Week 8 High School 6A Basketball Rankings

Girls Rankings

  1. Putnam City West (12-2)
  2. Bartlesville (11-0)
  3. Owasso (9-2)
  4. Edmond Santa Fe (9-2)
  5. Edmond Memorial (9-3)
  6. Westmoore (11-4)
  7. Choctaw (9-3)
  8. Norman North (9-3)
  9. Sand Springs (9-4)
  10. Mustang (8-3)
  11. Norman (8-3)
  12. Bixby (11-3)
  13. Deer Creek (8-4)
  14. Edmond North (8-4)
  15. Midwest City (8-4)
  16. Shawnee (9-3)
  17. Ponca City (9-4)
  18. Yukon (8-4)
  19. Jenks (7-4)
  20. Sapulpa (7-7)

Conference Strength

  1. Central Oklahoma (56)
  2. Suburban (47.6)
  3. Frontier Valley (43)
  4. Big Ten (41.2)
  5. All-City (7.7)

Top Offenses - Avg Points Scored

  1. Putnam City West (75.1)
  2. Westmoore (64.1)
  3. Yukon (60.8)
  4. Sand Springs (58.3)
  5. Choctaw (57.4)
  6. Edmond Santa Fe (57)
  7. Jenks (55.2)
  8. Midwest City (54.9)
  9. Bartlesville (54.9)
  10. Norman (54.2)

Top Defenses - Avg Points Allowed

  1. Bartlesville (27.9)
  2. Shawnee (32.2)
  3. Moore (37.1)
  4. Mustang (37.9)
  5. Choctaw (40.7)
  6. Owasso (41.1)
  7. Edmond North (42.3)
  8. Bixby (42.6)
  9. Edmond Memorial (43)
  10. Norman North (43.3)

Avg Margin of Victory

  1. Putnam City West (27.6)
  2. Bartlesville (27)
  3. Westmoore (18.1)
  4. Choctaw (16.7)
  5. Yukon (14.1)
  6. Shawnee (13.9)
  7. Moore (12.3)
  8. Sand Springs (11.4)
  9. Owasso (9.7)
  10. Edmond North (9.0)

Boys Rankings

  1. Broken Arrow (10-1)
  2. Edmond Santa Fe (9-2)
  3. Putnam City North (10-3)
  4. Putnam City West (11-3)
  5. Norman North (10-2)
  6. Midwest City (8-4)
  7. Union (8-3)
  8. Norman (9-3)
  9. Sand Springs (11-2)
  10. Sapulpa (9-2)
  11. Owasso (8-3)
  12. Edmond Memorial (8-5)
  13. Choctaw (7-5)
  14. Putnam City (8-7)
  15. Southmoore (7-4)
  16. Westmoore (6-6)
  17. Edmond North (5-7)
  18. Stillwater (6-6)
  19. Deer Creek (4-7)
  20. Shawnee (5-7)

Conference Strength

  1. Big Ten (58.2)
  2. Frontier Valley (52.6)
  3. Central Oklahoma (44.5)
  4. Suburban (40.3)
  5. All-City (23.9)

Top Offenses - Avg Points Scored

  1. Sapulpa (77)
  2. Midwest City (72.9)
  3. Putnam City West (72.5)
  4. Broken Arrow (70.7)
  5. Putnam City North (70.4)
  6. Edmond Santa Fe (69.5)
  7. Norman North (68.8)
  8. Sand Springs (68.1)
  9. Capitol Hill (64.6)
  10. Putnam City (64.5)

Top Defenses - Avg Points Allowed

  1. Stillwater (48)
  2. Edmond Memorial (48.5)
  3. Union (49.3)
  4. Broken Arrow (50)
  5. Westmoore (51.3)
  6. Jenks (51.7)
  7. Sand Springs (52.3)
  8. Norman (54.8)
  9. Edmond North (55)
  10. Mustang (55.8)

Avg Margin of Victory

  1. Broken Arrow (20.7)
  2. Sand Springs (15.8)
  3. Union (15.2)
  4. Putnam City West (13.6)
  5. Sapulpa (13.5)
  6. Putnam City North (11.2)
  7. Edmond Santa Fe (10.7)
  8. Norman North (8.6)
  9. Midwest City (6.9)
  10. Owasso (6.7)
    Stillwater (6.7)

Youth Wrestling: Four Sandites win gold at U.S. Junior Open Championship

Four members of the Sand Springs Team Big wrestling club won first place titles at the United State Junior Open Championship in Oklahoma City earlier this month. The Sandites placed fourteenth out of 175 teams. The Oklahoma Wrestling Academy, located in Edmond, won the tournament with ten champions.

Division 5

Kaden Glass (4-0) breezed through his competition at 200 pounds. He pinned Michael McCain (Hinton) in 34 seconds and Brody Cannon (Warner) in 58 seconds, teched Tieler Cummings (Henryetta) 15-0, and won a 5-2 decision over Kyle Hobill (Davenport) in the finals.

Owen Martin (9-1) had only two competitors at 75 pounds, but handled both for his third-straight tournament title. He defeated Caden Holman (Choctaw) 1-0 and pinned Boog Jeffries (Choctaw) in 2:27.

Blake Jones (5-2) placed fourth at 113 pounds. He defeated Darrius Dixon (Hard Knox) 4-1 and pinned Nicholas Denson (OKC) in 54 seconds before falling 10-8 to Reese Davis (Tuttle) in sudden victory overtime. In consolation he majored Aidan Rutnarak (NB Elite) 11-0, defeated Bk Seago (Threestyle) 3-0, and pinned Tyson Stevens (Blue T Xtreme) in 2:00 before falling 4-3 to Braden Anderson.

Division 4

Clayton Giddens-Buttram (11-0) won his third-straight tournament, handily pinning all five of his foes at seventy pounds. He took down Jackson Bodine (StandFast) in 2:34, Jace Province (OWA) in 0:31, Gage Walker (Jay) in 1:01, Colt Collett (Checotah) in 2:26, and Cash Holman (Choctaw) in 0:42.

Jaxon Trotter (10-4) placed third at 100 pounds. He pinned Clete Gilbert (Sulphur) in 2:13 and Andrew Williams (Hard Knox) in 2:19 before falling 5-3 to Kyle Harrall (Geary). He won consolation by pinning Jon Broehl Li (Tulsa) in 2:43 and Jessiah Baeza (Woodward) in 1:00, but fell to Ritson Meyer (Chickasha) in the second-place challenge round.

Division 3

Will Meredith (5-2) lost his opening match 4-2 to Cason Craft (Spiro) but won three-straight in consolation. He defeated Carlos Chay (Harrah) 4-0, Cooper Jackson (Tuttle) 6-5 in a tie-breaker, and teammate Jaxon Grigsby 7-1 before falling 2-0 to Lane Walters (Salina) in the finals for fourth place.

Grigsby (8-2) teched Chay 15-0 and pinned Dylan Ota (Team Punisher) in 2:41 before falling 7-2 to Talon Verbeck (Ark City). In consolation he was defeated 7-1 by Meredith, then won a 6-1 decision over Colt Fox (Maverick Elite) for fifth place.

Division 1

Asher Giddens (10-2) placed third at 46 pounds. He pinned Nate Edmonson (C4) in 57 seconds and scored a 16-0 technical fall against Ty Chavez (Woodward) before falling 6-0 to Easton Rodgers (RAW). In consolation he majored Nick Beidelschies (Paola) 11-2 and Cru Foster (Chickasha) 10-1.

Novice 4

Chase Kelley (5-7) placed second at 110 pounds. He majored Brett Reed (C4) 16-4 and won a 7-1 decision against Kareli Cadena (Maverick Elite) before falling to Luke Leonard (OWA) in the finals.

Novice 3

Lane Bailey (6-0) won his second straight tournament, taking first place at 61 pounds. He pinned Brannon McDonald (Spiro) in 2:13 and won decisions of 6-2 and 10-7 against Carver Barnett (Bristow), and Evan Notley (Tulsa), respectively.

Youth Wrestling: Six Sandites win First Place at Pryor Tournament

Six members of the Sand Springs Team Big wrestling club won their brackets at the recent Gage Underwood Memorial Tournament in Pryor. 

Division 5

Owen Martin (7-1) won his third tournament of the season. He drew only one competitor at 76 pounds and won a best-of-three series with a 15-0 technical fall and a 12-2 major decision against Bradley Vanblaricom (McAlester).

Wyatt Meredith (4-1) drew only one competitor at 84 pounds. He pinned Keynon Encinas (Pryor) in 3:49 and 1:26 for his first tournament championship of the season.

Division 4

Abraham Flores (9-1) won his third-straight tournament at 110 pounds. He drew only two competitors and pinned Joseph Robbins (Pryor) in 3:46 and scored a 16-0 technical fall against Alex Enfield (South Central).

Division 3

Matthew Moore (9-2) won his first tournament of the season at 64 pounds with three pins and a technical fall. He took down Joseph Ketcher (Pryor) in 1:24, Elijah Wilson (Claremore) in 1:04, and Bodie Elam (Pryor) in 2:01. He also scored a dominant 16-0 tech fall against Aiden Machado (16-0).

Division 2

Jayden Bussell (8-4) won his second tournament of the season at 64 pounds. He pinned Hagen McHenry (Catoosa) in 2:29 and won a 6-0 decision against Kolby Wickham (Jay) to make his way to the finals. In the first place match he pinned Luis Flores (Sapulpa) in 2:05.

Novice 3

Connor Beals (10-4) won his fourth tournament of the season at 76 pounds. He pinned Braxton Snow (Bentonville) in 1:57, won a 10-5 decision against Braxton Cook (Coweta), then pinned Drake Blue (Sperry) in 2:19 in the finals.

Novice 2

Brayden Grimes (2-1) placed second at 61 pounds, pinning Zachariah Dooley (Del City) in seventeen seconds, and Shelby Correa (Cushing) in 2:21 before falling to Carter Williams in the finals.

Novice 1

Spencer Grimes (1-1) placed second at 37 pounds, winning a 5-3 decision over Aubrey Holman (Sand Springs), but falling to Hutch Landrum (Broken Arrow).

Cooper Ellenburg (10-4) placed third at 52 pounds. He lost his opening match to Eli Phillips (Jay), but pinned his next three foes and received one forfeit. He took down Max Brown (Claremore) in 0:34, Madden Richenberger (Bentonville) in 2:41, and Hudson Williams (Pryor) in 0:54.

Youth Wrestling: Kasen McAffrey wins Collinsville Christmas Classic

Sand Springs Team Big wrestler Kasen McAffrey (7-0) recently took first place in his third-straight tournament at Collinsville Christmas Classic.

The Sandite competed in the seventy-pound weight class in Division Two with little effort, pinning all three of his foes. He defeated Payson Robinson (Sapulpa) in 1:02, Noah Boulware (Broken Arrow) in 1:07, and Kelton Shaffer (Neosho) in 2:32. 

He previously took first place at the Catoosa Tournament and the Claremore Youth Invitational earlier this season. 

NJCAA Wrestling: Karstetter brothers make waves at No. 2 NEO


Brothers Jack and Cody Karstetter have been ripping up the NJCAA circuit since arriving at the No. 2 ranked Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) this past fall. The Charles Page High School graduates are among the winningest members of their team and Cody is currently ranked third in the country at 141 pounds.

From the CPHS Class of 2017, Jack Karstetter (18-1) is a true freshman with three tournament titles and a 5-1 dual record. Competing at 133 pounds, he has won the Oklahoma City University Open, the Drury University Open, and the Reece Wright-Conklin Jet Invitational.

The Sandite started his college career with fifteen straight wins before falling 5-4 to Erique Early in a dual against Indiana Tech University. Indiana Tech is an NAIA school, meaning Karstetter is still undefeated in the NJCAA division, and he holds a 14-4 major decision over No. 5 ranked Taylor Jeffries of Northwest College.

Cody, a Class of 2015 Sandite, took a less direct route to NEO and is currently a redshirt sophomore. As a true freshman he wrestled two tournaments unattached at the University of North Carolina and went 6-3. He then transferred to the University of Oklahoma and went 1-2 in his first tournament after suffering a season-ending injury.

The NJCAA has been a fresh start for the promising Sandite, and he has had an impressive year with a 26-5 record, bringing his collegiate career to 33-10. He has yet to win a tournament, but he placed third in the Swede Open and Oklahoma City University Open, fourth in the Lindenwood Open, and most recently he came in runner-up at the Drury Open. At the Swede Open he pinned No. 5 ranked Keaton Sander.

At the National Collegiate Wrestling Association Multi-Divisional National Duals, the Golden Norsemen steamrolled their way to the finals before being defeated 27-14 by No. 1 Clackamas Community College, out of Oregon City, Oregon.

In the first round they won their third shutout of the season, 54-0 against Colby Community College. Cody majored Chris Deters 13-5. In the quarterfinals they defeated No. 11 Southwestern Oregon 42-3 and Cody pinned Seth Lowen in 5:23. He pinned Jake Thompson in 55 seconds for a 36-9 semifinal win over No. 6 Western Wyoming, and he won a 5-3 decision over No. 4 Ralph Tovar in the finals. He was one of only three teammates to win their matches in that dual.

The Norsemen will compete at the University of Nebraska Kearney Duals this weekend. The NJCAA West-Central Qualifier will be held February 10th in Goodland, Kansas.

CPHS Basketball: Boys throttle Ponca City 83-40, Girls fall 65-55

The Class 6A No. 9 ranked Charles Page High School boys’ basketball team (11-2, 4-1) took a break from tough Frontier Valley Conference play and traveled to Ponca City (2-11) Friday night for a staggering 83-40 victory, their biggest win since the 77-34 season-opener, also against Ponca.

University of Central Oklahoma-commit Colt Savage led all scorers with 25 points, but three other Sandites also broke double digits. Davon Richardson scored sixteen, Cole Durkee scored fourteen, and Matt Price had ten. Nine total Sandites made their way into the scorebook and fifteen saw action.

The visiting Sandites jumped out to a quick 21-11 lead in the first quarter, led by Durkee and Richardson with six points apiece. By halftime they were up 37-20 thanks to a seven-point second-quarter from Savage. Sand Springs led 57-30 after the third quarter and had their most explosive period in the fourth with 26 points, including eight from Savage.

CPHS: Colt Savage 25, Richardson 16, Durkee 14, Price 10, Cale Savage 8, Williams 3, Fox 3, Minney 2, Anderson 2.

POHI: Shymansky 13, Matson 9, Thompson 7, Seals 4, Gazaway 3, Crandall 2, Tawkawty 2.

Varsity Girls’ action was a far different story as the No. 20 ranked Ponca City underdogs (9-4) upset No. 8 Sand Springs (9-4) 65-55 to avenge a 77-61 loss in the season-opener. The Wildcats won their fifth-straight game while dealing the Lady Sandites their fourth loss in the past five games.

The Sandites started out well, leading 17-10 after the first quarter thanks to an eight-point performance from Destiny Johnson. The second quarter was a total reversal, however, and the home team flipped the script for a 28-24 halftime lead.

The Sandites fought hard in the third quarter with eighteen points, but it was also the Wildcats’ best quarter of the game with twenty. Ponca won the final stanza as well, 17-13.

University of Kansas-commit Holly Kersgieter led all scorers with seventeen points, closely followed by Johnson with sixteen. Isabella Regalado had eleven to put three Sandites in double digits. Ponca City was led by Baylee Fincher with fifteen, while Madison Birnbaum and Julissa Garcia had fourteen apiece.

POHI: Fincher 15, Birnbaum 14, Garcia 14, Jennings 9, Crowder 5, Beard 3, Branstetter 3, Badley 2.

CPHS: Kersgieter 17, Johnson 16, Regalado 11, Taber 7, Burris 3, Berge 1.

The Sandites will return to conference action Tuesday when they host the Broken Arrow Tigers. The Broken Arrow girls’ team is 2-8 overall, 1-3 in FVC. The boys, however, will be the Sandites’ toughest match of the season. Ranked first in Class 6A, the Tigers are 10-1 overall and 5-0 in the FVC.

CPHS Wrestling: Young, Weir win Bobby Lyons Invitational, Sandites place second

The defending State Champions from Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School hosted the 53rd Annual Bobby Lyons Invitational Friday and placed second in their home tournament with two champions and five total finalists.

Standout freshman Carter Young (22-1) breezed through his opponents at 106 pounds, scoring a 21-5 technical fall against Martezz Carnes (Ponca City) in only 3:03, majoring Garrett Strickland (Collinsville) 17-4, and pinning Jared Hill (Broken Arrow) in only 31 seconds.

Defending State Champion Riley Weir (11-6 season, 73-24 career) cut to 113 pounds for the first time after spending most of the season at 120, and it paid off. After receiving a bye in the opening round, he scored a 7-0 decision over State Qualifier Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville) and won a 4-2 sudden victory decision over State Qualifier Rocky Stephens (Collinsville) in the finals.

Seth Jones (13-10, 15-13) made it to the tournament finals with a 9-7 sudden victory decision over Caron Watson (Union) but fell 5-0 to State Qualifier Laif Jones (Bartlesville). In the quarterfinals he pinned Chase Linder (Ponca City) in only 44 seconds.

Kaleb Tabor (11-7) was runner-up at 152 pounds, pinning Jake Weller (Cascia Hall) in 1:25 and winning a 4-2 sudden victory decision over State Qualifier Bailey Clampitt (Sperry) before falling 11-6 to Tony Connor (Collinsville).

Dayvon Taylor (13-11) pinned Hayden Knight (Collinsville) in 4:23 and Joey Cook (Sperry) in 2:37 before falling 9-1 to Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow) in the 170-pound finals.

Blake Sargent (8-3, 97-28) suffered a 7-4 defeat at the hands of State Runner-Up Reece Witcraft (Broken Arrow) but did well in consolation, defeating Cooper Park (Sperry) 5-2 and State Qualifier Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville) 2-0 in sudden victory for third place.  

Chris Kirby (8-3) pinned Nathan Waldrop (Sapulpa) in 3:44 but fell 14-3 to Blake Ramos (Union), whom he had just defeated in a dual the night before. The Sandite bounced back in consolation, pinning Kailieb Ruff (Ponca City) in 3:16 and Hunter Skaggs (Sapulpa) in 2:09 for third place at 145 pounds. Preston Medlin took fifth place on the junior varsity squad, pinning Waldrop and Ryan Primicias (Broken Arrow).

Irwin Portillo (16-13, 22-18) won a 3-1 decision over Tanner Frew (Sapulpa) to avenge a 9-6 dual meet defeat just three days prior. He was pinned by tournament champion State Qualifier Dylan Schickram (Ponca City) in the semifinals, but won a 6-4 sudden victory decision over Verdell Schoats (Union) in the consolation semis before forfeiting the placement match due to injury and settling for fourth place.

Scott Patton (14-14, 21-16) majored Diego Maturino (Broken Arrow) 12-4 before falling 5-2 to State Runner-Up Xavear Cullors (Collinsville) in the semifinals. In consolation he defeated junior varsity teammate Colby Heckenkamp 10-4 before falling 5-4 to Jalen Hernandez (Union) in the finals. Heckenkamp placed sixth.

Jasanee Harjo (3-3) lost his first 160-pound match 6-5 to Grayson White (Ponca City). From there he pinned Bryce Burdick (Union) in 1:29 and won a 4-3 decision over Laken Clowdus (Bartlesville) before meeting White once again in the consolation finals and falling 5-2 for fourth place.

Riley Magee (4-4) fell 5-1 to State Qualifier DJ Boone (Union) in the opening round at 182, pinned Dylan Thompson (Sperry) in 37 seconds, fell 3-1 to Grant Baber (Cascia Hall), then majored Blake Buoy (Bartlesville) 11-1 for fifth place.

Nationally ranked No. 24 Broken Arrow, first in Oklahoma Class 6A, took first place with 285 points, nine finalists, and four champions. The Sandites’ five finalists and two champions were enough for 210.5 points and second place. 5A No. 2 Collinsville came in third with 189 points and 6A No. 7 Ponca City had 161.5 points. The Sandite junior varsity placed tenth.

Sand Springs will return to action Tuesday when they host Broken Arrow in their toughest dual of the season. The Sandites are 5-0 this season with a 25-straight winning streak dating back to 2016. Broken Arrow is 5-1 with their lone loss coming 33-27 at the hands of Park Hill, Missouri.

CPHS Wrestling: Carter Young places second at prestigious Geary Invitational

Freshman standout Carter Young may not be the best in the country. At least, not yet anyways. But after starting his varsity career with seventeen-straight wins, he is definitely on everyone's radar. 

In the 106-pound finals of the 74th Annual Geary Invitational, the winningest athlete on the Charles Page High School wrestling team suffered his first defeat, ending his shot at an undefeated season. But it may well be his only loss. Young, who has won National Championship titles in Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, is currently ranked seventeenth in the country by FloWrestling. His defeat came at the hands of nationally ranked No. 7 Ryan Miller, a sophomore from New Jersey's prestigious Blair Academy. It was a 4-2 decision in overtime and could easily have gone either way.

Young is unlikely to face such stiff competition again this season. He is the only Oklahoma wrestler nationally ranked at 106 pounds. And even if he does suffer a few more losses along the way, he's only a freshman. A freshman with the potential to be a permanent fixture in Sand Springs lore. Prior to his loss he won a 5-2 decision over Dominic Chavez (Arlington Martin) and a 17-5 major decision over Cruz Aguilar (Edmond Memorial). 

Irwin Portillo (14-11 season, 20-16 career) won a 3-1 decision over Ethan Martin (Norman North) but was pinned by nationally-ranked No. 17 Travis Mastrogiovanni of Blair Academy who went on to win the bracket. In consolation he majored KJ Wolford (Del City) 9-1, and defeated Logan Farrell (Tuttle) 5-4 before falling 3-1 to Ty Lutze (Edmond Memorial). In the placement round he scored an 8-7 decision over Juan Centeno (Altus) for fifth place.

Brendon Wiseley (8-7, 9-7) won a 4-3 decision over Blazik Perez (Broken Arrow) but was pinned by 113 runner-up Tucker Owen (Mustang) in the quarterfinals. In consolation he was pinned by Class 6A No. 1 ranked Jackson Oplotnik (Edmond Memorial).

Blake Sargent (6-2, 95-27) won a 7-0 decision over Blake Gonzalez before falling 5-0 to 126-pound champion Chris Cannon of Blair Academy. In consolation he defeated three-time State Qualifier Logan Chappell (Piedmont) 4-2 in overtime before falling 6-1 to State Qualifier Ryder Ramsey (Tuttle) one round short of placement.

Scott Patton (12-12, 19-14) won a 9-7 overtime decision against Brett Pinkston (Edmond Memorial) but fell 9-4 to Pete Rolle (Edmond Memorial) in the quarterfinals. In consolation he majored Kellen Wilson (Rio Rancho) 12-1 but fell 2-1 to Jalen Hernandez (Union) one round short of placement.

Kaleb Tabor (9-6) gave two-time State Qualifier Jeff Speer (Choctaw) a run for his money, but was edged out 7-6 in the opening round. In consolation he pinned Levi Self (Tascosa) in 3:47 and Carson Brawley (Tuttle) in 1:52 before falling 5-2 to Eric Two Lance (Arlington Martin). 

Nationally ranked No. 1 Blair Academy handily won the tournament with nine champions and 246 points to No. 11 Tuttle's two champions and 132 points. No. 24 Broken Arrow placed third and No. 14 Choctaw placed fourth, each with one individual champion. Choctaw had three finalists while Broken Arrow had three consolation winners.

The Sandites placed fourteenth overall and sixth among Oklahoma Class 6A teams despite only competing in nine of fourteen weight classes due to an injury-ridden lineup. They will host their own tournament, the 53rd Annual Bobby Lyons Invitational, Friday and Saturday at the Ed Dubie Field House. 

CPHS Wrestling: Undefeated Sandites win 25th-straight dual 48-15 at Union


 Injuries continue to hamper the defending State Champion wrestling team from Class 6A No. 5 ranked Sand Springs, but that hasn’t stopped them from starting 2018 with a trio of dual wins to extend their streak to 25-straight.

Last week the Sandites overcame No. 9 ranked Ponca City (2-2) with bonus points, splitting the matches 7-7, but recording six pins in route to a 39-31 victory. Carter Young, Seth Jones, Blake Sargent, Chris Kirby, Kaleb Tabor, and Gage Fain all recorded falls for the Sandites, while the Wildcats managed only two.

Sand Springs took the lead right out of the gate as Young improved to 15-0 with a first-period pin of Martezz Carnes, and the reigning State Champs never trailed. The Wildcats won three-straight matches to tie it at 18-18 before Kirby broke the streak with a pin of Jalen Haley. Ponca stayed well within reach until the 220-pound match when Fain pinned his foe for a 39-25 lead to clinch the dual.

On Tuesday the Sandites hosted their rivals, the Sapulpa Chieftains (1-4), and easily defended their longstanding Highway 97 Rivalry crown.

The visitors forfeited the opening match to Young, then made their way onto the scoreboard with a 6-0 decision from John Warford over Jacob Rampy in the Sandite’s varsity debut. Defending State Champion Riley Weir was next up, pinning his foe in 52 seconds, then Sargent got a forfeit at 126 for the 18-3 advantage.

Tanner Frew and Nathan Waldrop won decisions for Sapulpa while Scotty Patton won a 9-2 bout with Hunter Skaggs, Tabor pinned Colton Konell in 2:00 to make it 27-9. The Chieftains quickly retaliated, however, as Dylan Jones pinned Jasanee Harjo in 3:18 to keep the dual somewhat close.

Dayvon Taylor pinned Noah Alexander in 2:27 and Riley Magee pinned Aaron Lytle in 1:20 to clinch the dual at 39-15. Fain pinned Braden Birdsong in 43 seconds at 220. Keland Bearpaw and Tyler Jay both picked up wins for the Chieftains, but it was too late to make a comeback.

On Thursday the Sandites headed to Union High School in Tulsa to take on the Redskins (0-4) and throttled their opponents 48-15, winning nine matches and losing three. Both teams forfeited one weight class apiece.

Starting off at heavyweight, Fain pinned Zoen Shannon in a mere fifty seconds to kick off a fall-heavy night for the Sandites. Young easily recorded five takedowns in the first minute against Tayton Gwaltney before sticking his foe at 1:35. Brendon Wiseley received a forfeit and just like that the Sandites were up 18-0.

Jones took on a tough competitor in Caron Watson and scored a takedown at the one-minute mark, but Watson reversed twenty seconds later and rode out the first period. Jones picked up two points in the second period and held on for a 4-3 decision.

Sargent made quick work of Verdell Shoats, pinning the Redskin at 1:52 for a 27-0 team lead.

Irwin Portillo survived a ten-second stretch on one leg before taking down his foe and starting the second period up 2-1. Portillo recorded four total takedowns and an escape for the 9-3 decision.

Jalen Hernandez came up strong for Union with a takedown for a pair of back points against Patton at 138 pounds. The Sandite managed a late escape in the first period and another early in the second, but Hernandez was relentless and ultimately prevailed 11-5 to put points on the board for the home team.

Kirby’s matchup with Blake Ramos was a total shootout from the beginning. Ramos scored an early takedown, Kirby reversed for back points, then Ramos scored a reverse of his own. Kirby added a second reversal and started the second period on top with a 7-4 lead. But lo and behold, Ramos had yet another reversal and cut it back to a one-score deficit. Kirby started the third period on bottom, gave up nearfall points, then reversed for back points of his own for a 12-9 lead before finally pinning the Redskin at 4:54.

Tabor clinched the dual at 152 by pinning Avante Wilkins in 2:41. He actually had him pinned earlier in the match, but the call came half a second after the clock ran out and the buzzer failed to sound. After starting the second period on bottom, Tabor quickly escaped and scored back points for a 9-0 lead. The third time was the charm and Sandites sealed the deal with their fifth fall.

Harjo gave up two takedowns to Bryce Burdick, but after two escapes and a penalty made it a 4-3 deficit he scored his first offensive points with forty seconds remaining to take the lead. Burdick escaped to tie it at 5-5, but Harjo added a second takedown and a trio of back points for the 10-5 decision and his first dual win.

Taylor and Jake Rogers were well matched at 170. Taylor was first on the board with a second-period escape, but Rogers had the first takedown. The Sandite added another escape and they started the third period all tied up. Midway through, Taylor scored a pair of nearfall points and added three more as time ran out for the 7-2 decision.

After trailing 48-3, the Redskins won the last two matches and received a forfeit at 220. Magee fell 10-4 to Darius Boone and Elijah Tomlin won an 8-2 decision over Josh Fincannon.

Both teams will return to action first thing in the morning at the Sandites’ home tournament as they host Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Cascia Hall, Collinsville, Plainview, Ponca City, Sapulpa, Sperry, and Union in the 53rd Annual Bobby Lyons Invitational.

CPHS Basketball: Davon Richardson posts 24 points in 64-45 win at Jenks


Davon Richardson has been a consistent top-scorer for Sand Springs since transferring from Tulsa Central this year, but until Tuesday night he had yet to crack the twenty-point personal record he set as a freshman. The 6'4" sophomore finally had his breakout game in black and gold, tallying a game-high 24 points and ten rebounds in a 64-45 victory at Jenks.

The Class 6A No. 9 ranked Charles Page High School varsity basketball team improved to 10-2 overall and 4-1 in conference play with the dominant win over the Trojans (4-6, 0-4). 

The Sandites jumped out to a quick double-digit lead with baskets from Cale and Colt Savage, Richardson, and Matthew Price to make it 11-0 before the Trojans used a timeout to get their heads in the game. Richardson took a steal to the house to make it 13-0 before the home team closed out the first period with four-straight free throws from Eli Harris.

Harris continued to cut into the deficit with back-to-back layups in the second quarter and set the tone for an 18-17 Trojan win that still left the visitors with a 30-22 advantage to start the second half. That would be the only quarter the home team would win.

The Trojan offense stalled out in the third quarter, tallying only ten points, while Cale Savage scored seven and Richardson added four. Gage Fisher came off the bench to score two, and Josh Minney added one in the stanza.

The fourth quarter belonged wholly to Richardson and Colt Savage. The University of Central Oklahoma-committed elder son of Head Coach Eric Savage scored six points to finish the night with eighteen total, as well as five rebounds, five steals, and two assists. Richardson added ten points in that stanza alone and put the cap on his first double-double of the season.

Harris had the team-high for Jenks with nineteen points and was the only Trojan in double digits. Cale Savage scored eleven for the Sandites. 

Sand Springs will take a break from conference action Friday at 8:00 p.m. when they travel to Ponca City (1-9), who they devastated 77-34 in the season opener. Jenks will host No. 7 Sapulpa (8-2, 2-2) as they look for their first conference win. 

CPHS 64 JHS 45

1Q CPHS 13-4
2Q JHS 18-17
3Q CPHS 18-10
4Q CPHS 16-13

Free Throws: JHS 11-of-15, CPHS 15-of-22.
Field Goals: CPHS 22-of-48, JHS 15-of-47.
Offensive Rebounds: JHS 8, CPHS 6.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 20, JHS 13.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 26, JHS 21.
Steals: CPHS 10, JHS 6.
Blocks: JHS 4, CPHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 16, JHS 18.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Richardson 24, Colt Savage 18, Cale Savage 11, Price 5, Durkee 3, Fisher 2, Minney 1.
Offensive Rebounds: Richardson 4, Colt Savage 1, Minney 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Richardson 6, Colt Savage 4, Price 3, Durkee 2, Williams 2, Fisher 2, Cale Savage 1.
Total Rebounds: Richardson 10, Colt Savage 5, Price 3, Durkee 2, Williams 2, Fisher 2, Cale Savage 1, Minney 1.
Steals: Colt Savage 5, Richardson 2, Durkee 2, Cale Savage 1.
Assists: Colt Savage 2, Richardson 2, Williams 1.
Blocks: Durkee 1.
Fouls: Minney 4, Cale Savage 3, Durkee 3, Price 2, Richardson 2, Williams 1, Fox 1.

CPHS Basketball: Regalado and Kersgieter score 23 apiece, girls beat Jenks 67-45

Isabella Regalado guards a Shawnee player at the Bishop Kelley Invitational 161209 (Morgan Miller) (2).JPG

Isabella Regalado and University of Kansas-commit Holly Kersgieter scored 23 points apiece Tuesday night to start off the new year with a bang. The Class 6A No. 8 ranked Charles Page High School girls' basketball team (9-3) continued their undefeated start to conference play with a 67-45 win at No. 19 Jenks (6-4).

After starting the season 8-0 and claiming the top-spot in the top class, the Lady Sandites suffered three-straight losses at their Tournament of Champions debut to end 2017. They took their first step in the right direction by improving to 5-0 in the Frontier Valley Conference with a win at the Frank Herald Fieldhouse. 

Sand Springs jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead with points from Jacie Taber, Regalado, Destiny Johnson, and Kersgieter before Sydney Ellis scored the Trojans’ lone basket of the first quarter. By the start of the second stanza the Sandites were up 16-3.

The home team won the second quarter, barely, as the Lady Sandites turned to the bench and gave ten players solid game time. By the end of the half, Kersgieter had scored nearly as many baskets as the entire Jenks team with sixteen points and five rebounds. The Trojans went to the locker room trailing 31-20. 

The visitors won both periods in the second half, led by Regalado with eighteen points. After going one-of-seven from three-point range in the first half, Regalado flipped the script and went six-for-nine to tie Kersgieter and lead all scorers. Kersgieter had nine rebounds and Regalado was right behind her with seven. 

The Sandites scored seven points from the bench as Bree Berge hit two three-pointers and Darrian Jordan sank a free throw in her varsity debut. 

Haley Meely and Emma Wasson led the Trojans with eleven points apiece.

Sand Springs will travel to No. 20 Ponca City (7-4) Friday at 6:00 p.m. in a non-conference rematch of their Game One 77-61 victory. Jenks will host No. 15 Sapulpa (7-6) Friday. Both teams are 2-2 in conference action.

CPHS 67 JHS 45

1Q CPHS 16-3
2Q JHS 17-15
3Q CPHS 16-12
4Q CPHS 20-13

Free Throws: CPHS 12-of-16, JHS 9-of-14.
Field Goals: CPHS 22-of-53, JHS 15-of-55.
Offensive Rebounds: JHS 10, CPHS 9.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 25, JHS 15.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 34, JHS 25.
Steals: CPHS 7, JHS 6.
Blocks: JHS 3, CPHS 2.
Fouls: CPHS 14, JHS 11.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Kersgieter 23, Regalado 23, Johnson 9, Berge 6, Taber 5, Jordan 1.
Offensive Rebounds: Taber 2, Regalado 2, Berge 2, Johnson 1, Kersgieter 1, Burris 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 8, Regalado 5, Taber 3, Burris 3, Bunch 2, Johnson 2, Presnell 2.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 9, Regalado 7, Taber 5, Burris 4, Johnson 3, Presnell 2, Berge 2, Bunch 2.
Steals: Johnson 2, Taber 2, Kersgieter 1, Presnell 1, Burris 1.
Assists: Johnson 2, Taber 2, Kersgieter 1, Presnell 1.
Blocks: Kersgieter 2.
Fouls: Johnson 4, Taber 3, Presnell 2, Regalado 2, Kersgieter 1, Jordan 1, Bunch 1.

(Jenks Stats)
Scoring: Meely 11, Wasson 11, Church 8, Burch 6, Gilford 5, Watson 4.
Fouls: Sango 3, Meely 2, Wasson 2, Burch 1, Watson 1, Church 1, Brass 1.

Sandite Youth Wrestling claims four individual titles at Sapulpa Tournament

Four members of the Sand Springs Team Big Wrestling Club took first place at the November Sapulpa Tournament.

Division Four

Dariuz Black (6-2) took first place at 84 pounds in Division Four and second place in Division Five. In the lower class he pinned Ethan Peterson in 27 seconds and Ryan Cantrell in 1:28. Peterson was his only competitor in the top division, and the Sapulpan won two decisions in the best-of-three matchup.

Division Three

Blayton Collins (15-8) placed second at 61 pounds in both Division Two and Three. In Division Three he defeated Uriah Hooks and Carter Williams, both by 4-2 decision, then pinned Brody Sexson in forty seconds before falling to Jameson Allen. In Division Two he pinned Ty Pond in 1:20 and Bently Osburn in 1:45 before falling 7-0 to Cadyn Dodson.

Kaden Pope (3-2) took third place at 58 pounds. After losing his opening match 7-2 to Kru Vance, he won his way through the consolation bracket with a 5-0 decision over Blake Cooper and a 6-0 victory over Brenner Ball.

Jaxon Trotter (6-2) placed third at 100 pounds. After falling to Brett Cornett in his opening match, he snapped back with three-straight dominant wins in consolation. After teching Daniel Gruenwald 15-0 he pinned Garritt Hunt in 2:17 and Storm Rieck in 0:36.

Novice Division Four

Jayden Pait (2-2) won a best-of-three against Rylie Brown for first place at eighty pounds, pinning the Claremore wrestler in 1:13 and 2:43.

Ramone Sparks (6-0) won his third-straight tournament at 84 pounds, pinning Zoey Freeman in 2:42 and majoring Kaden Boucher 12-1.

Novice Division Three

Lane Bailey (3-0) took first place at 64 pounds, pinning Mason Denison in 23 seconds, majoring Landon Dodd 13-0, and scoring a 4-0 decision over Carter Meloy.

Novice Division Two

Jareb Boatman (9-1) won his second-straight tournament at 58 pounds. He pinned Kaden Ford in 1:29 and Riley Kaufmann in 2:47 while outscoring Ladd Elgin 8-0 and Mikaili Lee 12-5.

Andrew Price (6-4) took second place at 55 pounds. He defeated John Burk 4-0, pinned Chanley Glendening in 1:27, and majored Kyler Frits 13-1 before falling 12-5 to Slade Theriot in the finals.

Tyler Feigenbaum (9-1) made his third-straight finals appearance at 67 pounds but failed to take home the gold. After pinning Dain Mosby in 35 seconds and majoring Braxton Floyd 12-4 he was pinned by Brice Lozinsky of Sapulpa.

Novice Division One

Cooper Ellenburg (6-3) took third place at 49 pounds. He pinned Kiah Locust in 1:33 and Dimas Ali in 0:37 before falling 10-2 to Miles Evans. In consolation he majored Isaac Harris 10-2 and pinned Hudson Williams in 1:44.

Sandite Youth Wrestling crowns four champions at Bristow Classic

Four members of the Sand Springs Team Big Wrestling Club took first place at the Bristow Classic in November. 

Owen Martin (5-1) took first place in Division Five at 84 pounds, scoring a 6-0 decision over Ethan Peterson and a 15-0 technical fall against teammate Dariuz Black.

Black (4-2) placed second in both Division Five and Division Four at 84 pounds. In Division Five he defeated Peterson 2-0 but fell 15-0 to Martin. In Division Four he teched Blake Tuttle 16-0, scored an 8-2 decision over Logan Trenary, and pinned Ryan Cantrell in only thirteen seconds before falling 5-0 to Peterson.

Ethan Norton (3-2) won the Division Five hundred-pound bracket handily, pinning Cameron White in 1:07 and scoring a 17-2 tech fall over Cameron Pritchard.

Carter Goodman (2-0) took first place at 113 pounds in Division Five, pinning Hunter Watkins in 48 seconds and scoring a 6-0 decision over Trevor Freeman.

Mitchell Smith (6-2) came in runner-up at eighty pounds in Division Four, pinning Blade Walden in 1:27, but falling to Jaxson Humphries.

Jackson Martin (2-10) placed fifth at 64 pounds in Division Four.

Colt Cothran (3-9) placed third at 67 pounds in Division Three, winning a 4-2 decision over teammate Jayden Bussell.

Jayden Bussell (5-4) took third place at 67 pounds in Division Two, pinning Hunter Stanford in 2:02 and winning an 8-3 decision over Xander Wiley. He also placed fourth in Division Three.

Jareb Boatman (5-1) won the Division Two Novice bracket at 58 pounds, defeating Talus Barnett 12-5 and pinning Brody Denison in only 35 seconds.

Week 6 High School 6A Basketball Rankings


1. Putnam City West (9-2)
2. Bartlesville (8-0)
3. Choctaw (6-2)
4. Edmond Santa Fe (8-2)
4. Mustang (7-1)
4. Westmoore (8-3)
7. Sand Springs (8-3)
8. Owasso (5-2)
9. Edmond Memorial (6-2)
10. Norman North (8-2)
11. Deer Creek (7-2)
12. Edmond North (7-3)
13. Bixby (7-2)
14. Midwest City (7-4)
15. Sapulpa (6-4)
16. Norman (6-1)
17. Shawnee (7-3)
18. Yukon (6-3)
19. Jenks (5-2)
19. Stillwater (5-5)

Conference Rating

  1. Central Oklahoma (57.5)
  2. Big Ten (45.2)
  3. Suburban (45)
  4. Frontier Valley (43.1)
  5. All-City (8.5)


  1. Putnam City North (7-2)
  2. Broken Arrow (7-0)
  3. Norman North (7-1)
  4. Midwest City (8-3)
  5. Edmond Santa Fe (6-2)
  6. Union (5-3)
  7. Norman (6-2)
  8. Putnam City West (8-3)
  9. Sand Springs (9-2)
  10. Sapulpa (6-1)
  11. Choctaw (7-1)
  12. Westmoore (6-4)
  13. Edmond North (4-4)
  14. Edmond Memorial (4-3)
  15. Southmoore (5-4)
  16. Owasso (4-3)
  17. Putnam City (6-5)
  18. Deer Creek (3-5)
  19. Lawton (3-4)
  20. Shawnee (3-5)

Conference Rating

  1. Big Ten (60.3)
  2. Frontier Valley (49.6)
  3. Central Oklahoma (46.5)
  4. Suburban (39.5)
  5. All-City (28.9)

CPHS Basketball: Boys place third at Duncan Tournament, Colt Savage makes All-Tournament team

The Class 6A No. 9 ranked Charles Page High School boys' basketball team (9-2) competed at the Duncan Holiday Invitational over Christmas Break and took third place after suffering only their second loss of the season.

The Sandites steamrolled U.S. Grant (1-4) in the first round, jumping out to a 21-8 first quarter lead and 36-26 halftime advantage. The Sandites won the first and third quarters while the Generals won the second and fourth. 

The Sandites' five-straight winning streak came to a close against 4A No. 5 Heritage Hall (5-3) in a 54-48 defeat. Heritage went on to place second in the tournament, falling 51-46 to 5A No. 3 Northwest Classen (12-0) in the finals. The Sandites led 12-8 after the first quarter, the Chargers tied it at 27-27 before halftime, then Sand Springs jumped back out to a 37-35 advantage in the third quarter before falling apart in the final stretch. 

In the final game of the tournament the Sandites handily dispatched Guthrie (2-5) 64-42 for third place. The Sandites jumped out to a 17-11 first quarter lead and were up 30-19 when they headed to the locker room. The second half wasn't any closer and the Sandites had their highest-scoring quarter in the fourth with 23 points. 

Colt Savage led his team in all three games, averaging 22.6 points per outing, and was named to the all-tournament team. 

Sand Springs will return to action Tuesday at 8:00 with a conference road game against Jenks (2-5). Sand Springs is 3-1 in conference play while the Trojans are 0-3. 

CPHS (75): Colt Savage 27, Richardson 14, Durkee 13, Minney 6, Cale Savage 6, Williams 6, Fox 2, Fisher 1.
US Grant (59): Mitchell 27, Steven 10, Vargas 9, Phillips 8, Winters 3, Alexander 2.

HH (54): Matthews 19, McDonald 16, Alexander 13, Smitherman 4, Williams 2.
CPHS (48): Colt Savage 16, Durkee 11, Richardson 8, Price 6, Williams 3, Minney 2.

CPHS (64): Colt Savage 22, Richardson 10, Durkee 9, Price 7, Cale Savage 6, Fox 4, Minney 2, Boyles 2, Williams 2. 
GHS (42): Ward 13, Brackett 8, Ramps 8, Doolittle 4, Honeycutt 3, Bryson 3, Wilkerson 2, Whorton 1.

CPHS Basketball: Sandites fall 57-55 to Holland Hall, Johnson scores 21


The Class 6A No. 1 ranked Charles Page High School girls' basketball team (8-3) finished in eighth place at their first-ever trip to the prestigious Tournament of Champions. After an 8-0 start to the season, the girls' went 0-3 at the 53rd annual invitational tournament, falling 57-55 to 3A No. 6 Holland Hall (7-4).

The Sandites were led by junior standout Destiny Johnson with 21 points and thirteen rebounds, but Holland Hall's Gabby Gregory stole the show with 41 points and eleven rebounds, ending the tournament with a tournament-record 97 points over her three games. While Gregory was the only Holland Hall player in the double digits, University of Kansas-commit Holly Kersgieter had sixteen for the Sandites and Isabella Regalado contributed ten.

After five possession changes to start the game, Gregory finally hit paydirt with a three-point play for the Dutch. Sand Springs jumped out front with five-straight, Gregory scored three more, Regalado retook the lead with her fourth free throw of the morning, then the Dutch went on a nine-point run before Johnson scored her first field goal of the game to end the first period trailing 17-11.

Johnson blew up the second quarter, scoring the first two baskets and totaling thirteen in the stanza. Kersgieter was the only other Sandite to score. Holland Hall mirrored the Sandites with seven points from Gregory and a basket from Joci Lake. The Sandites led 26-25 and were draining the clock when Johnson was called for a travel and Gregory got one last shot to reclaim the lead before halftime.

Sand Springs came out hard in the second half, scoring seven-straight to close the third period 43-39 with a three-pointer and a transition layup from Jacie Taber.

Gregory tied things up at 47-47 with a three-pointer in the fourth quarter, Kersgieter reclaimed the lead, then the Dutch jumped out front once and for all with an eight-point run, mostly from the charity stripe. Trailing 55-49 with 51 seconds left, things didn't look good for Sand Springs, but they went down swinging. 

Regalado drilled a three-pointer and Kersgieter scored on a steal to make it a one-point game. Johnna Orange hit a free throw and Johnson had a shot to tie it at the line. She made her first basket, missed the second, and the Sandites look to be in good shape when Kersgieter caught the rebound. Then Kobi Thompson stripped the ball and was sent to the line for a free throw. The Sandites had the ball with 16.78 seconds and and a two-point deficit, but Carri Jones-Jackson stripped Johnson and sealed the victory.

The Sandites outperformed their foes in nearly every statistical category but accuracy, shooting 36% on field goals, which was actually their best performance of the three games. They were 9-of-19 on free throws while the Dutch were 17-of-20.

Sand Springs will return to action Tuesday, January 9th at 6:30 p.m. when they travel to 6A No. 19 Jenks (4-2 overall, 2-1 conference) for a Frontier Valley matchup. The Sandites are 4-0 in conference play. Holland Hall will host 4A Lincoln Christian (2-4) on the 9th.


1Q HHHS 17-11
2Q CPHS 15-10
3Q CPHS 17-12
4Q HHHS 18-12

Field Goals: HHHS 17-of-39, CPHS 20-of-56.
Free Throws: HHHS 17-of-20, CPHS 9-of-19.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 17, HHHS 6.
Defensive Rebounds: HHHS 23, CPHS 18.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 35, HHHS 29.
Steals: CPHS 8, HHHS 4.
Blocks: CPHS 2.
Fouls: CPHS 15, HHHS 13.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Johnson 21, Kersgieter 16, Regalado 10, Taber 5, Presnell 3.
Offensive Rebounds: Johnson 5, Kersgieter 4, Regalado 4, Taber 2, Presnell 1, Burris 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Johnson 8, Kersgieter 3, Regalado 3, Taber 1, Burris 1.
Total Rebounds: Johnson 13, Kersgieter 7, Regalado 7, Taber 3, Burris 2, Presnell 1.
Steals: Johnson 3, Taber 2, Presnell 1, Kersgieter 1, Regalado 1.
Blocks: Johnson 1, Regalado 1.
Fouls: Taber 5, Johnson 4, Regalado 3, Presnell 2, Kersgieter 1.

(Holland Hall Stats)
Scoring: Gregory 41, Thompson 6, Orange 5, Jones-Jackson 3, Lake 2.
Offensive Rebounds: Thompson 1, Gregory 1, Orange 1, Edwards 1, Jones-Jackson 1, Mullendore 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Gregory 10, Lake 4, Orange 3, Mullendore 2, Thompson 2, Jones-Jackson 1.
Total Rebounds: Gregory 11, Lake 4, Orange 4, Thompson 3, Mullendore 3, Jones-Jackson 2, Edwards 1.
Steals: Lake 2, Thompson 1, Jones-Jackson 1.
Fouls: Orange 5, Thompson 2, Lake 2, Jones-Jackson 2, Gregory 1, Mullendore 1.

CPHS Basketball: Lady Sandites fall 59-53 to 5A No. 1 Tahlequah

After going 1-for-11 on field goals the day before, Isabella Regalado came out hot against Class 5A No. 1 ranked Tahlequah (6-2) and scored on her first three attempts, all from three-point range, en route to a 15-0 lead that would ultimately be undone.

After starting the year 8-0, the 6A No. 1 Charles Page High School Lady Sandites (8-2) dropped their second-straight in the consolation semifinals of the 53rd Annual Tournament of Champions at the Oral Roberts Mabee Center. 

Jacie Taber and Holly Kersgieter followed up Regalado's onslaught with a barrage of free throws and a Kersgieter layup for a 15-0 lead before the Lady Tigers got on the board with a pair of free throws. Kersgieter added another layup and Taber scored two more free throws for a 19-6 first quarter advantage.

Tahlequah shaved off some of their deficit to start the second quarter with four free throws and a layup before the Sandites found their feet. Regalado put herself in double digits with a free throw then Johnson and Kimi Presnell scored back to back off steals. The game was back and forth from there until the Sandites went on a five-point run to close the half 34-20.

The Sandites' first two possessions of the second half were fruitless and Delaney Nix drew first blood for the Tigers. Presnell scored with an assist from Taber, Nix hit two from the charity stripe, Kersgieter scored a free throw, then Nix and Sierra Smith cut it to  37-28. The rest of the stanza was back-and-forth but three-pointers from Taber, Presnell, and Bree Berge pushed the Sandites back to double digits at 48-38.

Tahlequah staged a rally in the fourth period with ten straight points to tie it before Kersgieter broke the streak. Nix hit a pair of free throws, Taber reclaimed the lead with a long two, Nix tied it again, then Alyson Hart gave the Tigers their first lead of the game at 54-52. The Tigers tacked on five more points, all from desperation fouls, and held on for the 59-53 victory. 

Nix led all scorers with 24 points, followed  by Taya Green with eighteen. Kersgieter led the Sandites with twelve, followed by Johnson and Regalado with eleven apiece. 

The Lady Sandites will play for seventh place Friday at 9:00 a.m. against the loser of 6A No. 5 Westmoore (5-3) vs. 3A No. 6 Holland Hall (6-3). Tahlequah will play the winner of that game at noon for fifth place.

THS 59 CPHS 53

1Q CPHS 19-6
2Q CPHS 15-14
3Q THS 18-14
4Q THS 21-5

Free Throws: THS 23-of-26, CPHS 12-of-23.
Field Goals: THS 16-of-47, CPHS 17-of-52.
Offensive Rebounds: THS 11, CPHS 11.
Defensive Rebounds: THS 30, CPHS 21.
Total Rebounds: THS 41, CPHS 32.
Steals: CPHS 15, THS 7.
Fouls: CPHS 19, THS 18.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Kersgieter 12, Johnson 11, Regalado 11, Taber 9, Presnell 7, Berge 3.
Offensive Rebounds: Johnson 2, Kersgieter 2, Regalado 2, Presnell 1, Taber 1, Burris 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Johnson 5, Kersgieter 5, Presnell 3, Taber 3, Regalado 2, Berge 1, Burris 1.
Total Rebounds: Johnson 7, Kersgieter 7, Presnell 4, Taber 4, Regalado 4, Burris 2, Berge 1.
Steals: Johnson 7, Taber 3, Presnell 2, Kersgieter 2, Berge 1.
Assists: Johnson 6, Kersgieter 2, Berge 2, Regalado 1, Burris 1.
Fouls: Presnell 5, Taber 4, Kersgieter 4, Regalado 3, Johnson 2, Burris 1.

(Tahlequah Stats)
Scoring: Nix 24, Green 18, Stayathome 7, Bowin 4, Sierra N Smith 2, Sierra L Smith 2, Hart 2.
Offensive Rebounds: Hart 4, Bowin 2, L. Smith 1, Nix 1, Green 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Nix 7, Green 4, Davis 4, Stayathome 4, Hart 3, N Smith 1, L Smith 1, Fishinghawk 1, Bowin 1.
Total Rebounds: Nix 8, Hart 7, Green 5, Davis 4, Stayathome 4, Bowin 3, L Smith 2, N Smith 1, Fishinghawk 1.
Steals: Stayathome 3, Hart 2, Bowin 2.
Assists: Nix 3, N Smith 2, Hart 2, Green 1, Davis 1.
Fouls: Nix 4, L Smith 4, Davis 4, Hart 3, Fishinghawk 2, Stayathome 1.

CPHS Basketball: No. 1 Sandites fall 40-27 to Victory Christian at Tournament of Champions

The formerly undefeated Class 6A No. 1 Charles Page High School Girls' Basketball team (8-1) suffered their first defeat of the season in the first round of the Tournament of Champions Wednesday afternoon at the ORU Mabee Center, at the hands of 4A No. 8 Victory Christian (8-1).

The Sandites trailed 10-4 after the first quarter with a three-pointer from Isabella Regalado and a free throw from Destiny Johnson. They won the second period 11-8 but still trailed 18-15 at the half.

Johnson was the bread and butter for Sand Springs, kicking the second period off with a three-pointer. The Conquerors went on a six-point run before Johnson got her team back on the scoreboard. Gem Summers scored two for Victory then the Sandites closed out with six of their own, capped by a Jacie Taber steal and Johnson layup.

The Sandites continued their hot streak in the second half, kicking off the third quarter with steals from Johnson and Taber and back-to-back Johnson layups for their first lead of the game at 19-18. 

After a Holly Kersgieter free throw it was the Conquerors' turn to run away with things, scoring eleven-straight points, capped by a three-point play from Rachel Carlis to end the stanza 29-20.

The fourth quarter wasn't any better for the Sandites and Victory pushed their lead to double digits for most of the period. They led by as much as 40-25 before Regalado sank a pair of free throws to end the game. 

Johnson led all scorers with sixteen points, but was the only Sandite in double digits. Summers and Ruth Udoumoh had thirteen points apiece for the Conquerors. 

The Lady Sandites will return to action Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. against 5A No. 1 Tahlequah (5-2) in the consolation bracket. The Tigers fell 49-30 to 4A No. 4 Muldrow (6-0) in their first round. Victory Christian will play Muldrow at 7:00 p.m.


1Q VCHS 10-4
2Q CPHS 11-8
3Q VCHS 11-5
4Q VCHS 11-7

Field Goals: VCHS 11-of-34, CPHS 9-of-44.
Free Throws: VCHS 17-of-27, CPHS 7-of-14.
Offensive Rebounds: VCHS 10, CPHS 10.
Defensive Rebounds: VCHS 28, CPHS 18.
Total Rebounds: VCHS 38, CPHS 28.
Steals: CPHS 9, VCHS 4.
Blocks: CPHS 5, VCHS 2.
Fouls: VCHS CPHS 20, VCHS 14.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Johnson 16, Regalado 8, Kersgieter 3.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 3, Johnson 2, Regalado 2, Presnell 1, Taber 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 5, Johnson 3, Presnell 2, Taber 2, Regalado 1.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 8, Johnson 5, Regalado 3, Presnell 3, Taber 3.
Steals: Kersgieter 4, Johnson 3, Taber 2.
Blocks: Regalado 3, Johnson 2.
Fouls: Taber 5, Presnell 4, Johnson 4, Kersgieter 2, Regalado 2, Burris 2.

(Victory Christian Stats)
Scoring: Summers 13, Udoumoh 13, Carlis 6, Wakley 6, Sanders 2.
Offensive Rebounds: Udoumoh 4, Wakley 3, Sanders 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Wakley 8, Summers 5, Sanders 5, Carlis 3, Udoumoh 3, Parker 2, Atkinson 1.
Total Rebounds: Wakley 11, Udoumoh 7, Sanders 6, Summers 5, Carlis 3, Parker 2, Atkinson 1.
Steals: Summers 3, Carlis 1.
Blocks: Summers 1, Wakley 1.
Fouls: Summers 4, Udoumoh 3, Wakley 3, Carlis 2, Sanders 2.

OSSAA Class 6A Wrestling & Basketball Rankings: Week of December 18

OSSAA 6A Boys Basketball (Week 5)

  1. Putnam City North (22) 4-0
  2. Broken Arrow (7) 6-0
  3. Union 4-2
  4. Norman North 6-1
  5. Edmond Santa Fe 5-2
  6. Midwest City 5-3
  7. Norman 5-2
  8. Sand Springs 7-1
  9. Putnam City West 4-3
  10. Westmoore 4-3
  11. Choctaw 6-1
  12. Edmond Memorial 4-3
  13. Edmond North 4-3
  14. Owasso 1-2
  15. Putnam City 4-3
  16. Sapulpa 5-1
  17. Deer Creek 3-3
  18. Southmoore 3-2
  19. Mustang 3-4
  20. Lawton 3-4

Conference Strength Rating

  1. Big Ten (57.6)
  2. Frontier Valley (49.6)
  3. Central Oklahoma (48)
  4. Suburban (38.5)
  5. All-City (29.3)

OSSAA 6A Girls Basketball (Week 5)

  1. Sand Springs (13) 8-0
  2. Putnam City West (8) 5-2
  3. Bartlesville (6) 6-0
  4. Choctaw (1) 5-2
  5. Westmoore 5-2
  6. Mustang 6-1
  7. Edmond Memorial 5-2
  8. Deer Creek 5-2
  9. Edmond Santa Fe 5-2
  10. Norman North 5-2
  11. Bixby 5-1
  12. Midwest City 6-2
  13. Norman 5-1
  14. Owasso 1-2
  15. Edmond North 4-3
  16. Shawnee 5-2
  17. Yukon 5-2
  18. Sapulpa 4-2
  19. Jenks 4-1
  20. Ponca City 4-3

Conference Strength Rating

  1. Central Oklahoma (55.5)
  2. Big Ten (44.7)
  3. Suburban (44.3)
  4. Frontier Valley (43.9)
  5. All-City (9.9)

OSSAA 6A Dual Wrestling (Week 4)

  1. Broken Arrow (14) 4-1
  2. Choctaw (10) 1-0
  3. Edmond North 2-0
  4. Sand Springs 2-0
  5. Mustang 6-1
  6. Yukon 1-1
  7. Deer Creek 3-2
  8. Ponca City 2-1
  9. Jenks 5-0
  10. Owasso 1-4
  11. Edmond Memorial 2-3
  12. Putnam City 3-0
  13. Westmoore 1-1
  14. Union 0-2
  15. Norman 1-0

OSSAA 6A Tournament Wrestling (Week 4)

  1. Broken Arrow (13)
  2. Choctaw (12)
  3. Edmond North
  4. Mustang
  5. Sand Springs
  6. Yukon
  7. Ponca City
  8. Deer Creek
  9. Edmond Memorial
  10. Owasso
  11. Jenks
  12. Norman
  13. Putnam City
  14. Shawnee
  15. Stillwater

Sandite of the Week: Cole Durkee averages 14.6 points per game at Memorial Tournament

6'3" Charles Page High School junior Cole Durkee was selected as our Sandite of the Week for his consistent performance over four games this past week, likely the best week of his career. 

The Class 6A No. 8 ranked Sandites (7-1) suffered their first loss of the season on Tuesday at the hands of No. 3 Union (4-2) but snapped back with an undefeated performance at the Tulsa Memorial Veterans' Arena Invitational. They defeated Wichita 85-50, Northwest Arkansas 82-57, and Redemption Life World Institute 72-64.

Durkee scored ten points against Union, then added a career-high fifteen points to lead his team in the win against Wichita, going three-for-three from three-point range and collecting six rebounds along the way. 

He followed it up with another career-high the following night, scoring sixteen against Northwest Arkansas and was only two points behind team-leader Colt Savage. Against Redemption he scored thirteen points for his fifth-straight double digit game. 

Over the course of the four games he recorded 54 points, six offensive rebounds, twelve defensive rebounds, four assists, four steals, and two blocks. He was 55% on field goals, 45% from three point range, and 50% on free throws. 

The Sandites will return to action Wednesday, December 27th at 5:30 p.m. against U.S. Grant (1-3) in the first round of the Duncan Holiday Classic.