SSHS) Ed Dubie
1944-1946 (SSHS) Lester Secrest
1947-1952 (SSHS) Maurice Hail
1952-1957 (SSHS) Cecil Hankins
1957-1959 (SSHS) Charles Prigmore
1959-1960 (CPHS) Charles Prigmore
1961-1962 (CPHS) Travis Rhodes
1964-1966 (CPHS) Frank Tillery
1976-1979 (CPHS) A.D. James
1983-1996 (CPHS) L.D. Bains
1997-2000 (CPHS) Archie Loehr
2001-2001 (CPHS) Mark Baetz
2002-2003 (CPHS) Tim Beacham
2004-2007 (CPHS) Brad Odom
2007-present (CPHS) Dustin Kinard

2016-2017 CPHS Varsity Football (7-5, 4-2) Head Coach Dustin Kinard

Oklahoma Coaches Association All State: Delvin Jordan
Oklahoma Coaches Association East All-Stars: Delvin Jordan, Kasey Bales, Lincoln Adams.
Oklahoma Baptist University: Lincoln Adams, Dalton Morgan
Pittsburg State University: Delvin Jordan
Ohio Northern University: Danny Ropp

9.2.2016 No. 2 Sandites 56-21 Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) - Read Story
9.9.2016 No. 2 Sandites 41-45 No. 9 Choctaw (A) - Read Story
9.16.2016 No. 6 Sandites 29-24 No. 11 Putnam City West (H) - Read Story
9.23.2016 No. 6 Sandites 35-7 No. 14 Sapulpa (H) - Read Story
9.30.2016 No. 5 Sandites 30-14 Yukon (H) - Read Story
10.7.2016 No. 5 Sandites 56-35 No. 14 Ponca City (H) - Read Story
10.13.2016 No. 4 Sandites 26-25 No. 1 Muskogee (A) - Read Story
10.20.2016 No. 1 Sandites 12-17 No. 4 Booker T. Washington (H) - Read Story
10.28.2016 No. 2 Sandites 47-28 No. 13 Bartlesville (A) - Read Story
11.4.2016 No. 2 Sandites 19-35 No. 3 Bixby (H) - Read Story
11.11.2016 No. 3 Sandites 23-14 No. 4 Midwest City (A) - Read Story
11.18.2016 No. 3 Sandites 21-35 No. 2 Bixby (Sapulpa) - Read Story

2001-2002 CPHS Varsity Football
Head Coach Mark Baetz
Assistant Coaches: Tim Beacham, Tony Springer

Offensive Coordinator: Dennis Keeley
Defensive Coordinator: Chris Choate
Defensive Ends/Tight Ends Coach: Kurt Meyers
Running Backs/Line Backers Coach: Gary Jones

1966-1967 CPHS Varsity Football (12-0) 2A State Champions
Head Coach Frank Tillery
Assistant Coaches: Harold Latham, Bobby Lyons, Don Johnson, Bob Dunlap

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