October 2018
Downtown Sand Springs

The 8th annual Boo on Broadway Halloween festival will return to the Triangle in 2018 after one of its most successful years on record. 

Boo on Broadway was first held in downtown Sand Springs on October 29th, 2011. The trick-or-treating festivities coincided with Fright Night at the old powerhouse at 225 South Main Street. The Chamber of Commerce put on Boo on Broadway while the Fire Department hosted Fright Night. 

By 2013 the event had expanded to include coffin races and pumpkin carving, and attracted more than 2,000 visitors. Cecil and Sons Discount Tires was one of the earliest sponsors of the event and the coffin races were the brain child of Cecil's representative Troy Cox. 

By 2016, local churches were the most heavily-involved organizations in the event, leading to the transfer of hosting duties from the Chamber of Commerce to the Sand Springs Ministerial Alliance in 2017. 2017 also saw the end of the coffin races. They also added bounce houses and dunk tanks.


Coffin Race Winners

2016: Sapulpa Central Tech
2015: CPHS Cross Country
2014: Sapulpa Central Tech
2013: Sapulpa Central Tech