CPHS Wrestling: Sandites place eighth at Ram Duals, fall 55-18 to Kansas State Champions

Freshman Christian Forbes was the team’s leading scorer with four pins and a tech fall. His only loss was to a nationally-ranked State Champion.

Freshman Christian Forbes was the team’s leading scorer with four pins and a tech fall. His only loss was to a nationally-ranked State Champion.

The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (12-4) has taken a beating this past week and settled for eighth place out of fourteen teams at the Fourth Annual Ram Duals Saturday afternoon in Owasso. The Sandites were four starters short of a healthy roster and fell 55-18 to the defending Kansas 5A State Champions, No. 1 Goddard.

The Lions kicked off the dual with four straight falls. State Qualifier Cayleb Atkins pinned Dakota Taylor (0-7), State Qualifier Nolan Craine pinned Braden Dahl (8-9), State Qualifier Trevor Dopps pinned Chris Kirby (27-9, 49-19), and State Qualifier Cayden Atkins pinned Riley Magee (12-11, 17-16) for a 24-0 lead.

Freshmen were the stars of the show for Sand Springs. All three of the Sandites’ wins came by first-period falls at the hands of freshmen. Kaden Glass (24-8) pinned JD Bridwell in 0:33 to get the Sandites on the board, and Brooks Dudley (8-4) pinned Garrett Mead in 0:51 to make it 24-12. State Qualifier Trent Willert pinned Josh Fincannon (22-16, 36-33) at heavyweight, but Christian Forbes (20-7) responded by pinning Jayden Miller in 1:06.

The Lions won five out of the last six weight classes. State Champion Jason Henschel pinned Brendon Wiseley (24-11, 38-19), State Finalist Lucas Glover pinned Dylan Luker (6-9), and the teams double forfeited 126. Logan Davidson won a 5-4 decision against Blake Jones (18-10), State Qualifier Isaiah Holmes pinned Caleb Phillips (5-15, 7-22), and State Qualifier Jace Fisher won a 12-0 major decision against Preston Medlin (12-17) to conclude the day.

Sand Springs Wrestling will return to action Thursday at home against undefeated No. 7 Jenks (7-0). The Trojans haven’t beaten Sand Springs since 1997, but their program is the strongest it has been in years, setting the stage for what should be a good matchup.

Final Results
1st - TX 6A No. 1 Allen (7-0)
2nd - 6A No. 3 Mustang (5-1)
3rd - 3A No. 1 Perry (5-2)
4th - 3A No. 2 Comanche (5-2)
5th - 6A No. 9 Owasso (3-3)
6th - KS 6A No. 2 Manhattan (3-4)
7th - KS 5A No. 1 Goddard (4-2)
8th - 6A No. 5 Sand Springs (4-3)
9th - 6A No. 6 Deer Creek (3-4)
10th - 5A No. 8 Claremore (3-4)
DNP - 5A No. 11 Coweta (1-5)
DNP - AR 7A No. 5 Springdale (1-5)
DNP - Berryhill (1-5)
DNP - 5A No. 19 McAlester (0-5)

Tournament Statistics
Most pins - 44, Allen
Most techs - 6, Allen
Most team points - 395, Allen
Most total match points - 490, Allen
Most pins - 6, Hadyn Redus (14:35)
Most techs - 3, Trent Dooley (15:02)
Most pins/techs (least time) - 6, Nolan Craine (13:08)
Fastest fall - 0:09, Noah Yeamans
Fastest tech - 1:46, Lucas Glover
Most team points - 42, Tate Sauder/Konner Doucet
Most single match points - 22, Noah Yeamans/Trent Dooley
Most total match points - 84, Trent Dooley/Parker Wright

Sand Springs Statistics
Pins/Time (team) - 25 (41:55)
Pins/Time - 4, Blake Jones (5:20)
Techs/Time - 1, Christian Forbes (4:23)
Pins/Techs - 5, Christian Forbes (12:41)
Fastest fall - 0:24, Brendon Wiseley
Most team points - 32, Christian Forbes
Most single match points - 16, Christian Forbes
Most total match points - 45, Chris Kirby

Full Results

Allen 78-4 McAlester
Allen 57-15 Sand Springs
Allen 60-10 Berryhill
Allen 57-12 Comanche
Allen 43-28 Mustang
Allen 62-15 Owasso
Allen 37-27 Perry
Mustang 53-15 Coweta
Mustang 47-30 Owasso
Mustang 39-27 Goddard
Mustang 42-36 Manhattan
Mustang 40-23 Perry
Perry 62-14 Claremore
Perry 53-19 Deer Creek
Perry 82-0 Springdale
Perry 40-27 Manhattan
Perry 38-24 Comanche
Comanche 72-11 Berryhill
Comanche 70-12 McAlester
Comanche 39-31 Sand Springs
Comanche 39-32 Manhattan
Comanche 36-36 Owasso
Owasso 34-34 Goddard
Owasso 56-21 Coweta
Owasso 39-36 Manhattan
Manhattan 62-26 Springdale
Manhattan 60-15 Claremore
Manhattan 49-24 Deer Creek
Goddard 45-27 Coweta
Goddard 55-18 Sand Springs
Goddard 65-18 Springdale
Goddard 55-13 Deer Creek
Sand Springs 63-12 McAlester
Sand Springs 45-20 Berryhill
Sand Springs 45-25 Coweta
Sand Springs 39-30 Claremore
Deer Creek 61-12 Springdale
Deer Creek 41-33 Claremore
Deer Creek 53-37 Coweta
Claremore 40-31 Deer Creek
Claremore 53-18 Springdale
Claremore 65-18 Berryhill
Coweta 54-30 Berryhill
Berryhill 45-24 McAlester
Springdale 54-28 McAlester

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites sneak past Claremore 39-30 at Ram Duals


The Sandites are nursing a depleted roster with four missing starters, but they still managed to beat out Class 5A No. 8 ranked Claremore (12-9) in the consolation semifinals of the Fourth Annual Ram Duals. 6A No. 5 Charles Page High School (12-3) won seven matches, lost five, and both teams forfeited one weight class apiece Saturday afternoon in Owasso.

Christian Forbes (19-7) won a 4-3 decision over Kai Shultz in the first match and Brendon Wiseley (24-10, 38-18) received a forfeit for a 9-0 Sandite lead. Dylan Luker (6-8) fell 6-2 to Aidan Boyd and the Sandites forfeited 126 to tie the dual at 9-9.

Blake Jones (18-9) pinned Brett Peters in 1:22 but State Qualifier Dylan Priddy tied it again by pinning Caleb Phillips (5-14, 7-21). Preston Medlin (12-16) scored a 7-0 decision against Gage Wilson, but the Zebras took their only lead of the dual at 152 when Ashton Stevenson pinned Dakota Taylor (0-6) for a 21-18 advantage.

Sand Springs didn’t stay down for long. Braden Dahl (8-8, 9-11) pinned Jakoby Banks in 3:02 and Chris Kirby (27-8, 49-18) pinned Cole Mallory in 1:12 for the final lead. Brooks Dudley (7-4) pinned Dakota Martin in 3:18 and Josh Fincannon (22-15, 36-32) won a 3-0 decision against Ryan Cochran for the Sandites. State Qualifier Isaac Guinn won 8-4 against Riley Magee (12-10, 17-15) and State Finalist Seth Seago pinned Kaden Glass (23-8) for the Zebras.

The Sandites will take on Kansas 5A No. 1 Goddard in the finals. The Lions are 3-2 in the tournament and boast a loaded roster with ten returning State Qualifiers, State Runner-Up Lucas Glover, State Champion Jason Henschel, and No. 7 nationally-ranked State Champion Troy Fisher.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites breeze past No. 12 Coweta with six falls


Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School (11-3) kicked off the second day of the Owasso Ram Duals with a 45-25 victory over 5A No. 12 Coweta (4-6). The Sandites won nine weight classes and forfeited one, recording six falls.

Caleb Phillips (5-13, 7-20) kicked off the dual with a pin of Hank Searcy in 2:34 and the Sandites never once trailed. Preston Medlin (11-16) won a 4-0 decision against Cole Stevens before Dillon Hooper pinned Dakota Taylor (0-5) to get the Tigers on the board.

Chris Kirby (26-8, 48-18) took a 10-3 lead against Zach Dodson with two sets of nearfall points before sticking his foe in 2:10. Braden Dahl (7-8, 8-11) followed that match with a defensive fall against Caleb Foster in 0:40.

No. 13 nationally ranked two-time State Champion Talon Borror pinned Riley Magee (12-9, 17-14) and Piper Pennington won a 5-2 decision over Brooks Dudley (6-4), but the Sandites rattled off four straight wins from there.

Kaden Glass (23-7) defeated Caleb Phillips 5-0, Josh Fincannon (21-15, 35-32) decisioned State Qualifier Zane Collinsworth 6-2, Christian Forbes (18-7) pinned Brody Gee in 4:00, and Brendon Wiseley (23-10, 37-18) pinned State Qualifier Bronson Burcham in 2:19 to clinch the victory at 39-15.

Wesley Spohn broke up the run with a 14-5 major decision over Dylan Luker (6-7) and the Sandites forfeited 126, but Blake Jones (17-9) ended the dual with a Sandite victory, pinning Kam Chrisman in 0:42.

Sand Springs is 3-2 overall in the two day Owasso tournament.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites bury Berryhill 45-20 at Ram Duals


The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (10-3) went 2-2 Friday at the Fourth Annual Ram Duals tournament in Owasso. The Sandites defeated McAlester and Berryhill but lost to Texas 6A No. 1 Allen and 3A No. 2 Comanche.

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CPHS Wrestling: Sandites throttle McAlester 63-12 at Ram Duals
CPHS Wrestling: No. 2 Comanche tops Sand Springs 39-31 at Ram Duals

Sand Springs won 45-20 against Berryhill (2-10) in the final dual of the day with five match wins and four losses. Berryhill forfeited three weights to Sand Springs and the teams double forfeited two weights.

Blake Jones (16-9) kicked off the dual at 126 pounds by pinning Dakota Richards in 1:42. The teams double forfeited 132 and Caleb Phillips (4-13, 6-20) received a forfeit for a 12-0 Sandite lead.

The Chiefs battled back as Tristan Bradley won a 4-3 decision over Preston Medlin (10-16), Dehney Partin pinned Dakota Taylor (0-4), and Tyler Stevens scored a 17-1 technical fall against Braden Dahl (6-8, 7-11) for a 14-12 Berryhill lead.

Sand Springs ran away with it from there. Chris Kirby (25-8, 47-18) pinned Dayton Marshall in 1:06, and Riley Magee (12-8, 17-13) and Sango Whitehorn (2-2) received forfeits. Kaden Glass (22-7) won a 7-4 decision against Nico Lopez, the teams double forfeited 285, Christian Forbes (17-7) pinned Noah Dolan in 1:29, and Brendon Wiseley (22-10, 36-18) pinned Mac Inhofe in 0:24.

Berryhill wrapped up the dual with a victory at 120 as State Qualifier Saige Martin pinned Dylan Luker (6-6) in 1:08.

Sand Springs wrestling will return to action Saturday in the consolation bracket against 5A No. 12 Coweta (4-5) who went 0-3 on the first day of the tournament. The Tigers return three State Qualifiers from last season in Bronson Burcham, Zane Collinsworth, and nationally-ranked No. 13 two-time State Champion Talon Borror.

Following that dual they will wrestle either Berryhill or 5A No. 11 Claremore (11-9). Claremore also went 2-2 on day one with wins over Springdale and Deer Creek, and losses to Perry and Manhattan. The Zebras return three State Qualifiers in Dylan Priddy, Isaac Guinn, and State Runner-Up Seth Seago.

On the opposite side of the bracket are Kansas 5A No. 1 Goddard, Arkansas 7A No. 5 Springdale, No. 6 Deer Creek (7-6), and McAlester (3-9).

CPHS Basketball: Rams upset Sandites 57-56, Kersgieter named Homecoming Queen


Homecoming was spoiled Friday night at Charles Page High School as the Class 6A No. 4 Sandites (12-4, 6-2) were upset 57-56 by No. 17 Owasso (8-5, 4-3).

The Sandites led by eight to start the fourth quarter, but Owasso surged ahead in the final minute.

At halftime Holly Kersgieter was named Homecoming Queen and Kissing Captain Cole Durkee presented her with her robe, crown, bouquet, and kiss. Both are senior starters on their teams.

Hayden Peterson was the star of the first quarter, scoring nine points to give his team a 15-13 lead over the Sandites. The game tied three times in the first period with the Sandites leading for much of it, but Owasso scored five in a row to close the stanza.

Cole Durkee sank a three in the second period to tie it at 20-20 then Marlo Fox scored a two and Davon Richardson iced a buzzer beater for the five-point halftime advantage.

The third quarter was the best for the Sand Springs and they took a 42-34 lead into the fourth quarter. Fox scored six in that period and Jaden Hurd added four.

Owasso went on a nine-point run early in the fourth to make it a one-point game, then took the lead with a four-point run at the charity stripe. Durkee hit a three for the 48-47 lead, Seth Pomeroy sank a three in retaliation, then Hurd scored his third basket of the night to tie it at 50-50.

Pomeroy took the lead at with a pair of free throws at 1:21 as Josh Minney fouled out. Savage made a three-point play, but the Rams took the final lead with twenty seconds left and pushed it to 57-53. Richardson sank a buzzer-beater from half court, but the Sandites came up one point shy.

Pomeroy led all scorers with 22 points followed by Peterson with nineteen. Richardson had the team high for Sand Springs with fifteen points and Fox added twelve.

The Sandites will look to get back in the win column Tuesday at No. 7 Jenks (10-2, 5-2).

OHS 57 CPHS 56
OHS 15-13
2Q: CPHS 12-5
3Q: CPHS 17-14
4Q: OHS 23-14
Free Throws: OHS 17-of-21, CPHS 14-of-20.
Field Goals: OHS 17-of-37, CPHS 19-of-44.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 7, OHS 3.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 16, OHS 14.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 23, OHS 17.
Steals: CPHS 2, OHS 2.
Blocks: CPHS 1.
Fouls: OHS 16, CPHS 19.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
6-1 No. 2 Booker T. Washington
6-2 No. 4 Sand Springs
5-1 No. 6 Sapulpa
5-2 No. 12 Union
5-2 No. 7 Jenks
4-3 No. 17 Owasso
2-4 No. 20 Bartlesville
1-6 Muskogee
0-6 Bixby
0-7 Bixby

(Sand Springs stats)
Scoring: Richardson 15, Fox 12, Minney 9, Durkee 8, Cale Savage 6, Hurd 6.
Offensive Rebounds: Richardson 2, Fox 1, Minney 1, Cale Savage 1, Durkee 1, Hurd 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Minney 6, Richardson 3, Cale Savage 3, Fox 2, Durkee 1, Cason Savage 1.
Total Rebounds: Minney 7, Richardson 5, Cale Savage 4, Fox 3, Durkee 2, Cason Savage 1, Hurd 1.
Steals: Cale Savage 2.
Assists: Richardson 3, Minney 2, Cale Savage 1, Fox 1.
Blocks: Cason Savage 1.
Fouls: Minney 5, Richardson 4, Cale Savage 4, Fox 3, Durkee 1, Cason Savage 1, Hurd 1.

(Owasso scoring): Pomeroy 22, Peterson 19, Hendrick 6, Reed 4, Ellison 3

CPHS Basketball: Sandites overcome resurgent Owasso with fourth-quarter shutout on Homecoming


After more than doubling their opponents 28-12 in the first half, the Class 6A No. 7 ranked Charles Page High School girls’ basketball team (11-2, 8-0) probably didn’t expect to find themselves leading by a single point to start the fourth quarter.

The unranked Owasso Rams (2-11, 0-7) won the third quarter 18-3 to keep the Sandites on their toes, but the home team rallied with a 15-0 shutout in the final period to win Homecoming and remain undefeated in the Frontier Valley Conference.

The Sand Springs basket seemed to have a lid on it in the first few minutes as the home team’s first five shots came up dry. Owasso’s Kianna Cunningham was first on the board with a three pointer but Holly Kersgieter responded with two baskets and a free throw for their first lead of the game.

Rylie Boone briefly tied it, but Kersgieter rebounded for two, Regan Padilla laid up, and Madison Burris scored back to back for a 14-5 advantage. Nylia Finch broke up that run, but the Sandites had their foes doubled at the end of the period.

Destiny Johnson scored four, and Jacie Taber and Darrian Jordan scored two apiece in the second period to triple the Rams at 21-7. Kersgieter went down on a foul with just under four minutes in the half and Mika Hampton came into shoot Kersgieter’s free throws. She hit one and Isabella Regalado scored a goal to make it 24-7 before Finch broke up the ten-point run.

Jordan and Leyshia Morris traded field goals and Padilla drained two from the charity stripe for a 28-12 halftime lead.

Paige Knight kicked off a big second half comeback with a three-point play on a putback followed by a layup from Cunningham. Kersgieter made a bucket for the Sandites and Johnson added a free throw, but the Rams closed the period with a thirteen-point run and trailed only 31-30 entering the final stanza.

The Sandites didn’t allow their nerves to get the better of them and rattled off fifteen straight points for the win.

Kersgieter led all scorers with sixteen points and nine rebounds, followed by Johnson with ten points. Morris had the team-high for Owasso with nine points.

Sand Springs will return to action Tuesday on the road at No. 20 Jenks (7-5, 4-3). The Sandites previously needed overtime to beat the Trojans 75-62 at the Bishop Kelley Invitational in December.

CPHS 46 OHS 30
CPHS 14-7
2Q: CPHS 14-5
3Q: OHS 18-3
4Q: CPHS 15-0
Free Throws: OHS 1-of-2, CPHS 7-of-15.
Field Goals: CPHS 19-of-43, OHS 12-of-41.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 11, OHS 11.
Defensive Rebounds: CPHS 14, OHS 11.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 25, OHS 22.
Steals: CPHS 16, OHS 3.
Blocks: OHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 9, OHS 14.

Frontier Valley Conference Standings
7-0 No. 7 Sand Springs
6-1 No. 5 Union
4-1 No. 10 Bartlesville
4-2 No. 14 Booker T. Washington
4-3 No. 20 Jenks
3-3 No. 19 Sapulpa
3-4 No. 18 Bixby
2-5 Broken Arrow
0-7 Owasso
0-8 Muskogee

(Sand Springs stats)
Scoring: Kersgeiter 16, Johnson 10, Burris 5, Jordan 4, Regalado 4, Padilla 4, Taber 2, Hampton 1.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 4, Taber 3, Johnson 2, Regalado 1, Burris 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 5, Regalado 4, Taber 2, Padilla 2, Burris 1.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 9, Taber 5, Regalado 5, Johnson 2, Padilla 2, Burris 2.
Steals: Burris 4, Taber 3, Johnson 3, Kersgieter 2, Jordan 2, Regalado 1, Padilla 1.
Assists: Taber 2, Kersgieter 1, Burris 1, Jordan 1.
Fouls: Jordan 3, Taber 2, Johnson 2, Burris 1, Padilla 1.

(Owasso scoring): Morris 9, Finch 6, Cunningham 5, Knight 3, Vancuren 3, Korb 2, Boone 2.

CPHS Wrestling: No. 2 Comanche tops Sand Springs 39-31 at Ram Duals


Class 3A No. 2 Comanche was a hair more than the Sandites could handle Friday evening at the Owasso Ram Duals, and the undefeated Indians improved to 12-0 with a 39-31 victory over 6A No. 5 Sand Springs (9-3).

Both teams won seven matches apiece, but six of Comanche’s battles were won by fall. The Sandites were without two of their best wrestlers in Scott Patton and Riley Weir, both taking recovery time after suffering injuries at their District Dual Championship Thursday.

Seth Jones (13-11, (35-25) and State Qualifier Jaxon Miller were tied up 4-4 late in the second when Miller added a trio of back points. Jones managed to stay alive till the buzzer and added a takedown in the third to keep things close, but Miller reversed with ten seconds left for the 10-6 decision.

Freshman standout Blake Jones (15-9) worked over Kanyn Allen for a 12-0 major decision, but State Qualifier Trevor Cusumano retaliated by pinning Caleb Phillips (3-13, 5-20) in 1:30.

Jordan Duncan scored first on Preston Medlin (10-15), but the Sandite escaped and scored a takedown of his own seconds before the end of the first period. Duncan escaped in the second to tie it, but Medlin escaped in the third for the lead and scored with eight seconds left for the 6-3 decision.

State Qualifier Gage Miller pinned Dakota Taylor (0-3), State Qualifier Ethon Hamrick pinned Chris Kirby (24-8, 46-18), and State Champion Cade Cook pinned Braden Dahl (6-7, 7-10) in 0:33 for a 27-7 Comanche lead.

Riley Magee (11-8, 16-13) and Broedy Jessen went scoreless through the first period but Magee snagged an escape and a takedown in the second and rode out the third for a 3-0 decision.

Kaden Glass (21-7) had little difficulty with Rowdy Rhone, taking a 6-1 lead into the second period before pinning the Indian in 3:39.

The Indians came back with a vengeance as nationally ranked No. 4 State Champion Konner Doucet stuck Justin Smith (1-2) in 0:38 and Ethan Bacon pinned Josh Fincannon (20-15, 34-32) in 0:36 to clinch the dual.

Christian Forbes (16-7) won the 106 match with a 16-1 technical fall against Gunnor Yates in 4:22. Brendon Wiseley (21-10, 35-18) won a 5-0 decision against Lake Epperson, and Dylan Luker (6-5) received a forfeit in the final match.

The Sandites have one dual left Thursday against Berryhill (1-10). 

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites throttle McAlester 63-12 at Ram Duals


Rebounding from a loss to a nationally-ranked Texas powerhouse, the Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (9-2) easily handled 5A No. 19 McAlester (3-7) in the third round of the Owasso Ram Duals.

The Sandites only lost three matches, received four forfeits, and won seven matches in the 63-12 victory. Six of their seven wins came by pin.

Dylan Luker (5-5) kicked off the dual with a pin of Chase Dunkerson in 0:29 but State Qualifier Ty Nohelty responded with a 9-4 decision over Seth Jones (13-10, 35-24).

Blake Jones (14-9) pinned Greg Quintana in 1:34, Caleb Squyors pinned Caleb Phillips (3-12, 5-19) in 2:34, Preston Medlin (9-15) received a forfeit, then Gunnar Spence won a 13-6 decision over Dakota Taylor (0-2) to make it 18-12.

From there it was all Sand Springs.

Chris Kirby (24-7, 46-17) picked up his twentieth fall of the season in 1:22 against Wyatt Grinnell.

Braden Dahl (6-6, 7-9) gave up a takedown to Tray Howard but reversed for back points and a 5-2 lead. Howard reversed late in the first, but Dahl escaped in the second and added a takedown in the third for an 8-6 decision.

Riley Magee (10-8, 15-13) pinned Riley Showalter in 0:46, and Kaden Glass (20-7), Josh Fincannon (20-14, 34-31), and Justin Smith (1-1) all received forfeits. Christian Forbes (15-7) pinned Bradley VanBlaricom in 1:43, and Brendon Wiseley (20-10, 34-18) pinned John Goodyear in 0:40.

Next up the Sandites will take on undefeated 3A No. 2 Comanche (10-0). The Indians boast a loaded roster with seven State Qualifiers, including two champions and nationally-ranked No. 4 Konner Doucet.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites fall 57-15 to nationally-ranked Texas State Champions

Josh Fincannon took a loss in the dual against Allen, but only gave up an escape point in a 1-0 decision against a Texas State Runner-Up.

Josh Fincannon took a loss in the dual against Allen, but only gave up an escape point in a 1-0 decision against a Texas State Runner-Up.

The Sandites suffered their second dual loss of the season Friday afternoon in the second round of the Owasso Ram Duals. The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (8-2) took a bye in the first round then fell 57-15 to nationally ranked No. 21 Allen High. Allen has won nine-straight Texas Dual State Championships. The Sandites’ only two losses this season are to nationally-ranked teams.

The Eagles won three matches in a row to start the dual. Brendon Wiseley (19-10, 33-18) fell 9-4 to Kade Moore, Dylan Luker (4-5) was pinned by Rance Waigan, and Seth Jones (13-9, 35-23) gave up a 14-3 major decision to State Finalist Gabe Martinez for a 13-0 Allen lead.

Blake Jones (13-9) got the Sandites on the board at 132, scoring takedowns in the first and second periods with nearfall points in the second for a 7-1 decision over Jakob Nakamura.

That loss didn’t slow the Eagles down at all as State Qualifier Noah Yeamans pinned Caleb Phillips (3-11, 5-18), nationally-ranked No. 10 State Champion Trent Dooley pinned Preston Medlin (8-15), and State Qualifier Alejandro Cavazos pinned Dakota Taylor (0-1) to make it 31-3.

Chris Kirby (23-7, 45-17) fell into an 8-1 hole against Mario Danzi but headlocked the Eagle for back points in the second and third periods. Trailing 11-9 he picked up one point for stalling, cut his opponent loose, then took him down to send the match into sudden victory overtime. There he secured the fall at 6:12 to keep the Sandites alive.

The Eagles clinched the win soon after, however, as Will Villegas pinned Braden Dahl (5-6, 6-9), State Qualifier Nate Dooley pinned Riley Magee (9-8, 14-13), and Zane Davis pinned Brooks Dudley (6-3) for an insurmountable 49-9 lead.

Freshman standout Kaden Glass (19-7) made easy work of Isaiah Steel, pinning the Eagle in 3:12 after a 4-1 lead with back points, but Allen won the final two matches.

State Finalist Johnny Green won a close 1-0 decision against Josh Fincannon (19-14, 33-31) and nationally-ranked No. 5 State Champion Braxton Brown teched Christian Forbes (14-7) to end the dual.

Next up for the Sandites is 5A No. 19 McAlester (3-6) on Mat No. 6. The Buffaloes return only one State Qualifier in Ty Nohelty. They fell 78-4 to Allen in round one. Allen will wrestle Berryhill (1-8) in round three. Sand Springs will also dual Berryhill and 3A No. 2 Comanche (10-0) on day one of the tournament.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites win fourth-straight District Championship 45-27 over No. 14 Bartlesville


The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (8-1) won their fourth-straight District Championship Thursday evening at the Ed Dubie Field House, punching their ticket to the Dual State Tournament next month in Shawnee.

Sand Springs routed Muskogee 69-10 and Enid 65-12 before winning a 45-27 barn burner against No. 14 Bartlesville (6-3). The Sandites won nine matches to five, but the Bruins recorded three falls and an injury forfeit to keep things close for most of the dual.

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Josh Fincannon (19-13, 33-30) started the dual at 285 and pinned Ridge Brewington in 0:55. Christian Forbes (14-6) scored a 6-4 decision against Colby Strachan in a 106 battle of freshmen. Brendon Wiseley (19-9, 33-17) had a tough opponent in State Qualifier David Boucher, but recorded a takedown in the first period and reversals in the next two for a 6-0 decision.

Defending two-time State Champion Riley Weir (16-6, 107-33) had to take a medical forfeit at 126, suffering an injury shortly into the second period against State Qualifier Corwin Strachan, and the Bruins rode that momentum for four-straight match wins.

Seth Jones (13-8, 35-22) scored first on State Champion Laif Jones but gave up a reversal in the second. An escape gave the Sandite a 3-2 lead to start the third but the Bruin got a reversal with forty seconds left. Jones escaped to tie it, but Laif Jones got a takedown in sudden victory overtime.

Blake Jones (12-9) scored early on Ethan Gilkey but gave up reversals in the first and second periods before getting pinned in 3:32. State Qualifier Brayden Strachan pinned Caleb Phillips (3-10, 5-17) in 1:55 for a 21-12 Bruin lead.

Preston Medlin (8-14) got the Sandites back on track with an 8-1 decision over Kaleb Childress. Scott Patton (22-1, 57-23) pinned Jakob Hammack in 1:38 and Chris Kirby (22-7, 44-17) pinned Reed Blockard in 0:28 to put the Sandites out front at 27-21, but Laken Clowdus tied it up again by pinning Braden Dahl (5-5, 6-8) in 1:02.

Those would be the last points the Bruins would score. Riley Magee (9-7, 14-12) pinned Sabe Reddy in 4:33, Brooks Dudley (6-2) pinned Joe Fodor in 5:15, and Kaden Glass (18-7) pinned Jaden James in 1:12 to conclude the night.

Sand Springs wrestling will return to action Friday at the Owasso Ram Dual Tournament. The Sandites won the tournament in 2017 and placed fifth last season with four wins and two losses.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites punish Plainsmen 65-12 with eleven pins


The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (7-1) won their second district dual with ease Thursday evening at the Ed Dubie Field House, pinning eleven Enid Plainsmen en route to a 65-12 victory.

Kaden Glass (17-7) kicked off the dual with a seventeen second pin of Carter McClish at 220. Christian Forbes (13-6) pinned Jason Pearson in 1:19, Brendon Wiseley (18-9, 32-17) pinned Dae Stuber in 1:51, Riley Weir (16-5, 107-32) pinned Austin Hisey in 0:20, Seth Jones (13-7, 35-21) pinned Trinit Zweifel in 4:34, and Blake Jones (12-8) pinned Logan Herell in 3:25.

Enid broke up the streak with a pair of falls at 138 and 145.  Caleb Phillips (3-9, 5-16) fell in 3:25 to Hunter McGee and Preston Medlin (7-14) fell in 1:53 to Chance Davis.

Scott Patton (21-1, 56-23) got the Sandites back on track at 153 and pinned Johnny Villa in 4:10. Chris Kirby (21-7, 43-17) pinned CJ Frank in 0:55, Braden Dahl (5-4, 6-7) pinned Logan Griffin in 3:57, Riley Magee (8-7, 13-12) pinned Lane Doffer in 1:45, and Brooks Dudley (5-2) pinned Luis Vega in 3:23.

Josh Fincannon (18-13, 32-30) scored a takedown in the first period at 285 but gave up a pair of escapes and entered the third all tied up. He got the match-winning escape with a minute left and the two stayed neutral till the end.

Next up the Sandites will take on No. 14 Bartlesville (6-2) for the District Title and a ticket to the Dual State Championship. 

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites steamroll Muskogee 69-10 with ten pins

Riley Magee took a 11-1 lead on John Lane before pinning the Rougher at 3:56.

Riley Magee took a 11-1 lead on John Lane before pinning the Rougher at 3:56.

The Sandite wrestling team (6-1) bounced back from their first loss of the season with a powerful 69-10 victory over Muskogee (2-3). The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Sandites recorded ten falls and lost only two matches in their first district dual Thursday afternoon at the Ed Dubie Field House.

The dual opened with a 195-pound forfeit to Brooks Dudley (4-2) and the Sandites won the next seven matches for a 45-0 lead before the Roughers got on the board.

Kaden Glass (16-7) pinned Zamor Hardaway in 0:58, Christian Forbes (12-6) pinned Jacob Wolf in 0:31, Brendon Wiseley (17-9, 31-17) pinned Rashaan Brownlee in 1:17, Riley Weir (15-5, 106-32) pinned Cliff Caraway in 0:30, Seth Jones (12-7, 34-21) pinned Dalton Fox in 1:16, and Blake Jones ( 11-8) pinned Trenton Jordan in 4:16. Josh Fincannon (17-13, 31-30) won the Sandites’ only decision of the dual, 7-3 over Davion Williams at heavyweight.

State Qualifier Christian Webb pinned Caleb Phillips (3-8, 5-15) in 2:40 to get the visitors on the board and Preston Medlin (7-13) gave up a 15-5 major decision to Leroy Johnson at 145.

Scott Patton (20-1, 55-23), the team’s winningest wrestler this season, pinned Jacob Church in 2:36 to kick off a new streak for the Sandites, then Chris Kirby (20-7, 42-17) came back from a 14-8 deficit and stuck Mason Seth in 4:12. Kirby leads the team in falls this season with sixteen, often while trailing in points or from the defensive position.

Braden Dahl (4-4, 5-7) pinned Mikel Swain in 1:03 and Riley Magee (7-7, 12-12) finished the dual off by pinning Jon Lane in 3:56.

Next up the Sandites will take on No. 17 Enid (3-3) who dropped a 47-24 loss to No. 14 Bartlesville (5-2) in the first round of districts. All district duals will be wrestled Thursday evening in Sand Springs, and the team with the best district record will advance to the Dual State tournament in Shawnee on February 8th at Firelake Arena.

Sandites of the Week: Chris Kirby and Scott Patton

You asked and we listened. We are bringing back our Sandite of the Week recognition in 2019, but we will need your help with nominations. Let us know who has had an outstanding week representing Sand Springs by emailing SanditePrideNews@gmail.com. Nominations are open to anyone who calls Sand Springs home. High school students, college students who are away from home, musicians, athletes, performers, government officials, community volunteers, etc. Help us honor the people who make Sand Springs great!

This week we are recognizing two high school wrestlers since we’re in the second week of the year. Typically we will only recognize one person per week.

First is CPHS senior Scott Patton. Patton holds a 54-23 career record but leads the team at 19-1 this season and is the only Sandite with two tournament titles this year. Patton won the 152-pound Cushing bracket two weeks ago with a 19-3 technical fall, a pin, a 15-4 major decision, and a 9-7 finals decision over Perry State Champion Hadyn Redus.

Last weekend Patton earned the 152-pound Jerry Billings Invitational title in Sapulpa. He pinned two foes and won a 10-4 decision to make his way to the finals, then won the title with a 2-1 decision over previously undefeated Comanche State Qualifier Gage Miller.

Second is CPHS junior Chris Kirby with a 31-17 overall record and 19-7 season record. Kirby was a runner-up at Cushing and won the Sapulpa title at 160 pounds. He pinned all four of his foes, including previously undefeated Comanche State Qualifier Ethon Hamrick.

Both athletes are returning State Qualifiers. Kirby placed fourth last year and leads the team in falls this year with fifteen.

CPHS Wrestling: Sandites dominated 47-6 by nationally-ranked Broken Arrow


The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team (5-1) suffered their first defeat of the season Tuesday night at the hands of No. 1 Broken Arrow (6-1). The 47-6 defeat was their worst dual loss since 2008, but it came at the hands of a program ranked seventeenth in the nation. The Sandites forfeited two matches and won only two of twelve, but seven of their ten losses were by decision and six losses came by two points or less.

Christian Forbes (11-6) lost a 3-1 decision to Bryce Cockrell. Brendon Wiseley (16-9, 30-17) lost a 4-3 decision to Jackson Cockrell. Tied 2-2 with thirty seconds in the match Wiseley caught a single leg but Cockrell got a whizzer in for the takedown.

State Qualifier Blazik Perez won a 3-1 decision over Seth Jones (11-6, 33-21), State Champion Reece Witcraft received a forfeit, State Qualifier Blake Gonzalez won a 14-6 major decision against Blake Jones (10-8), and Chris Moores won a 7-0 decision against Preston Medlin (7-12).

The Sandites’ only two wins came at 120 and 152. State Champion Riley Weir (14-5, 105-32) and State Qualifier Jared Hill went scoreless through the first and second periods. Weir escaped to start the third. Hill got hooks in on Weir for a throw, but the Sandite headlocked his foe for a takedown and backpoints for the 6-0 decision.

Diego Maturino tried to take down Scott Patton (19-1, 54-23) with a single leg early in the 152-pound match, but the Sandite got a headlock for back points. Maturino got a reversal and a takedown, but Patton notched two escapes and a takedown for the 9-6 decision.

Chris Kirby (19-7, 41-17) put on a show at 160 against Ty Rozell. In typical Westside Strangler fashion, Kirby fell in an early hole before reversing for backpoints with his signature headlock. He scored two more nearfall points in the second period, but Rozell added two more takedowns for an 8-7 decision.

State Runner-Up Bryce Mattioda pinned Braden Dahl (3-4, 4-7) in 1:34, Emmanuel Skillings won an 8-5 decision over Riley Magee (6-7, 11-12), State Champion Gavin Potter won a 15-7 major decision over Kaden Glass (15-7), State Champion Zach Marcheselli received a forfeit, and State Qualifier Noah Cortes won a 6-4 decision over Josh Fincannon (16-13, 30-30) to conclude the night.

Sandite Wrestling will return to action Thursday at 4:00 p.m. with a district quadrangle against Enid (3-2), Muskogee (2-2), and No. 14 Bartlesville (4-2). Sand Springs has won three-straight district titles.

CPHS Basketball: Sandites fall 65-54 to Union, Minney scores 16


Sand Springs led at the half, but couldn’t keep up in the third and couldn’t gain any ground in the fourth. No. 12 Union (7-4, 5-1) brought a 65-54 end to No. 4 Charles Page High School’s undefeated conference record Tuesday evening at the UMAC. The Sandites dropped to 12-3 on the season, but still lead the conference at 6-1.

Union’s Larry King led all scorers with seventeen points, followed by the Sandites’ Josh Minney with sixteen and Davon Richardson with fifteen.

Richardson kicked things off with a two for the Sandites, Micah Lovett sank a three for Union, then Marlo Fox and Cole Durkee scored back to back. Quentin Harvey, Richardson, Josh Minney, and Nehemiah Boykins traded blows to make it 11-10. Cale Savage hit the first Sandite three-pointer for a 14-10 lead.

Sand Springs took a huge blow early on as Richardson drew three fouls midway through the first period. Minney dunked on a steal to make it 16-12, but Ira Richardson was fouled on a made two and Harvey rebounded the free throw to tie it. Minney came in clutch with a pair of free throws, but King tied it once again to end the half.

Savage scored a pair from the stripe to start the second period, DeSean Sanders responded with two, then Durkee made a three-point play for the lead. Union went on a six-point run with four with from Dexter Jones before Fox broke it up. Minney scored three on a steal to briefly reclaim the lead at 27-26, but King immediately took it back for the Redskins. Durkee put up two for Sand Springs, and the visitors took a one-point lead into the locker room.

Durkee and Minney put up points for the Sandites early in the second half, but a three from King tied it and Boykins gave his team the front. Union went on an eleven point run to make it 41-33 before Richardson broke up the streak. But the Redskins hopped right back to it with threes from Seth Chargois and Lovett and a dunk from RJ Forney.

By the end of the third the Redskins led 54-39 thanks to a shooting foul and a technical foul from Minney. Chargois drilled another three to start the fourth, then Richardson scored two and Cale Savage made a three to cut it to 57-44.

Richardson went on a five point run midway through the fourth but Chargois responded with four and the Redskins entered the final two minutes with a 63-51 lead. The Sandites trailed by as much as 65-51 before Minney rattled off three free throws to end the night.

The Sandites will look to kick off a new winning streak Friday when they host No. 17 Owasso (6-5, 2-3) at 8:00 p.m.

Union 65 CPHS 54
All 18-18
2Q: CPHS 11-10
3Q: Union 16-10
4Q: CPHS 15-11.
Free Throws: CPHS 12-of-19, Union 9-of-16.
Field Goals: Union 25-of-48, CPHS 20-of-51.
Offensive Rebounds: Union 9, CPHS 7.
Defensive Rebounds: Union 24, CPHS 22.
Total Rebounds: Union 33, CPHS 29.
Steals: Union 10, CPHS 5.
Blocks: Union 4, CPHS 4.
Fouls: CPHS 14, Union 17.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Minney 16, Richardson 15, Durkee 10, Cale Savage 8, Fox 5.
Offensive Rebounds: Minney 3, Richardson 2, Durkee 1, Hurd 1.
Defensive Rebounds: Richardson 5, Durkee 4, Fox 4, Hurd 4, Minney 3, Cale Savage 1, Quier 1.
Total Rebounds: Richardson 7, Minney 6, Durkee 5, Hurd 5, Fox 4, Cale Savage 1, Quier 1.
Steals: Minney 4, Cason Savage 1.
Assists: Fox 2, Richardson 1, Durkee 1, Cason Savage 1.
Blocks: Richardson 1, Minney 1, Fox 1, Durkee 1.
Fouls: Minney 4, Cale Savage 3, Richardson 3, Fox 2, Hurd 2.

(Union Scoring): King 17, Chargois 12, Harvey 11, Lovett 8, Boykins 7, Richardson 4, Jones 4, Sanders 2.

CPHS Basketball: Lady Sandites top No. 5 Union 46-39, Johnson scores 23


University of Tulsa-signed senior Destiny Johnson scored a season-best 23 points Tuesday evening at the UMAC, leading the Class 6A No. 7 ranked Charles Page High School girls’ basketball team (10-2, 7-0) to a 46-39 victory over No. 5 Union (10-2, 5-1). The win was the seventh-straight for the Sandites, who are now the only undefeated team left in Frontier Valley Conference action.

Both teams went on eleven-point runs in the first half. The Sandites stormed out to a 15-8 first period lead, but their hosts came roaring back to the close the half with a 19-17 lead. The Redskins only led once in the second half, but kept things competitive throughout the game.

Johnson scored on a long two on the Sandites’ second possession, followed by a three from Isabella Regalado, then another layup from Johnson. Jacie Taber was next in on the streak, with an assist from Johnson, then Johnson sank a pair of free throws for an 11-0 lead.

Nyah Banks finally got the home team on the board with a put back, then Mae Redmond and Kaylen Nelson hit back-to-back threes to make it a one-score game. Darrian Jordan came off the Sand Springs bench for two and Holly Kersgieter made her first bucket of the night to close the first stanza.

Johnson and Kersgieter kicked off the second quarter with a free throw apiece, but by halftime it was anyone’s game.

The Sandites got back on track in the third period as Johnson tied things up on the first drive and sank on a three for the lead. Taber and Kersgieter also contributed in the seven-point run before Sadie Moyer hit back-to-back twos. Johnson scored five more in the period for a 31-25 advantage.

Jordan and Regalado scored to start the final period with a double-digit lead, but Regalado sent Moyer to the line for a three-point play soon after. Johnson sank her third three of the night, Regalado sent Moyer to the line for two more, then Banks came up with a steal to make it 39-32.

Moyer scored two more at the stripe as Taber drew her fourth foul, but Kersgieter broke up the six point run with a layup and Johnson made a three point play on a steal for their third double-digit lead of the game.

Redmond sank a three with 1:01 to play, then Moyer scored in transition with 40.2. With seconds to play Takyla Pitts missed a long three to effectively end any real comeback possibility, and Regalado closed out the night with a pair of freebies.

Sand Springs will return to action Friday with a conference home game against Owasso (2-9, 0-5).

CPHS 46 Union 39
CPHS 15-8
2Q: Union 11-2
3Q: CPHS 14-6
4Q: CPHS 15-14
Free Throws: Union 9-of-9, CPHS 7-of-13.
Field Goals: CPHS 17-of-39, Union 13-of-40.
Offensive Rebounds: CPHS 7, Union 6.
Defensive Rebounds: Union 16, CPHS 15.
Total Rebounds: CPHS 22, Union 22.
Steals: Union 6, CPHS 5.
Blocks: CPHS 1.
Fouls: CPHS 10, Union 15.

(Sand Springs Stats)
Scoring: Johnson 23, Regalado 8, Kersgieter 7, Taber 4, Jordan 4.
Offensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 3, Regalado 2, Taber 2.
Defensive Rebounds: Kersgieter 8, Burris 3, Regalado 2, Johnson 1, Taber 1.
Total Rebounds: Kersgieter 11, Regalado 4, Burris 3, Taber 3, Johnson 1.
Steals: Johnson 3, Kersgieter 1, Taber 1.
Assists: Kersgieter 4, Johnson 2, Regalado 1.
Blocks: Regalado 1.
Fouls: Taber 4, Regalado 3, Kersgieter 1, Burris 1, Padilla 1.

(Union Scoring): Moyer 13, Redmond 9, Banks 6, Nelson 3, Burgess 2, Pitts 2, Ortiz 2, Knapp 2.

OSSAA 6A Wrestling Week 7 Team and SPN Individual Rankings

OSSAA 6A Dual Rankings - Week 7

  1. Broken Arrow (5-1)

  2. Choctaw (2-1)

  3. Mustang (9-1)

  4. Edmond North (4-0)

  5. Sand Springs (5-0)

  6. Deer Creek (3-3)

  7. Jenks (4-0)

  8. Edmond Memorial (1-3)

  9. Union (3-2)

  10. Owasso (2-4)

  11. Stillwater (4-3)

  12. Yukon (2-4)

  13. Bartlesville (4-2)

  14. Ponca City (2-3)

  15. Southmoore (3-1)

OSSAA 6A Dual Rankings - Accumulative

  1. Broken Arrow (978)

  2. Choctaw (900)

  3. Mustang (859)

  4. Edmond North (749)

  5. Sand Springs (658)

  6. Deer Creek (580)

  7. Jenks (556)

  8. Edmond Memorial (500)

  9. Union (351)

  10. Stillwater (350)

  11. Owasso (328)

  12. Ponca City (293)

  13. Yukon (276)

  14. Bartlesville (234)

  15. Norman North (160)

OSSAA 6A Tournament Rankings - Week 7

  1. Broken Arrow (358)

  2. Choctaw (331)

  3. Mustang (316)

  4. Edmond North (278)

  5. Sand Springs (223)

  6. Deer Creek (211)

  7. Edmond Memorial (197)

  8. Jenks (190)

  9. Owasso (170)

  10. Stillwater (147)

  11. Union (134)

  12. Yukon (119)

  13. Bartlesville (95)

  14. Ponca City (87)

  15. Southmoore (51)

OSSAA 6A Tournament Rankings - Accumulative

  1. Broken Arrow (1041)

  2. Choctaw (968)

  3. Mustang (927)

  4. Edmond North (764)

  5. Sand Springs (657)

  6. Deer Creek (625)

  7. Edmond Memorial (599)

  8. Jenks (536)

  9. Owasso (473)

  10. Stillwater (406)

  11. Yukon (343)

  12. Union (338)

  13. Ponca City (315)

  14. Bartlesville (282)

  15. Del City (144)


  1. Bryce Cockrell (Broken Arrow Junior) - Sapulpa Champion

  2. Brendon Wiseley (Sand Springs Junior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  3. Jared Campbell (Owasso Senior)

  4. Cooper Mahaffey (Yukon Junior)

  5. Colby Strachan (Bartlesville Junior) - 4th at Sapulpa

  6. Cruz Aguilar (Edmond Memorial Junior)

  7. Ethan Kemble (Ponca City Senior) - 5th at Sapulpa

  8. Dominic Derr (Westmoore) - 4th at COAC


  1. Tucker Owens (Mustang Sophomore)

  2. Jackson Oplotnik (Edmond Memorial Junior)

  3. Caleb Nahmahpeah (Shawnee Senior)

  4. Ayden Little (Edmond North Freshman)

  5. EJ Tecson (Owasso Freshman)

  6. David Boucher (Bartlesville Senior) - 6th at Sapulpa

  7. Jason Gilbert (Deer Creek Junior)

  8. Cooper Evans (Westmoore Sophomore) - COAC Champion

  9. Jake McCain (Edmond Memorial Freshman)

  10. Jackson Cockrell (Broken Arrow Junior) - 3rd at Sapulpa


  1. Zach Blankenship (Bixby Freshman) - Sapulpa Champion

  2. Riley Weir (Sand Springs Senior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  3. Corwin Strachan (Bartlesville Senior) - 4th at Sapulpa

  4. Nate Becker (Edmond North Sophomore) - COAC Champion

  5. Matthew Garcia (Edmond Memorial Freshman)

  6. Jared Hill (Broken Arrow Sophomore) - 5th at Sapulpa

  7. Caleb Williams (Choctaw Sophomore)

  8. Cade Nicholas (Stillwater Sophomore) - COAC Runner-Up


  1. Carter Young (Stillwater Sophomore) - COAC Champion

  2. Bam West (Edmond Memorial Freshman) - COAC Runner-Up

  3. John Wiley (Mustang Freshman)

  4. Cade Manion (Deer Creek Sophomore)

  5. Blazik Perez (Broken Arrow Sophomore) - Sapulpa Champion

  6. Laif Jones (Bartlesville Junior) - Sapulpa Runner-Up

  7. Shawn Muse (Choctaw Freshman)

  8. Seth Jones (Sand Springs Junior) - 5th at Sapulpa

  9. Reginald Jones (Westmoore Sophomore)

  10. Noah Smith (Union Freshman) - 4th at Sapulpa


  1. Reece Witcraft (Broken Arrow Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  2. Cade Evans (Westmoore Senior)

  3. Jake Wright (Southmoore Sophomore)

  4. Colt Newton (Choctaw Senior)

  5. Keegan Luton (Mustang Sophomore)

  6. Zeke Washington (Owasso Senior)

  7. Hudson Neely (Deer Creek Sophomore)

  8. Carson Trindle (Edmond North Senior)

  9. Blake Jones (Sand Springs Freshman)

  10. Kylon Burgert (Yukon Senior)


  1. Peter Rolle (Edmond Memorial Senior)

  2. Spencer Schickram (Ponca City Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  3. Cameron Picklo (Mustang Senior)

  4. Blake Gonzalez (Broken Arrow Senior) - Sapulpa Runner Up

  5. Josh Parks (Edmond North Junior) - 3rd at COAC

  6. Parker Wright (Deer Creek Senior)

  7. Branden Elrod (Jenks Junior)

  8. Brayden Strachan (Bartlesville Senior) - 5th at Sapulpa

  9. DJ Anderson (Owasso Junior)

  10. Dax Hughes (Stillwater Freshman)


  1. Gabe Johnson (Choctaw Junior)

  2. Roarke Simpson (Southmoore Junior)

  3. Micah Lugafet (Deer Creek Junior)

  4. Tanner Robinson (Stillwater Junior) - 3rd at COAC

  5. Enrie Chavez (Jenks Senior)

  6. Chance Davis (Enid)

  7. Ja’len Hernandez (Union Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  8. Mark Turner (Owasso Junior)

  9. Thatcher Hall (Jenks Junior)

  10. Chris Moores (Broken Arrow) - Sapulpa Runner Up


  1. Drake Vannoy (Jenks Junior)

  2. Bryce Coronoa (Westmoore Junior)

  3. Scott Patton (Sand Springs Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  4. Nate Jacobson (Owasso Junior)

  5. Kyle Knowles (Edmond Memorial Senior)

  6. Chandler Holman (Choctaw Sophomore)

  7. Jacob Church (Muskogee Senior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  8. Cooper Gibson (Union Junior) - 4th at Sapulpa

  9. William Martin (Broken Arrow Junior) - 5th at Sapulpa

  10. Brett Black (Stillwater) - 3rd at COAC


  1. Tate Picklo (Mustang Sophomore) - COAC Champion

  2. Rene Martinez (Putnam City Senior)

  3. Christian McCutcheon (Stillwater Senior) - COAC Runner Up

  4. Killian McGrew (Jenks Junior)

  5. Chris Kirby (Sand Springs Junior) - Sapulpa Champion

  6. Tye Rozell (Broken Arrow Junior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  7. Mason Seth (Muskogee Senior) - 6th at Sapulpa

  8. Braydon Henry (Norman)


  1. Bryce Mattioda (Broken Arrow Junior) - Sapulpa Champion

  2. JT Stambeck (Norman North Senior)

  3. Neko Macias (Southmoore Junior)

  4. Kruz Simons (Edmond North Senior)

  5. Taylor Fleming (Owasso Junior)

  6. Jack Puckett (Bixby Freshman) - 4th at Sapulpa

  7. Laken Clowdus (Bartlesville Junior) - 5th at Sapulpa


  1. Zane Coleman (Choctaw Senior)

  2. Emmanuel Skillings (Broken Arrow Sophomore) - Sapulpa Champion

  3. Darius Boone (Union Senior)

  4. Trey Bowman (Edmond North Junior) - 3rd at COAC

  5. Abram Arechiga (Ponca City Senior) - Sapulpa Runner-Up

  6. Andrew Plumlee (Bixby Senior) - 3rd at Sapulpa


  1. Gavin Potter (Broken Arrow Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  2. Judson Rowland (Mustang Junior)

  3. Kaden Glass (Sand Springs Freshman) - Sapulpa Runner-Up

  4. Elijah Tomlin (Union Senior) -3rd at Sapulpa

  5. Carson Savage (Deer Creek Senior)

  6. Blake Minnick (Edmond North Senior) - COAC Runner Up

  7. Carson Denwalt (Southmoore Junior)

  8. Dylan Ward (Choctaw Junior)

  9. Ethan Felts (Jenks Junior)


  1. Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow Senior) - Sapulpa Runner-Up

  2. Micah Walker (Union Junior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  3. Corbin Gordon (Yukon Junior)

  4. Jared Galli (Jenks Senior)

  5. Jake McCoy (Edmond North Senior) - COAC Champion

  6. Tony Opichka (Choctaw Senior)

  7. Josh Fincannon (Sand Springs Junior) - 4th at Sapulpa


  1. Samontai Scott (Midwest City Senior)

  2. Juan Macedo (Putnam North Senior)

  3. Noah Cortes (Broken Arrow Senior) - Sapulpa Champion

  4. Marquon Journey (Choctaw Junior)

  5. Sam Smith (Stillwater Senior)

  6. Ashton Aldridge (Yukon Senior)

  7. Devion Williams (Muskogee Junior) - 3rd at Sapulpa

  8. Luke Kirchenbauer (Ponca City Senior) - 5th at Sapulpa

  9. Ky Roller (Bixby Freshman)

  10. Caleb Orr (Jenks Senior)

OSSAA 6A Basketball Week 7 Rankings

OSSAA 6A Boys’ Basketball Rankings

  1. Edmond Memorial (12-1)

  2. Booker T. Washington (9-1)

  3. Edmond Santa Fe (11-1)

  4. Sand Springs (12-2)

  5. Midwest City (10-2)

  6. Sapulpa (7-2)

  7. Jenks (10-1)

  8. Norman North (8-4)

  9. Putnam City West (9-6)

  10. Deer Creek (9-4)

  11. Edmond North (8-5)

  12. Union (6-4)

  13. Southmoore (8-4)

  14. Stillwater (7-5)

  15. Putnam City North (6-6)

  16. Putnam City (9-6)

  17. Owasso (6-5)

  18. Shawnee (7-5)

  19. Norman (7-8)

  20. Bartlesville (5-6)

SPN Conference Strength Ratings
53.4 Frontier Valley
50.5 Central Oklahoma
45.0 Big Ten
34.1 Suburban
29.7 All-City

Top Boys’ Offenses (Point Average)
81.6 Sapulpa
76.8 Midwest City
76.6 Booker T. Washington
69.4 Putnam City
68.9 Putnam City West
68.1 Sand Springs
67.3 Union
66.2 Putnam City North
65.8 Edmond Memorial
65.8 Norman North

Top Boys’ Defenses
45.4 Edmond Memorial
49.8 Jenks
51.8 Edmond Santa Fe
52.1 Norman North
52.9 Shawnee
53.4 Sand Springs
54.0 Deer Creek
54.0 Bartlesville
54.3 Owasso
55.2 Lawton

Highest Avg Margin of Victory
20.5 Edmond Memorial
15.9 Midwest City
14.6 Sand Springs
14.3 Sapulpa
14.0 Booker T. Washington
13.7 Norman North
13.5 Jenks
12.0 Union
11.6 Edmond Santa Fe
10.2 Deer Creek

OSSAA 6A Girls’ Basketball Rankings

  1. Putnam City West (13-1)

  2. Shawnee (11-0)

  3. Norman North (11-1)

  4. Edmond Memorial (10-3)

  5. Union (10-1)

  6. Edmond North (9-4)

  7. Sand Springs (9-2)

  8. Moore (9-2)

  9. Edmond Santa Fe (9-3)

  10. Bartlesville (11-2)

  11. Mustang (13-2)

  12. Choctaw (9-2)

  13. Deer Creek (10-4)

  14. Booker T. Washington (7-3)

  15. Midwest City (11-4)

  16. Norman (7-5)

  17. Ponca City (6-5)

  18. Bixby (10-5)

  19. Sapulpa (6-6)

  20. Jenks (6-5)

SPN Conference Strength Ratings
55.0 Central Oklahoma
46.4 Suburban
39.5 Big Ten
38.4 Frontier Valley
12.5 All-City

Top Girls’ Offenses
73.0 Putnam City West
67.5 Sand Springs
62.9 Booker T. Washington
62.7 Mustang
62.3 Moore
61.7 Choctaw
61.7 Jenks
60.2 Ponca City
59.5 Broken Arrow
57.9 Bartlesville

Top Girls’ Defenses
33.0 Union
33.6 Shawnee
38.8 Norman North
39.0 Edmond Memorial
41.8 Moore
42.0 Bixby
42.5 Choctaw
42.5 Bartlesville
44.0 Mustang
46.0 Sapulpa

Top Avg. Margin of Victory
24.1 Putnam West
24.1 Shawnee
20.5 Moore
19.3 Choctaw
18.8 Sand Springs
18.7 Mustang
16.4 Booker T. Washington
15.5 Bartlesville
15.1 Norman North
14.6 Union

NCAA Wrestling: Undefeated Daton Fix wins controversial OT match against No. 2 Nick Suriano


Who’s number one? The two have tried to settle that question more than once, and for many fans the third match between No. 6 Daton Fix (19-0, 24-0) and No. 2 Nick Suriano (14-1, 55-5) was a bit of a letdown.

No. 3 Oklahoma State University (7-0) made a weekend trip to the East Coast for a pair of program-first duals against No. 25 Princeton (4-4) and No. 24 Rutgers (7-3).

On Saturday Fix rolled to his eleventh technical fall of the season, 22-7 against Jonathan Gomez (5-8, 17-19) in 6:38. The Pokes won that dual 27-12 with six wins and four losses.

On Sunday OSU won even more handily, 26-5, with only two losses.

Both Fix and Suriano entered Sunday’s dual with undefeated records for the season, and a lot of history. Both were undefeated four-time State Champions in high school, and the two hold the record for longest match ever at 32:12. They met once in the 2014 Cadet National finals, where Fix prevailed in an ultimate tie-breaker. And at the 2014 Who’s Number One event Suriano scored a takedown more than 26 minutes into overtime.

Fix, a redshirt freshman, has earned four tournament titles in his two seasons at OSU and has been steadily working his way up the rankings this year. Suriano, a junior, is a two-time NCAA qualifier. He suffered a first-round injury as a freshman and medical forfeited the remainder of the tournament. He was a national runner-up as a sophomore and holds four tournament titles in his three seasons.

Needless to say, there was a lot of hype in the weeks preceding their meeting.

The third meeting between the elite athletes went the way of the previous matches. An escape point apiece and a trip to overtime. In the first tie-breaker round Rutgers challenged for a locked hands call on Fix, but the refs sided with the Cowboy. Suriano did, however, record an escape.

In the second tie-breaker Suriano was called for locked hands and Fix escaped for a 3-2 lead. Rutgers challenged that call also, and both were overturned after a long video review process. Fix escaped again and sent the two into another sudden victory period tied at 2-2.

Finally, Fix was awarded the victory after Suriano was called for hands to the face. An anticlimactic finish for those who have been waiting all year for the heavily-anticipated meeting.

With no more tournaments on the schedule till the post-season, Fix and Suriano will have to wait till late March for the NCAA Tournament before they get the chance to meet again.

The Cowboys will return to Big 12 action Friday, January 18th when they take on West Virginia (2-9). OSU is 4-0 in conference duals while the Mountaineers are 2-2 riding a three-dual losing streak. Fix could get a ranked match against No. 18 Matt Schmidt (11-0, 40-15).

There are numerous other quality opponents on the horizon for Fix. With eight duals left he could meet No. 4 Micky Phillippi (12-1, 54-12), No. 9 Austin Gomez (12-1, 20-1), No. 10 Austin DeSanto (11-1, 39-8), No. 11 John Erneste (11-3, 96-26), and No. 17 Brandon Paetzell (6-7, 37-21).

OSU Schedule
1.18 @ West Virginia
1.19 @ No. 18 Pittsburgh
1.27 vs. No. 21 Iowa State
2.1 vs. No. 14 Northern Iowa
2.3 vs No. 28 Lehigh
2.8 vs. Air Force
2.16 @ No. 5 Missouri
2.24 vs. No. 4 Iowa
3.9 Big 12 Championship
3.21 NCAA Championship

CPHS Wrestling: Kirby and Patton win Sapulpa Tournament, Sandites place fourth

Chris Kirby became the second Sandite of the season to win a tournament title.

Chris Kirby became the second Sandite of the season to win a tournament title.

The Class 6A No. 5 ranked Charles Page High School wrestling team placed fourth out of fourteen teams this weekend at the Jerry Billings Invitational in Sapulpa. They finished with eight placers, three finalists, and two champions in Scott Patton and Chris Kirby.

Nationally ranked No. 18 Broken Arrow won the tournament with 329 points, ten finalists, and seven champions. 5A No. 1 Collinsville came in runner-up with 202 points, four finalists, and one champion. 3A No. 2 Comanche placed third with 176 points, five finalists, and one champion. Sand Springs scored 158 points.

Click here for Day One results.

Scott Patton (18-1, 53-23) recorded two pins and a decision en route to the 152 pound finals, where he knocked off previously undefeated Comanche State Qualifier Gage Miller (13-1) with a 2-1 decision. This is his second-straight tournament title.

Chris Kirby (18-6, 40-16) pinned his way to the 160 title, taking down undefeated Comanche State Qualifier Ethon Hamrick (13-1) for his first gold medal of the season.

Kaden Glass (15-6) earned his spot in the 195 finals with two first-period falls and a 6-1 decision over Union State Qualifier Elijah Tomlin 6-1. In the finals he managed to score an early takedown against two-time Broken Arrow State Champion Gavin Potter before the Tiger rolled him for a fall at 4:15.

Brendon Wiseley (16-8, 30-16) placed third at 106 pounds. He recorded a pin and a tech fall on day one before falling to Collinsville freshman standout Cameron Steed (20-3) in the semifinals. He pinned Ethan Kemble in 1:45 in consolation, then majored Bartlesville’s Colby Strachan 9-0. He scored a takedown for nearfall points in the first period, and notched reversals in the second and third.

Defending tournament champion Riley Weir (13-5, 104-32) had to settle for third after dropping a semifinal loss to undefeated Bixby freshman Zach Blankenship (24-0). He recorded two first-period pins on day one, including a seven-second school record for fastest fall at 113 pounds. In consolation he scored a 6-0 decision over Broken Arrow’s Jared Hill and a 6-2 decision over Bartlesville’s Corwin Strachan.

Seth Jones (11-6, 33-20) lost a 6-3 decision to Broken Arrow State Qualifier Blazik Perez in the 126 quarterfinals, majored Ponca City State Qualifier Kristopher Humble 12-2 in consolation, then fell 10-7 to Collinsville’s Eli Benham. He won the fifth-place match by pinning Comanche State Qualifier Jaxon Miller in 2:35.

Josh Fincannon (15-10, 29-27) recorded a pair of falls at 220 before falling 13-1 to three-time Broken Arrow State Champion, nationally-ranked No. 9 Zach Marcheselli. In consolation he pinned Bryce Drummond in 0:35 but fell to Union State Qualifier Micah Walker and settled for fourth place.

Santana Naugle (4-7) went 1-1 on day one with a fall at 182. On Saturday he earned a placement match with a 3-1 sudden victory decision over Gabe Lyons, but lost 5-2 to Union Jake Rogers. He settled for sixth place after getting pinned by Comanche’s Broedy Jessen.

Caleb Phillips (3-7, 5-14) was eliminated one round short of placement at 138. He recorded two first-period falls and was only defeated by a pair of State Qualifiers.

Kaden Clark (0-2), Hayli Jeffries (0-2), and Thomas Naugle (1-2) went winless. Braden Dahl (3-3, 4-6), Sango Whitehorn (1-3), and Riley Magee (6-5, 11-10) earned one win apiece. The Sandites voided 132, 145, and 285.

The undefeated dual team will return to action Tuesday with a road battle against No. 1 Broken Arrow (5-1).

Finals Matches:
106: Jackson Cockrell (BAHS) 3-2 Cameron Steed (Collinsville)
113: Jordan Williams (Collinsville) 23-5 (3:50) Kaleb Harris (Sallisaw)
120: Zach Blankenship (Bixby) fall (1:43) Rocky Stephens (Collinsville)
126: Blazik Perez (BAHS) 1-0 Laif Jones (Bartlesville)
132: Reece Witcraft (BAHS) 3-2 Caleb Tanner (Collinsville)
138: Spencer Schickram (Ponca City) 11-3 Blake Gonzales (BAHS)
145: Jalen Hernandez (Union) 10-1 Chris Moores (BAHS)
152: Scott Patton (CPHS) 2-1 Gage Miller (Comanche)
160: Chris Kirby (CPHS) fall (2:25) Ethon Hamrick (Comanche)
170: Bryce Mattioda (BAHS) 5-3 Cade Cook (Comanche)
182: Emmanul Skillings (BAHS) 21-10 Abram Arechiga (Ponca City)
195: Gavin Potter (BAHS) fall (4:15) Kaden Glass (CPHS)
220: Konner Doucet (Comanche) 4-3 UTB Zach Marcheselli (BAHS)
285: Noah Cortes (BAHS) fall (0:44) Ethan Bacon (Comanche)

Team Scores
329.0 6A No. 1 Broken Arrow
202.0 5A No. 1 Collinsville
176.0 3A No. 2 Comanche
158.0 6A No. 5 Sand Springs
133.0 6A No. 13 Union
123.0 6A No. 14 Bartlesville
111.0 Bixby
93.5 6A No. 11 Ponca City
76.0 3A No. 6 Sperry
71.5 Muskogee
70.0 Pawhuska
22.0 Sallisaw
15.0 Ft. Smith Southside
12.0 Sapulpa