Election Day - June 26, 2018

  • Gubernatorial Primary
    • Democrat: Connie Johnson, Drew Edmonson.
    • Republican: Barry Gowdy, Gary Richardson, Christopher Barnett, Mick Cornett, Dan Fisher, Todd Lamb, Kevin Stitt, Eric Foutch, Gary Jones, Blake Stephens.
    • Libertarian: Joe Exotic, Chris Powell, Rex Lawhorn. 
  • Lieutenant Governor Primary
    • Democrat: Anastasia Pittman, Anna Dearmore.
    • Republican: Eddie Fields, Dominique Damon Block, Dana Murphy, Matt Pinnell.
  • Congressional District One Primary
    • Democrat: Tim Gilpin, Amanda Douglas, David Matthew Hullum, Gwendolyn Fields, Mark A. Keeter.
    • Republican: Tim Harris, Kevin Hern, Danny Stockstill, Nathan Dahm, Andy Coleman.
  • State Auditor and Inspector Primary
    • Republican: Cindy Byrd, Charlie Prater, John Uzzo.
  • Attorney General Primary
    • Republican: Mike Hunter, Gentner Drummond, Angela Bonilla.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Primary
    • Republican: Joy Hofmeister, Linda Murphy, Will Farrell.
  • Commissioner of Labor Primary
    • Democrat: Sam A Mis-Soum, Fred Dorrell.
    • Republican: Keith Swinton, Cathy Costello, Leslie Osborn.
  • Insurance Commissioner Primary
    • Republican: Glen Mulready, Donald Chasteen.
  • Corporate Commissioner Primary
    • Democrat: Ken Reich, Beau Williams, Ashley McCray, Blake Cummings.
    • Republicans: Brian Bingman, Bob Anthony, Harold Spradling.
  • District 14 Attorney Primary
    • Republican: Steve Kunzweiler, Tammy Westcott, Ben Fu.
  • House Representative District 66 Primary

Sand Springs Election History

2018, February 13th - Sand Springs City Council Election: Ward 6
Incumbent Brian Jackson defeated challenger Harold Neal 103 to 48.

2017, December 6th - Unopposed Filings
Sand Springs Public Schools Board of Education Election

  • Office No. 3: Currently occupied by Board President Rusty Gunn

Sand Springs City Council Election

  • Ward 5: Currently occupied by Vice Mayor Beau Wilson
  • At-Large: Currently occupied by Dr. Jim Spoon

    2017, November 14th

    Democrat Allison Ikley Freeman won a special election for an unexpired term as the District 37 Senator with 2,234 votes, or 50.35%.

    Republican Brian O'Hara drew 2203 votes, or 49.65%.

    City of Sand Springs General Obligation Bond Proposals.

    Proposition 1: Streets & Roadways - PASSED 1,060 to 466, 69.46% in favor.
    Proposition One provides $1,445,000 for street overlays and repairs, plus $2,060,000 for a new roadway to be constructed over the levee separating Sheffield Crossing from Case Community Park. $3,505,000 Total.

    Proposition 2: Public Safety - PASSED 1,016 to 512, 66.49% in favor.
    Proposition Two provides $1,137,000 for new technology upgrades for the Police Department, Fire Department, and 911 Dispatch, plus $1,133,000 for a new ladder truck and equipment for the Fire Department. $2,270,000 Total.

    Proposition 3: Community Enhancements - PASSED 955 to 548, 62.38% in favor.
    Proposition Three provides funding for six different recreational projects. $2,060,000 will go to improvements at the Canyons at Black Jack Ridge Municipal Golf Course. $592,250 will go to paved parking at the Jerry Adair Baseball Complex in Case Community Park. $203,000 will go to improvements and repairs at the Sand Springs Cultural & Historical Museum. $420,500 will go to improvements in neighborhood parks with an additional $231,750 for improvements in neighborhood trails. Finally, $257,500 will go to improvements at the Keystone Ancient Forest, including a visitor's center and watchtower. $3,765,000 Total.

    Proposition 4: Aesthetic Improvements, Sanitary Sewer Vehicle, & Tech Updates - PASSED 900 to 555, 61.86% in favor.
    Proposition Four allots $412,000 for the purchase of a new vacuum truck, $1,905,500 for City-wide beautification and landscaping, and $307,500 for City-wide technology improvements. One of the primary sites for City beautification is the Water Treatment Plant at the Southeast corner of Highway 97 and Morrow Road. Landscaping would be utilized to completely hide the facility from public view. $2,625,000 Total.

    Proposition 5: Economic Development - PASSED 849 to 607, 58.31% in favor.
    Proposition Five will be used to provide for land acquisition and incentives for new businesses. Incentives have previously been used to attract Webco, Wal-Mart, Reasor's, and Colton's Steakhouse. $6,180,000 Total.

    2017, September 12th - Brian O'Hara won the Republican Primary for Senate District 37 Special Election. 2,019 votes cast.
    Not pictured, Grady Grant, 62, Jenks. 12 votes, 0.59%

    Rick Hardesty, 56
    . 105 votes, 5.20%

    Nicole Nixon, 31
    . 136 votes, 6.74%

    Phil Nollan, 59
    Sand Springs
    . 649 votes, 32.14%

    Brian O'Hara, 56
    . 846 votes, 41.90%


    2017, February 14th

    Christine Hamner defeated Nancy Riley 67-54 for the City of Sand Springs Ward Four City Council seat.

    Mayor Mike Burdge won the Ward Three City Council seat unopposed.

    Danny Hancock (Sand Springs) defeated Roy D. McClain (Owasso) 988-609 for the Tulsa Tech Board of Education Office No. 5 seat for an unexpired term.

    2016, November 8th

    Donald J. Trump | Michael R. Pence (Republican Party) received 949,136 votes in Oklahoma, defeating Hillary Clinton | Tim Kaine (Democratic Party) with 420,375 votes and Gary Johnson | William Weld (Libertarian Party) with 83,481.

    Nationally, the Republican ticket lost the popular vote to the Democrats 65,853,625 to 62,985,106, but won the Electoral College 304-227. The Libertarian candidate received 4,489,233 popular votes, but no Electoral College votes.

    James Lankford (Republican) won reelection for U.S. Senator with 980,892 votes. Mike Workman (Democrat) received 355,911 votes. Robert T. Murphy (Libertarian) received 43,421 votes. Sean Braddy (Independent) received 40,405 votes. Mark T. Beard (Independent) received 27, 418 votes.

    Dan Newberry (Republican) won reelection for State Senator District 37 with 17,671 votes. Lloyd Snow (Democrat) received 12,729 votes. Shawn W. Ketcher (Independent) received 1,325 votes.

    Jadine Nollan (Republican) won reelection for State Representative District 66 with 8,949 votes, defeating Dianna Phillips (Democrat) who received 4,644.

    Supreme Court District 5 Justice James R. Winchester was retained by a vote of 799,290 to 504,005.

    Supreme Court District 8 Justice Douglas L. Combs was retained by a vote of 760,927 to 535,030.

    Court of Criminal Appeals District 1 Justice Clancy Smith was retained by a vote of 772,248 to 516,128.

    Court of Criminal Appeals District 2 Justice Robert L. Hudson was retained by a vote of 787,769 to 497,051.

    Court of Civil Appeals District 3 – Office 1 Justice Tom Thornbrugh was retained by a vote of 784,491 to 500,749.

    Court of Civil Appeals District 3 – Office 2 Justice John F. Fischer was retained by a vote of 774,537 to 507,326.

    Court of Civil Appeals District 4 – Office 2 Justice Larry Joplin was retained by a vote of 779,332 to 504, 936.

    Vic Regalado (Republican) won reelection for Tulsa County Sheriff against Rex Berry (Democrat) with 161,553 votes to 82,249.

    Donald Newberry (Republican) won election for Tulsa County Court Clerk against John R. Andrew (Democrat) with 154,331 votes to 87,091.

    Karen Keith (Democrat) won reelection for Tulsa County Commissioner District No. 2 against Joshua R. Turley (Republican) with 42,240 votes to 31,917.

    2016, June 28th

    Lloyd Snow won the Democratic Primary for State Senator District 37 with 2,504 votes against Cory Gage with 421 and Andrew Nutter with 325.

    Dan Newberry won the Republican Primary for State Senator District 37 with 4,013 votes against Brian Jackson with 1,175 and Paula L. Patterson with 612.

    Jadine Nollan won the Republican Primary for State Representative District 66 with 2,006 votes against Emily G. Delozier with 689.

    Jim Bridenstine won the Republican Primary for U.S. Representative District 01 with 50,595 votes against Tom Atkinson with 10,056 and Evelyn L. Rogers with 2,004.

    Robert T. Murphy won the Libertarian Primary for U.S. Senator with 1,539 votes against Dax Ewbank with 1,077.

    Rex Berry won the Democratic nomination for Tulsa County Sheriff against Arthur Jackson with 17,071 votes to 9,489.

    Vic Regalado won the Republican nomination for Tulsa County Sheriff with 31,780 votes. Luke Sherman received 14,263 and Russell Crow received 3,376.

    Karen Keith won the Democratic nomination for Tulsa County Commissioner District No. 2 against Deanna Vincent with 10,471 votes to 2,308.

    Joshua R. Turley won the Republican nomination for Tulsa County Commissioner District No. 2 against Jonathan Grable with 6,564 votes to 5,928.

    Michael Willis won the Republican nomination for Tulsa County Clerk against Nancy Rothman with 26,881 votes to 18,441.

    Donald Newberry won the Republican nomination for Tulsa County Court Clerk with 14,611 votes. Ron Phillips received 13,638 and Mary Atkinson received 13,314.

    2016, March 1st

    Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Presidential Primary in Oklahoma with 174,228 votes. Hillary Clinton received 139,443. Martin J. O’Malley received 7,672. Keith Judd received 4,386. Michael A. Steinberg received 4,171. Star Locke received 3,458. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente received 2,485.

    Clinton won the national primary 16,914,722 to Sanders’s 13,206,428.

    Ted Cruz won the Republican Presidential Primary in Oklahoma with 158,078 votes. Donald J. Trump received 130,267. Marco Rubio received 119,633. Ben Carson received 28,601. John R. Kasich received 16,524. Jeb Bush received 2,091. Rand Paul received 1,666. Mike Huckabee received 1,308. Carly Fiorina received 610. Chris Christie received 545. Rick Santorum received 375. Lindsey Graham received 224.

    Trump won the national primary 14,015,993 to Cruz’s 7,822,100.

    Phil Nollan defeated incumbent Michael Phillips 525-285 for the Sand Springs City Council Ward One seat.

    Vic Regalado won the Republican nomination for Tulsa County Sheriff (Unexpired Term) with 33,271 votes. Luke Sherman received 13,236. John Fitzpatrick received 12,320. Tom Helm received 10,518. Jason R. Jackson received 3,935. Dan Miller received 2,804. Randy Pierce received 2,724. Brandon Hendrix received 2,520. Bill Reaves received 835.

    2015, March 3rd

    Beau Daniel Wilson won the Sand Springs City Council Ward 5 election 186-89 against Ray Tucker.

    Jim Spoon won the Sand Springs City Council At-Large election 749-282 against James David Rankin.

    2014, November 4th

    Mary Fallin (Republican) won the Oklahoma Gubernatorial election with 460,298 votes. Joe Dorman (Democrat) received 338,239. Kimberly Willis (Independent) received 17,169 and Richard Prawkzienksi (Independent) received 9,125.

    Todd G. Lamb (Republican) won the Lieutenant Governor election with 562,088 votes against Cathy Cummings (Democrat) with 258,639.

    Joy Hofmeister (Republican) won the State Superintendent of Public Instruction election with 457,053 votes against John Cox (Democrat) with 361,878.

    Mark Costello (Republican) won the Commissioner of Labor election with 504,307 votes against Mike Workman (Democrat) with 299,284 votes.

    U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (Republican) won reelection with 558,166 votes against Matt Silverstein (Democrat) with 243,307. Joan Farr (Independent) received 10,554. Ray Woods (Independent) received 9,913. Aaron Delozier (Independent) received 7,793.

    James Lankford (Republican) won election for the unexpired U.S. Senator term with 557,002 votes. Connie Johnson (Democrat) received 237,923 and Mark T. Beard (Independent) received 25,965.

    2014, August 26th

    Connie Johnson won the Democratic Primary Runoff for U.S. Senator nomination with 54,762 votes. Jim Rogers received 36,180.

    2014, June 24th

    John Cox won the Democratic nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 68,889 votes. Freda Deskin received 64,135. Jack C. Herron Jr. received 22,335. Ivan Holmes received 12,504.

    Joy Hofmeister won the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 151,124 votes. Brian S. Kelly received 56,060 and incumbent Janet Costello Barresi received 55,048.

    Connie Johnson and Jim Rogers received 71,462 and 57,598 votes, respectively, knocking Patrick Michael Hayes out of the race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator (Unexpired term). Hayes received 33,943. Johnson and Rogers went to runoff in August.

    James Lankford won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator (Unexpired term) with 152,749 votes. T.W. Shannon received 91,854. Randy Brogdon received 12,934. Kevin Crow received 2,828. Andy Craig received 2,427. Eric C. McCray received 2,272. Jason Weger received 1,794.

    Mary Fallin received the Republican nomination for Governor with 200,035 votes. Chad Moody received 40,839 and Dax Ewbank received 24,020.

    John Doak won the Republican nomination for Insurance Commissioner with 189,893 votes, defeating Bill Viner with 55,173.

    Todd Hiett won the Republican nomination for Corporation Commissioner with 128,173 votes, defeating Cliff Branan with 117,169.

    Incumbent U.S. Senator Jim Inhoffe won the Republican nomination with 231,291 votes. Evelyn L. Rogers received 11,960. Erick Paul Wyatt received 11,713. Rob Moye received 4,846. Dr. Jean McBride-Samuels received 3,965.

    Steve Kunzweiler won the Republican nomination for District 14 Attorney with 21,146 votes. Fred Jordan received 16,894 and Brian A. Crain received 5,658.

    2014, April 1st - City Council Ward 4
    John M. Fothergill (144), Nancy Riley (88).

    2014, March 4th - City Council Ward 4
    Nancy Riley (62), John M. Fothergill (57), Terry Scott (31).

    Oklahoma House District 66
    (2011-2019) Jadine Nollan, Republican
    (2003-2011) Lucky Lamons, Democrat
    (1987-2003) Russ Roach, Democrat
    (1971-1987) M. "Pete" David Riggs, Democrat
    (1969-1971) Clyde Edward Browers, Democrat
    (1965-1969) Tot Brown, Democrat

    Oklahoma State Senate District 37
    (2018-2020) Allison Ikley-Freeman, Democrat
    (2009-2018) Dan Newberry, Republican
    (2007-2009) Nancy Riley, Democrat
    (2001-2007) Nancy Riley, Republican
    (1989-2001) Lewis Long Jr., Democrat
    (1987-1989) M. "Pete" David Riggs, Democrat
    (1983-1987) Robert Hopkins, Democrat
    (1965-1983) Finish Smith, Democrat